Madonna and the Pandora’s Box of Age

By on Thursday, 9th February 2012 at 11:00 am

So. What about Madonna? It seems like everyone is talking about her right now. The new video, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’’ was released last Friday (video below); her Super Bowl performance was on Sunday. Isn’t this the point, to be talked about? While I have a tendency to agree that all press is good press, I am a little disturbed by some of what I am hearing. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Madonna is being held to a different standard based on her age. Despite her electrifying performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday, she was criticised as being no longer relevant and referred to as “Gramadonna”. C’mon now.

“She’s so old” is a common comment. Or “she’s trying too hard.” Even “she should dress/act her age.” Rubbish, I say. Does no-one remember who this is? This is the original Material Girl. Lest we forget, the woman was simulating intercourse on stage before Lady Gaga was even in kindergarten. From her original hit ‘Holiday’ in 1983 to today, she has molded and transformed herself over and over, testing limits for both herself and the public. She’s always looked good doing it: sexy and over the top. Why is it okay for Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., her companions in the ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’’ video, and not okay for her? Even more importantly, why am I hearing these complaints from other women?


Let’s face it, despite the fact that Madonna is 53, she doesn’t look it (and I don’t care if she’s “had help”.) I doubt that she would be getting half the blowback if she had suddenly appeared on the scene looking and behaving as she does, if she were in her twenties. But it’s her age here that is the sticking point. I personally don’t like the oversexualisation of women in the music industry, but hey, I am only a consumer of music, not a tastemaker. I can avoid what I don’t like. Yes, Adele did a stellar job of selling well without a thong in sight. But few do. And frankly, that’s always been Madonna’s M.O. anyway. Why would she change?

So what I want to know is, why are people having such a problem with Madonna being the same outrageous performer she has always been? Her face is still beautiful, her body is still hot and her voice is still holding its own. Why shouldn’t she ply her trade as she always has? In fact, my respect and admiration for Madonna is the only reason I am no longer disgusted with Lady Gaga. I finally realised that she is doing the same thing. Madonna blazed the trail for all the no-holds-barred women we see performing today.


I may not always like the music of Madonna or the women who’ve followed in her footsteps, but I am proud of how Madonna called her own shots, made her own music and created an image that she wanted all throughout her career.

So yes, she is still sexy. Yes, she is still over the top. And yes, she is over 50. Get over it!

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8:39 pm
9th February 2012

THANK YOU! I could not agree more. People need to get over it and hit the dance floor (‘cuz that’s what it’s for!).

6:52 pm
12th February 2012

If anything, she’s paved the way for women to have to be hyper sexual entities to be marketable. You’re actually of base on a lot of points. If Madonna stepped onto the scene right now, had as much trouble moving around on stage, and was caught lipsyncing, people would attack her for it. Lana Del Rey just took a shot for performing so terribly on SNL and Ashley Simpson got swarmed when she was caught lipsyncing. The point that you are correct about, is that she’s held to a different standard. People, like yourself, automatically back her because of her past. You’ve even gone out of your way to mention her past repeatedly as justification for her current actions. But, no, I don’t think that the public would blindly be accepting of a 53 yr old woman that now has the agility of… well, a 53 year old woman, marketing herself as a sex symbol and worrying about her appearance more than the music. Her new song is bad. She’s only doing it to stay in the race with younger musicians. She was actually aging gracefully and I thought that whole Evita thing was an example of her choice to progress as an artist and mature. What is MUSIC about? What is GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN about? Papa Don’t Preach was about something. Her music had more substance in 27yrs ago. Now her concert tickets are $300. It’s sad

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