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By on Wednesday, 23rd December 2009 at 6:00 pm

We’ve had quite a year here at There Goes The Fear. We’ve bought you live reviews from Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Lovebox, Keane and La Roux amongst many, many more. We’ve interviewed Mew, The Boxer Rebellion and Marmaduke Duke along with many other artists you may not have heard of, but should check out.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without you: the readers. We hope that we’ve continued to inform, entertain and keep you up to date with the best new music. Have an idea for 2010? Like a feature? Hate something we do? Drop me an email and we’ll try and sort it out. Likewise, if you fancy writing for us, drop me a line and we’ll sort it out – we’re always on the lookout for new talent.

Literally hundreds of PR, record company and media types have been in contact throughout the year, but big thanks must go to the ones who we’ve pestered a lot over 2009 and always a joy to work with: Karen, Holly and Merlin at Radarmaker (possibly the best PR firm in the UK), Rob, Kellan and Peter at Partisan PR, James at We Are Brilliantly Different, Jason and Kelly at Radio 1 and Tasha and Alex at Anorak London.

Finally, who can forget our lovely writers? Mary, Jess and a shed load of others who have written a piece or two for us over the year. They’ve provided a new take on things, and introduced us to many new bands over the year, so thank you.

We’re having a bit of a break to plan for 2010, but we’ll be back on Monday January 4th with renewed vigour – hopefully see you then. In the meantime, check out some of our favourite songs we’ve given away for free download in 2009:
MP3: Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix) [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200902/ff.mp3]
MP3: stellastarr* – Freak Out [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200902/ff.mp3]
MP3: Defend Moscow – Sign of Life [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200906/dmsol.mp3]
MP3: Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200909/theseaisagoodplacetothinkofthefuture.mp3]
MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200901/marinaandthediamonds_obsessions.mp3]
MP3: Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200911/tkaaohm.mp3]
MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200901/sgcw.mp3]
MP3: Bo Bruce – Brighter Moon [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200912/bobruce.mp3]
MP3: Delphic – Counterpoint [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200903/delphic.mp3]
MP3: Jónsi – “Boy Lilikoi” [audio:http://theregoesthefear.com/media/200912/jonsi.mp3]

After the jump: the complete listing of all the MP3s that we’ve posted this year (in no particular order)

