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By on Thursday, 25th October 2012 at 12:00 pm

It has been quite a bit of time since the release of Fenech-Soler‘s debut album. The 2010 eponymously titled release spawned several high profile singles – the huge ‘Stop and Stare’, ‘Lies’, ‘Demons’ – and then there was a relative quiet. Unlike other bands who we could reasonably out as lazy gits, Fenech-Soler has at least one very valid excuse: in March 2011, lead singer Ben Duffy was diagnosed with testicular cancer and a UK tour was postponed for after when Duffy underwent a round of successful chemotherapy. Somehow he managed to come back “fighting fit” with little downtime; Fenech-Soler went on to play a dizzying number of summer music festivals and continued to work behind the scenes to make their live shows better and better. (To read more of my interview last year with Ben, including a discussion on how his cancer affected their working schedule and perspective, go here.)

It’s not like they totally went away. As what seems to be the way bands’ Web sites are going, they are avid Instagram updaters, with the images popping up on their their Tumblr. This is how we learned about the building of their new studio (from the ground up, literally) and got a sneaky peek at some of their equipment like we were flies on their wall. Last week, they took to YouTube to deliver some bits of song – just enough to get the masses excited for their return, but not enough to imagine the full picture…

…which brings us to Fenech-Soler’s new single out now, ‘All I Know’. As we usually do, I’ve embedded the video for the song at the end of this post. However, in this particular case, I feel like you should press play on the video, but then turn off your computer screen or look away from your mobile, because I don’t think the video makes a whole lot of sense when you consider the lyrical joys of the tune. It’s pretty and cool-looking, and while I’m glad it’s not a pair of actors pretending to be into each other and then hating each other at the end, I don’t think it stands up to the quality of the track.

Waves crash to herald the start of the track, before Duffy outlines a perfect relationship he had that “it started out good / like a fairy tale” that went bad because he strayed. Wait a minute. A man is admitting he’s the one saying “all I know is I did you wrong”? This is huge to women’s ears. Men never apologise, do they? Or least they don’t, even if we think what they did was wrong. The chorus continues, “all I know is that you’d be strong / without me / without me”: he’s laying it out there that he respects her for her own personal strength. He knew he could stand there out on her own, if she had to – and evidently, she had to because he “drifted away” from an above board, “no-one got hurt / because truth came first” union. He’s further admitting that he’s the bad apple here (“I’ve only got / myself to blame”), ruining what was so good (“I broke your heart / right from the start”). It’s almost like a male response to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

This song is an apology, done with a lot of class: there is no “I want you back!” kind of whinging or a blame game. No, he’s saying sorry, admitting defeat with his head held up high. And let us not forget that this is a Fenech-Soler song, and like any good Fenech-Soler song we’ve seen yet, it’s factory ready for the dance floor, with huge synth sounds and a very catchy melody going along with Duffy’s vocals. You can imagine the bodies bouncing and arms in the air at festivals next year for this very song. Better yet, there is no dubstep here. (Take that, you bunch of posers, Muse.) And dare I say it, this is the kind of vibe I wanted to hear from the new Delphic single. And we all know what happened there… Dance fans, pop fans: this is your new jam.

This single is epic. That’s all *you* need to know. Full stop.


‘All I Know’, the new single from Fenech-Soler, is available now digitally on Warner Brothers.


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2:12 pm
25th October 2012

listen to this, hold it close to your heart, b/c it’s going to be huge! @tgtf Single Review: @FENECHSOLER – All I Know

2:18 pm
25th October 2012

@theprintedword @tgtf @FENECHSOLER this is sick!

3:23 pm
25th October 2012

RT @theprintedword: listen to this, hold it close to your heart, b/c it’s going to be huge! @tgtf Single Review: @FENECHSOLER – All I Know

5:00 pm
25th October 2012

Very nice review here of @FENECHSOLER new single ‘All I Know’….great track, have a listen!

6:38 pm
25th October 2012

RT @DirtySouthSound: Very nice review here of @FENECHSOLER new single ‘All I Know’….great track, have a listen!

6:41 pm
25th October 2012

RT @DirtySouthSound: Very nice review here of @FENECHSOLER new single ‘All I Know’….great track, have a listen!

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