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By on Monday, 2nd April 2012 at 11:00 am

Following the band’s raucous performance at this year’s Takedown festival, I caught up with Feed the Rhino‘s frontman for a quick chat about his band, the new album and their controversial performance.

How did your set go? How was it for you?
It was fantastic. We haven’t played for a long time because we’ve been stuck in the studio writing the second album. It’s the first time we’ve played in four months I think – the last time we played was out on tour with While She Sleeps. It was amazing, the crowd were amazing. We had a lot of fun. A lot of carnage which is what we like.

Do you feed off the craziness of the crowd?
I don’t know. With Feed the Rhino it’s always been a band about passion and about heart, and when you see people so into what you’re writing and what you’re playing, it makes everything so worthwhile. And you do feed off it, it’s a massive buzz. Looking out there today and seeing that room that was fucking rammed to the rafters and seeing that they were just going nuts at every opportunity, it’s just a great feeling.

Do you wish you could have got in the crowd, though? [The security team were adamant this wasn’t going to happen.]
We always do things of instinct, and a lot of the time we end up anywhere. Our sets are very organic and we feed off what the vibe is. We’d have loved to have been in with the crowd because we were loving everything they were doing and to be in with them would have been fucking amazing, but security played havoc with us today.

It’s not like you didn’t try…
We had a slight falling out, but they’re there to do a job, aren’t they? You’re governed by what they’re going to allow you to do.

You’ve got a new album coming out, can you tell us a bit about it?
The new album is called ‘The Burning Suns’ and should be out at the beginning of the summer. It’s incredible, we’re writing exactly what we want to write. This album is going to typify exactly what Feed the Rhino is all about – it’s no holds barred. We spent just over a month in the studio, so we worked really hard on it. We wanted to bring a lot of our live  into our album because people react really well to the live. So we wanted people to get that same feeling when they listen to the album and we hope that it brings that.

Did anything inspire you toward this album in particular?
Everything inspires us. We feed off of life, we feed off of experiences. As a band we’ve been on the road now for two years solid, so we’ve got to meet more people, make more friends, be in more situations and circumstances that open your eyes to different things. Obviously you write about things personal, things around you, things you believe in, things you don’t believe in, things you hate, things you love. The world is full of shit but at the same time it’s full of amazing things, and if you look hard enough you can put something together that’s going to really hit home. That’s the thing with Feed The Rhino, we want to make sure that we’re true to ourselves and that we’re true to the people who want to listen to us. We’re not phonies, we’re not fakes. If any form of pretentiousness fed its way into this band, we’d all fuck it off and quit. And that’s fact.

That’s part of the hardcore scene, it’s from the heart…
I know people say it’s part of the hardcore scene, and no disrespect to hardcore, but we’ve never said we were anything – we’re just a heavy band and we like playing. If you’re a hardcore kid, a rock and roller, a rocker, a metalhead, whatever the fuck you are we don’t give a shit, if you like it you like it and thank you so much.

Now you’ve got this festival out the way, what other festivals do you have lined up?
We’ve got Ghostfest, Make AaScene, we’ve got loads but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. We’ve got some stuff that we’re announcing in the next coming weeks that will hopefully tickle the tongues of people and have a fuckload of people that want to enjoy our shows and love it and bleed and sweat and have some fucking fun. [Lee wanted to point out that they’re also playing Crash Doubt, which he remembered after the interview.]

If the world ends at the end of 2012, what’s the last thing you’re going to do?
I’m going to do what I do every single day and that’s have fun: see my family, see my friends. I know it’s absolute bollocks anyway, there’s no actual scientific proof that the world’s going to come to this massive halt and end. You see this crazy fanatics on the TV screaming and shouting that the world’s going to end, but how many times has some crazy loon said that? No disrespect, you can have your views, but come on why so fucking morbid? Live a little and enjoy everything around you.

Feed the Rhino are heading out on a UK and European tour later this month. To find your nearest show, visit their official Web site.

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8:46 pm
2nd April 2012

I bloody love this band.

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