  1. MP3: Bo Bruce – Brighter Moon
  2. MP3: Johnny Flynn – Drum
  3. MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (Golden Bug remix)
  4. MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (Moulinex remix)
  5. MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
  6. MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – I can Talk
  7. MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – I can Talk (French Horn Rebellion remix)
  8. MP3: Jónsi – “Boy Lilikoi”
  9. MP3: The National – Fake Empire
  10. MP3: Codeine Velvet Club – I am the Resurrection
  11. MP3: The Kissaway Trail – SDP
  12. MP3: Casper Bangs – Queen of Hearts
  13. MP3: Phenomenal Handclap Band – You’ll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco remix)
  14. MP3: The Bravery – The Spectator
  15. MP3: Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Starsmith remix)
  16. MP3: Dragonette – Easy (Buffetlibre remix)
  17. MP3: Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men (Gaggle Remix)
  18. MP3: Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
  19. MP3: Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men
  20. MP3: Wolf Gang – Night Flying
  21. MP3: Wolf Gang – Pieces of You
  22. MP3: Will Stratton – Your California Sky
  23. MP3: El Perro Del Mar – Change of Heart
  24. MP3: Fanfarlo – Luna
  25. MP3: Baby Monster – Ultra Violence and Beethoven
  26. MP3: Baby Monster – Ultra Violence and Beethoven (Mondkopf remix)
  27. MP3: Baby Monster – Ultra Violence and Beethoven (Arveene & Misk remix)
  28. MP3: Metric – Help I’m Alive (remixed by 80kidz)
  29. MP3: Daisy Dares You – Daisy Dares You
  30. MP3: Art vs Science – Parlez-Vous Francais?
  31. MP3: UltraChorus – Scarlet Eyes
  32. MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road
  33. MP3: Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot
  34. MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions
  35. MP3: The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Testimony (Limewire live session)
  36. MP3: Richard Walters – Needless Advice
  37. MP3: Cory Chisel and the Wandering Men – Born Again
  38. MP3: LoveLikeFire – Signs
  39. MP3: Tommy Reilly – Grab Me by The Collar (Unicorn Kid remix)
  40. MP3: ARMS – Kids Aflame
  41. MP3: Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (Starsmith Remix)
  42. MP3: Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  43. MP3: Keegan DeWitt – Telephone
  44. MP3: Frankie Negrón – Holding on to Love
  45. MP3: The Raveonettes – Suicide
  46. MP3: Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge (Naum Gabo Remix)
  47. MP3: Desktop – Liberty
  48. MP3: Desktop – Fired Up
  49. MP3: Desktop – Too Much
  50. MP3: Teenagersintokyo – Isabella
  51. MP3: Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies (Yacht remix)
  52. MP3: Moby vs Lifelike – Mistake
  53. MP3: Rodrigo y Gabriela – Buster Voodoo
  54. MP3: Forest Fire – Fortune Teller
  55. MP3: HEALTH – Die Slow
  56. MP3: HEALTH – Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)
  57. MP3: The Cribs – We Were Aborted
  58. MP3: Music For Your Heart – The One
  59. MP3: Miike Snow – Animal
  60. MP3: Delphic – This Momentary (Golden Bug remix)
  61. MP3: The New Devices – Everything Good (Japanese Popstars Mix)
  62. MP3: Fanfarlo – Finish Line
  63. MP3: Fanfarlo – Pilot
  64. MP3: Johnny Foreigner – Feels Like Summer
  65. MP3: Richard Walters – Flooded Valley
  66. MP3: Cheatahs – Some Powers (Cassette Version)
  67. MP3: Fanfarlo – Finish Line
  68. MP3: Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
  69. MP3: The Secret Handshake – Make Up Your Mind (remixed by Designer Drugs)
  70. MP3: thecocknbullkid – Clean Apart
  71. MP3: Defend Moscow – Sign of Life
  72. MP3: Royksopp – Lily And The Robot (Royksopp / Lily Allen mashup)
  73. MP3: Favours For Sailors – I Dreamt that you Dreamt that you Loved me in your Dreams
  74. MP3: Favours For Sailors – Erode my Empire
  75. MP3: Favours For Sailors – Our Name
  76. MP3: Favours For Sailors – Shark Attack
  77. MP3: Magic Wands – Warrior (Defend Moscow Remix)
  78. MP3: Magic Wands – Warrior (The XX Remix)
  79. MP3: White Lies – Nothing to Give (M83 Remix)
  80. MP3: The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations (Acoustic)
  81. MP3: Beastie Boys – BBoys In The Cut (Innerpartysystem Remix)
  82. MP3: Jeremy Enigk – Mind Idea
  83. MP3: stellastarr* – Freak Out
  84. MP3: Patrick Wolf – Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)
  85. MP3: Esser – Long Arms
  86. MP3: Jeremy Enigk – Lifes Too Short
  87. MP3: Apples – Reason 45
  88. MP3: Dan Black – I Love Life
  89. MP3: Dan Black – Karate Kid
  90. MP3: Dan Black – Symphonies (Passion Pit remix)
  91. MP3: Alex Metric – Head Straight
  92. MP3: Paul and The Patients – Blogspot
  93. MP3: Esser – Headlock
  94. MP3: them:youth – F.R.A.N.C.E
  95. MP3: Solid Gold – Bible Thumper
  96. MP3: Flashguns – Timehouse Blue
  97. MP3: Flashguns – Ro Shambo
  98. MP3: The Mummers vs Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
  99. MP3: Kleerup – On My Own Again
  100. MP3: The King Blues – Bonkers
  101. MP3: Dead Leaf Echo – Act of Truth
  102. MP3: Tigers that Talked – Black Heart, Blue Eyes
  103. MP3: Cage the Elephant – Tiny Little Robots
  104. MP3: Loyal Trooper – Crystal Missile (demo)
  105. MP3: Twiggy Frostbite – Thrown In Two
  106. MP3: Mojo Morgan – Tonight
  107. MP3: Discovery – Orange Shirt
  108. MP3: Discovery – Osaka Loop Line
  109. MP3: Linfinity – Molly Mar Of Rome
  110. MP3: Wolfmother – Back Around
  111. MP3: Lee Memorial – Lazy Days in Bed
  112. MP3: Tortured Soul – Home To You
  113. MP3: Moby – Shot in the back of the head
  114. MP3: Winter Gloves – Smells Like Teen Spirit
  115. MP3: Lissy Trullie – Boy Boy
  116. MP3: Lissy Trullie – Self Taught Learner
  117. MP3: “Those Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End” (Duke Special / Bernard Butler) produced, co-written and co-played by Bernard Butler
  118. MP3: “I Feel For You” (Prince cover but made famous by Chaka Kahn)
  119. MP3: “Low”
  120. MP3: Iglu & Hartly – DayGlo
  121. MP3: War Tapes
  122. MP3: Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better
  123. MP3: Hesta Prynn – Seven Sisters
  124. MP3: Amazing Baby – Bayonets
  125. MP3: My Passion – Thanks for Nothing
  126. MP3: The Joy Formidable – The greatest light is the greatest shade
  127. MP3: The Joy Formidable – Cradle
  128. MP3: The Joy Formidable – Austere
  129. MP3: The Joy Formidable – While the Flies
  130. MP3: Evening Magazine – 18 Wheels
  131. MP3: Plushgun – Just Impolite
  132. MP3: Tortured Soul – Did You Miss Me?
  133. MP3: Phoenix – 1901
  134. MP3: Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)
  135. MP3: Thecocknbullkid – I’m Not Sorry
  136. MP3: Thecocknbullkid – There’s A Mother In Our Bed
  137. MP3: Royksopp’s Happy up Here, re-interpreted by Holy Fuck
  138. MP3: Casxio – Seventeen
  139. MP3: Deer Tracks – 127SexFyra
  140. MP3: Goldheart Assembly – Wolves and Thieves
  141. MP3: The Soft Pack – Call it a Day
  142. MP3: The Soft Pack – Red Headed Girl
  143. MP3: The Alexandria Quartet – Rock & Roll
  144. MP3: Young Love – Black Boots
  145. MP3: Living Things – Let It Rain
  146. MP3: LoveLikeFire – Signs
  147. MP3: Doves – Push Me On (Playgroup remix)
  148. MP3: Bloc Party – Signs – Armand Van Helden remix
  149. MP3: Royksopp – Album Sampler
  150. MP3: Adam Heldring – Okay, Goodbye
  151. MP3: The Spartones From The University of North Carolina Greensboro – “Not The Same”
  152. MP3: The Rumble Strips – London
  153. MP3: Pansy Division – Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star
  154. MP3: Seeland – Call the Incredible
  155. MP3: Delphic – Counterpoint
  156. MP3: From Monuments to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis
  157. MP3: Mascott – 4th of July
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4:38 pm
24th December 2009

Some good tracks there!
Well done guys, I’ll keep on following into 2010!

PS – check out my new Music Industry Guide



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