Tour Diary: Loyal Trooper (Part 4)

By on Tuesday, 26th May 2009 at 8:45 am

The other week I told you about a TGTF favourite’s new tour last week. Loyal Trooper has been doing the rounds of the UK, and we’ve been lucky enough to secure his personal tour diary – so settle back and enjoy a “warts and all” account of his week on the road.

Northampton Labour Club

Oh dear lord. This hangover is going to take some shifting. Sambucca, did I drink Sambucca? Bad move Andy. BAD! And whiskey, I only drink whiskey when I’ve had too much ale. Jamie, who I stayed with, did tell me Northampton was going to show me how to drink. I don’t know if that objective was achieved but they definately tried their hardest. I’m on the coach consuming water quicker than I ever thought possible. I’m starting to feel mildly better however that’s not difficult. It’s a little like chopping your leg off and then someone administering a painkiller, you don’t feel quite as bad as before but, you know, you’ve still only got one leg.

Last night was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The Labour Club is a good little place and pretty much everyone either working, playing or drinking there was really sound. I got involved in a great deal of anti-BNP conversations. I could of course provide a tireless list of reasons for why I am exceptionally opposed to that parties beliefs and actions. However, I am tired and hungover so “fuck the BNP” will have to suffice I’m afraid.

Loyal Trooper (tour diary part 4)

I played about 10pm on a Friday so there was a fairly raucous crowd but it was fun. The vast majority of people weren’t into what I was doing, which is fair enough. I probably wasn’t the most suitable act for that time. But, you know, it goes with the territory of booking these sorts of tours. I drank free booze. Then more. I talked to many people. I had a particularly long conversation with a guy about blues which is odd as I know little to nothing about said genre if the truth be told. There was some sort of impromptu performance by a band who’ve not played in six months or something to mass hysteria and beer spilling. Some guy talked to me about chasing a deal and the pro’s and cons of doing such a thing. I think he had some points, quite valid ones, however it was difficult to decipher some of them through the large gulps of snakebite and black.

I believe we left the club about midnight and walked to a nearby pub. There my account of the evening starts to get hazy. The sambucca/whiskey combo plus Jamie’s insistence that I also continue to drink copious amounts of lager has rendered my memory somewhat redundant. I stood talking to some lovely people about STD’s. At some point standing upright became a real issue for me. I relocated to a chair which seemed a preferable to the floor. Eventually we go back to someone’s house, a sweet couple. Everyone drinks wine. I request green tea. I am, as you already know, the most rock ‘n’ roll individual ever created. We sit and talk for hours about Camberwell, art, Toys R Us and bizarre sexual encounters. It’s fun. 5am we leave their house and go to Jamie’s where I have a bed. Score. I sleep. I wake and feel like a cat who has lost a life after last nights escapades. Tonight I have it all to do again in Leeds and the plan includes another club and another quest to rid the world of alcohol. We are apparently going to be seeing Dinosaur Pile Up though which I’m really looking forward to.

The following parts of Andy’s tour diary will be serialised here this week on TGTF. Read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here

Haven’t come across Loyal Trooper before? Read our introduction to Andy’s music, and our interview. Also, download some free music from him below:

MP3: Loyal Trooper – Crystal Missile (demo)
MP3: Loyal Trooper – Holloway to Beeston Express
MP3: Loyal Trooper – Nottingham wasn’t built for me
MP3: Loyal Trooper – Division Street Blues

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