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The awfully nice (and young) boys of Blonde Louis were kind enough to answer some questions for me. I think you can tell from the interview below that they are pretty funny guys. And willing to travel pretty far for their devoted fans, thought I doubt they’d ever make the trip out to Washington for me! Read on…

So tell me a little bit about yourselves…like how did you meet? I’ve heard two of you are cousins…?
Josh: Yes that’s true, me and Harvey are indeed cousins, and have been for a while! It’s a good thing we feel to have an element of family within the group. It makes us close, but also we can work without any barriers and can throw constructive criticism at one and other, without treading on anyone’s toes, or other body parts!

Your bio says you four are from Hertfordshire. Is this correct? Tell about growing up / living there, paint a picture for us.
Harvey: Living in the world’s first garden city, and home of the first round about, Letchworth was a very friendly and social place to grow up. We share happy memories of times at school, weekend trips to Standalone farm seeing ‘Dolly the Sheep’…. and visits at half term from the ice cream man that had always run out of Magnums. When I think of Letchworth the thought of fresh air and the smell of manure springs to mind, always. Overall though, Letchworth is an area I’m glad I experienced my childhood in….

You are a really young band (!) I think its great you’ve gotten started in the music business at such an early age…so tell me what happened, how you decided, “right, we’re keen on doing this band thing, we’re going to do this!”
Jack Cox: Ever since I was very little I’ve always played music, and it is a massive part of my life. As soon as I could hit a drum with a stick and pick up a guitar I’ve always felt this is what I wanted. I guess we decided “we’re going to do this!” when the music we were making felt like our own, it took a lot of writing but now I feel we can all say we’ve found ‘our sound’.

When you decided to go professional, what were your parents’ reaction?
Jack Cherry: It wasn’t really a conscious decision to go professional it’s just gradually happened over time and we’re all really happy with the way things are going. Because we started playing music together so young our parents used to drive us to gigs and help out a lot, not too many cool points earnt there, but it means they’ve always been involved in what we’re doing and they’ve seen us develop over time. They are all still really supportive and although they have been keen for us to get through school they appreciate that we put a lot of work into to what we do and understand that if the opportunity comes we should grab it. Although being a musician is often considered as an unpredictable profession, at the moment everyone our age is struggling to get any kind of job, so if we can make a career out of doing something we enjoy then great.

What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a young band? What about being young makes things easier, do you think?
Josh: Being young, I suppose, has its advantages and disadvantages. We have a significant amount time on our hands, to grow and develop, and in some ways there is an element of freedom that comes with our age. We are just 4 young guys, loving what we do!

Perhaps we aren’t taken as seriously as older groups because of how young we are, but that takes some of the pressure away from us so we can focus on writing care free tunes!

The singles you have put out, ‘Sleep on the Floor’ and ‘Midnight Kiss’, are just perfect slices of pop. Really well done. When you first came together as a band, were you always striving for a pop sound, or did the Blonde Louis sound evolve over time?
Harvey: I think like any band we’ve developed over time. We all had our own interests, and wanted to emulate our musical heroes. We learnt our craft through time and songs, we found what we were good at and what perhaps didn’t work. The ‘pop’ thing came about purely by chance. We were writing what we loved and enjoyed playing, we were comfortable with it. I think I can safely say it’s a label we are happy with!

I’m always interested in a band’s influences, what made them pick up a guitar, etc. What were the defining musical moments in your childhood?
Jack Cox: I’ve grown up in a family full of musicians, always being around live music from the first day i can remember, sitting on a pub chair while my mum played Irish and country songs. I felt like I needed to be up on a stage too and I would need to play an instrument to get there so I started learning the drums when I was 7.

Okay, I’ve got to ask…so I was reading your Facebook page last week. Did you really deliver tickets to fans’ houses last week? All over England?
Jack Cherry: YES WE DID! It took over 6 hours but we managed it. Fortunately we only had 3 counties to visit! It was actually really good fun in the end and we got lots of tea, biscuits, crisps and home made cookies on the way so we can’t complain. It was nice to meet all our fans personally and talk to them. It really built up a buzz for the show as well and got everyone talking. People power, etc….

What did you do for Halloween?

Josh: We celebrated in style with our Halloween show in our home town. It was an incredible night, sold out in fact. It was a manic night, crazy at times, but that’s what its all about for us. Performing for our amazing fans makes all the hard work pay off.

Blonde Louis’s latest single, ‘Midnight Kiss’, is available now. You can read more about it and snag it and ‘Sleep on the Floor’, from my earlier post on TGTF here.

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