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By on Tuesday, 21st August 2012 at 11:00 am

Norwegian eccentric math rockers 22 have recently released their debut album ‘Flux’ on Best Before Records. I caught up with guitarist Magnus Børmark for a quick chat about the number 22, the band’s influences and travelling to another dimension.

You have a pretty much unGoogleable name, why did you choose 22?
I have the seen the number 22 everywhere from when I was at a very young age. I started receiving information and seeing different patterns through the occurrence of the number. I learned that there were many people around the world seeing numbers and patterns everywhere, but few took the phenomena beyond the point of awe and amazement. So we decided to convert the energies and insights gleaned into music and the band 22 is the result of that decision.

Your debut album ‘Flux’ has just been released, what can you tell us about it?
It is an audio guidebook to keeping your balance when the world around you turns into chaos. There have been no compromises regarding what we want to express. I recorded, produced and mixed the album myself, cause there really was not anyone around who understood what we were up to.

How did you get involved with Best Before records?
A British band, called Arcane Roots, had gotten hold of our earliest recordings and were talking a lot about how great we were, mentioning us in interviews and so on. Due to this, Best Before Records got interested and then one thing lead to another. We are forever thankful to Arcane Roots. They are now our best friends, and they show an unique lack of egotism and fear in these weird times for the music industry.

What are the primary influences behind the album?
Numbers, synchronicities, astral travels, channelled information from non physical entities and such. We also of course love Meshuggah, Kate Bush, Edgar Allan Poe and playing hackysack. All this, plus what we have experienced through our joined creative endeavours, has inspired the creation of ‘Flux’.

Compared to your previous EP releases, how was the experience of writing an album?
It was fulfilling. With an album you can take each song further in the respective direction they are inclined to go. With EPs, you sort have to keep it ‘snappy’ and more succinct. With an album, you can create a vaster universe for the listener to move in. Can’t wait to release a double album.

Looking at your Web site there are no forthcoming live dates, do you plan to tour the album?
We toured quite extensively the last year, and we will come back to tour even more extensively. We are looking at several options on how we want to do it. We want to up things a bit. So we are keeping our cool until we know we can give people something even more spectacular than when they saw us the last time. We always want to give the audience more than their money’s worth.

You’ve received a lot of attention from the likes of Kerrang! and Q, how does that feel?
That feels really really good. We are quite eclectic, and having journalists latching on to our thing is quite amazing. I think many of the magazines have reporters that have seen us live, and then they really get us. We are all about the live shows, and when you see 22 live, I think you understand that what is recorded on the album is no coincidence.

What would you have to achieve to finally know you’ve ‘made it’?
When we play big venues around the world, and we can still laugh and play hackysack with each other between soundcheck and gig, then I would I say we’ve made it.

If the world ends at the end of 2012 like the Mayans predicted, what’s the last thing you’re going to do?
I’ll shift to another parallel version of Earth that does not end, but rather evolves beyond the negative patterns we’ve woven ourselves into here. In fact I have already shifted. It all depends what you want to experience.

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