Interview: Mikey Chapman and Sam Douglas of Mallory Knox at Takedown Festival (Part 2)

By on Tuesday, 27th March 2012 at 11:00 am

This is part 2 of Luke’s interview with two of the guys from Mallory Knox. Missed part 1? No worries, head this way.

Would you say your new album is more mature than ‘Pilots’?

Sam: It’s hard to say, I don’t want to say we’re heavier, I don’t want to say we’re softer, I don’t want to say we’re catchier, I just think we’ve got better as song writers and we’ve understood what we want to more than when we wrote ‘Pilot’. With ‘Pilot’ we were like, “Right we’re a new band let’s write some songs”, then we started to think we had to make ‘Pilot’ songs again, but then it was like, “fuck this, let’s just do it again and write what we want”.

Who do you think are your new influences? Who’s changed things for you?

Mikey: What we’ve always been really happy about with Mallory is that we all really enjoy different music so different influences are brought into different things. Dave (drums) is into his heavier music and he’ll bring that into his drums, whereas Sam and myself are into lighter music as well as pop-punk and things like that.

Sam: I love Thrice. Their last album ‘Major Minor’ was definitely one. We’ve always loved Alexisonfire, they were a huge influence on ‘Pilot’. Mumford & Sons, Death Cab For Cutie but then I like Dillinger Escape Plan, we’re literally hitting everything.

Mikey: But then you’ll go round James’ (guitar) house and he’ll be dancing in his boxers to Katy Perry.

You’ve received a lot of buzz from the mainstream music press, has it felt like you had to live up to it?

Sam: It’s so weird. When we were 16/17 we would have killed to get in those sort of magazines, but now that we’ve done it we want more. We’re never satisfied. As much as we think ‘Great, people like us and the magazines like what we’re doing’, we’re always striving for a bit more.

Mikey: I think we landed at a very good time. A lot of people were perhaps tired of certain genres to a degree and they wanted to listen to something a little different. I’m not saying we’re ‘out there’ by any means but we’ve always strived to play what we wanted to hear and I hope that reflects in the music and with our fans.

What will it take for you to know that you’ve ‘made it’?

Sam: We know there’s a big ladder to climb and we’ve barely got on it yet. But look at Deaf Havana, two years ago they were doing ok with the EP and now they’re on main stage at Reading, and that gives us hope. We don’t want to compete with other bands because I don’t believe in that bullshit, I’m happy for people when they do well.

Mikey: You’re always sat there when you’re a teenager and you’re looking at these bands like ‘my god, they’re seeing the world and enjoying themselves’.

Sam: I don’t think it’s ever going to get old for us. I’m a big fan of Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havana and when I saw them it was cool, man! Playing the same stage with them was good for us, but let’s do this again let’s keep going. But we know there’s a long way to go.

Judging by the crowd reaction today you’ve got a solid fanbase…

Mikey: We love ’em.

Sam: The people at the front, the first 10 to 15 rows had people who knew who we were. Then as you move further back it’s people who’re probably checking us out for the first time. Even if people aren’t jumping, you can spot our lot because they’re proper going for it.

Mikey: We’ve just bumped into a kid who’s come from Germany to see us today. For us, who’ve come from a backwater town in the middle of the countryside…

Sam: We come from Cambridge, feel sorry for us. (laughs)

Mikey: For someone to take the time and put their money into coming here is humbling.

Sam: Especially today, there’s like four other bands they could’ve seen at the same time but they chose us and that’s fucking wicked. We were wondering if anyone was going to be there.

Hopefully this is your first of many festivals, what else have you got planned for the summer?

Sam: Hit The Deck festival, Crash Doubt festival which is going to be good because we’re on before Martyr Defiled.

Mikey: We’ve got a really exciting one that we’re not allowed to say unfortunately, but it’ll come out soon.

[On Monday – the day following Takedown – it was announced that Mallory Knox are playing Download festival.]

Are you going on tour again or is it just festivals?

Sam: Nothing’s confirmed but the plan is to do a tour before the album and a tour after the album. But not in the summer, it’s festival season and all that. The album’s not even been given a release date, I reckon late summertime.

Finally, if the world ends at the end of 2012, what’s the last thing you’re going to do?

Mikey: I’m going to make sure that I attend a party. There’s got to be a few hasn’t there? We’ll go to the before party, if everything’s ok then we’ll go to the after party. I’ll be wearing a crash helmet, though, and maybe some body armour.

Sam: I’ll probably just try and get that little kid on Call of Duty again.

Mikey: Revenge. We will be getting revenge.

Sam: I’ve got his gamertag, he’s fucked.

Mallory Knox will be playing a number of festivals this summer across the UK, as well as hopefully a tour before the release of their debut LP which will undoubtedly go down a storm. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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