Interview: Peter Broadhead and Daniel Spedding of Dutch Uncles at Underage Festival

By on Friday, 19th August 2011 at 12:00 pm

Before Dutch Uncles’ set at Underage Festival (during which I mildly sprained my left foot), I separated the two guitarists (Pete and Sped) from the rest of the band and did an interview with them under the scorching sun, on the grass of Victoria Park. We talked about the past and the future, their third album and also their upcoming tour with Wild Beasts. Read on and be ready for the new Dutch Uncles sound…and some discussion on how hot London was the day of the festival…

Hello! I know it’s the first time you’ve ever played Underage Festival. What do you think of the concept of playing to youngsters?
Sped: It’s been something we’ve suggested for a while, I think since we went on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club, when we toured with them, they played a lot of 14+ shows, and the crowds were great. Cause a lot of young people who are fans of the band never get to see them play and you don’t get to see your true crowd, people like you (points to me) yeah. Because they don’t get to go to the venues where they’re over 18 cause of the policies. So to play this way, you can get to the younger crowd, you can see that you do appeal to all ages and your music’s going round. Underage’s something we wanted to play last year and the year before, and to be here this year is good. It’s nice to see that we’ve got a youthful following as well as an older following, given our influences in music.
Pete: And also playing to younger crowds is better. Music is not just to one age group, and a lot of the young crowds actually talk music better than older people do, because they are more friendly with each other and are more current. They actually enjoy it better. (Someone passed by and waved) Like that! It’s lovely!
Sped: How friendly is that!
Pete: People talk about music better when they’re younger and are more confident. If you make a good impression when they are younger, it lasts a life time. So it’s very good.

To clear some mysteries that float around, I wonder which album would you consider as your ‘first proper album’? ‘Cadenza’ (Mary’s review here) or ‘Dutch Uncles’ (the German album)?
Sped: Our first album is our self-titled album, ‘Dutch Uncles’. It was recorded and released on a German label. It was kind of imported into the UK and we didn’t tour that much. We toured more in Germany than we did in the UK, obviously, with it be released over there. But that is our first album, we have no shame in it and we could probably listen to it, and we do listen to it and think of it as a good album! We had those songs at the time, we were proud enough of them at the time to record them, the same as any other band would have been. It was a stepping stone in the right direction to record and release ‘Cadenza’, which we’re also very proud of. But yeah, our first English album is ‘Cadenza’. We’re on our third album now, so our first album is ‘Dutch Uncles’, self-titled.
Pete: We worked too hard on it not to be an album, you know.
Sped: It was our first release.
Pete: We don’t want to sweep it under the carpet, that’s our first album. And our second album, ‘Cadenza’. Third album, no title, as of yet.

Okay. If you had to choose a ‘Dutch Uncles anthem’, would you pick ‘Cadenza’ or ‘Face In’? They are quite different to one another, but yet very significant in their own rights!
Pete: They’re each to their own really, those songs. ‘Face In’ is catchier in a more pop sense, but the groove is not there, which ‘Cadenza’ has. ‘Cadenza’ is an f-ed up Talking Heads type thing. It sounds a bit like Happy Mondays, which has a Manchester vibe to it. Whereas ‘Face In’ has a big chorus, which is meant it stays as long in our set that has been a pinnacle of our set for a long time, and that song’s not gonna go anywhere, anytime soon.
Sped: ‘Face In’ was the first single which we constructed our own video and recorded it, put it out on YouTube, and it was very well-received given where we were at the time. Often when we play live, if we play to a crowd of people that they were there to see us, when we cut into ‘Face In’, it gets a big big cheer. People know it straight away, it’s instant. I think it is, and probably will remain to be, a sort of classic within our content of songs. But ‘Cadenza’ has more of the groove with the percussion and everything. I’d say ‘Face In’ is our anthem. It’s not much of an anthem, but it’s our anthem.
Pete: It’s on the same par as ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’.
Sped: It’s our ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’.

Fair enough. I’ve seen pictures of you being in the studio, recording. Can you give us a sneak peak of what’s the new material like?
Sped: [sings] La la la la…. The new material is , I thought, given the fact that we released this album, ‘Cadenza’, in April /May. This new album would sound more similar to ‘Cadenza’ than ‘Cadenza’ sounding like ‘Dutch Uncles’, the first album. However, already (we have) sort of six to eight demos in, just basic basic demos. It sounds fresh again. I’m proud of that, I think we’re the type of band that can keep progressing in the right areas and make our songs ‘you know it’s Dutch Uncles!’, but they don’t sound the same. It’s inventive, we like to be creative. And already there’s a lot of fresh stuff in there which sounds like nothing we’ve done before. Even though we’re sort of touching on like 25 songs now the public have heard, I don’t think there will be a song on the third album that will sound like a song on the first or the second album.
Pete: New songs are coming along well. We’re experimenting with different actual instruments. We’re gonna get more involved with percussion instruments, like xylophones and vibraphones. Duncan, especially, he really enjoys playing the mallet instruments.
Sped: He’s very good at it!
Pete: The true percussion (instruments), because he’s a drummer at heart.
Pete: And he can play drums on a piano! That basically is what a true percussion is! So it has the flow of a drummer, but on a marimba. He enjoys it, which is really really good. The songs are taking a different form, we get bored easily with our sound, therefore we have to step into new territories. And we are stepping into a new territory. Custom made pedals and all that. Same producer as ‘Cadenza’, but he’s got more to work with this time. He’s here from day one and the songs are sounding good. Brendan Williams and Phil Bulleyment, producers of ‘Cadenza’, they’re there from the start, from the gun. They get to work with the songs more intimately than the last time round. So they can mould the songs and everything. Which has an impact straight away. My lord, that sun is hot! (all laugh)
Pete: It’s hot in here! Sadly we’re not playing any new songs today. (We’re) still a while off, so lots more tweaking and stuff. Expect new ones within the coming months, and they’re gonna be f-r-e-s-h! H-o-t!
Pete and Sped: H-o-t, h-o-t! They’re too hot! Too hot!

(laugh) Well okay, after summer, you’re all going on tour with Wild Beasts! Congrats. I wonder how did that come by?
Pete and Sped: (Still going on about the weather) It’s too hot!
Sped: When ‘Smother’ came out, we all got it on the first day, coincidentally, and said ‘it’s f-king really good’ and tweeted about it. I looked at the trends of Wild Beasts on Twitter and our tweet was the top tweet, it was the most well-received. We went on tour with a band called Sky Larkin, and Katie, their singer, is a Wild Beasts session player. Our booking agent submitted us and they gave us two English dates with them – Cambridge and Brighton. And also the European tour. That’s going to be f-king mint. I hear that Wild Beasts’ Tom is a fan of ‘Cadenza’. I hope the rest of them are. We’re big fans of theirs, we have been for a while. So I think that tour’s perfect for us, very fitting for them and should be really good to get out and play into cities in Europe and places we’ve never been before, and get our music out there as well. It’s gonna be good!
Pete: It’s a good tour to get on. And I’m a geographer, I want to go around these places I’ve never been. So go on another tour with an amazing band, with friends, you can’t really get much better than that!

Many thanks to Dan and Paul for helping us set this interview up.

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