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Yesterday, you read the Script‘s drummer Glen Power answering the TGTF Quickfire Questions. Today, we have a mega interview with the man himself about their new album ‘#3’ and the extra folks that make them sound great live, as well as ask the whereabouts of the woman in ‘Nothing’ and much more. Like, do Danny and Mark have a strange dancing habit? Read on.

I think you probably haven’t been asked this question in a really long time, but I’ve always wondered… Where did your band name “the Script” come from? Is it from a shared love of film and plays? Or is there some other esoteric source or personal meaning?
When we started as a band, we realised our songs were very “Script-like” in nature, there was a beginning, a middle and an end. We also started the band in LA and when we call each other sometimes on the phone we would say ‘ What’s the Script, what’s happening today? ‘ so it just felt like everything was pointing to that name.

Let’s talk about the new album, ‘#3’. It’s your third album….how did you settle on ‘#3’ for the title?

Well, if there was ever a time to do that it was now, there are 3 in the band! But that aside, we wrote all the music for this album in Studio 3 in London and 3 is a magic number!

How did the collaboration with happen for ‘Hall of Fame’? I think everyone guesses the idea must have come about during down time during The Voice, but we want details!
Well, Danny was on The Voice as a coach. Will heard Danny listening to the demo of ‘Hall of Fame’ in his dressing room and was like, “oh that’s dope, I want that for my album!” So Danny said, “why don’t you come and do it with us”. Now the hard part was nailing Will down to do it. One night he couldn’t make it, we were told he was out having dinner and we were like, “out having dinner?” and then we were informed, ‘actually, he’s out having dinner with Bill Clinton”, so we said, “fair enough!”

One thing I love about your band’s music is that there are some really melodic piano parts. For example, the piano lines that begin and run through ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘If You Could See Me Now’ are brilliant. What is your songwriting process like, do you start with lyrics, a guitar riff, a melody worked out on the piano, etc.?
It can start with any number of things happening, usually a guitar riff or piano part or a great lyrical line someone has come up with or overheard being said somewhere and then we just go with the flow and jam out till we are all feeling it.

The chord changes in the chorus and the bombast of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ make this song huge! Do you get moments when you’re writing songs and you have that “aha!” moment when you’ve realised you’ve gone somewhere amazing?
That’s when you KNOW you have the GOLD. And we spend the majority of the time chasing down those moments in the studio.

I thought I’d read somewhere that all the bass lines on your debut album were programmed because you didn’t have a bass player in the band. True? If this is true, is this also true for ‘#3’ and ‘Science and Faith’? (I play bass and have been playing and studying the bass lines of your songs probably a little too closely…)
Yes, though on ‘Science and Faith’ and ‘#3’ our [touring] bass player Ben also has input on certain songs.

I was pretty relieved to see a bass player with you when I saw you in November 2010. What’s his name, and how did he come to be part of your band?
His name is Ben Sergeant. When we were starting out, we realised we needed a live bass player onstage. We had tried out some bass players, but Ben really stood out. Solid, grounded, shaken not stirred, that’s our Ben.

Similarly, you have a keyboardist on tour with you as well. How did you find him / what is his history? When did you decide you needed to have another keyboardist on tour with you? (I kind of miss Danny playing all the piano bits but I totally understand why on an arena tour like this, it makes sense for Danny to be able to move around more across a large stage.)
His name is Rodney Alejandro. Rodney goes way back with the band. Mark and Dan knew Rodney from their session days in L.A., but when we started as the Script, Rodney came over to Dublin and worked with us when we were rehearsing. When the song ‘Hall of Fame’ came along, we all agreed we wanted Danny to have the option to be free to move around more, so Rodney was the natural choice and he is also a great energy to have onstage with us too.

Regarding touring….you’ve toured in our country quite a bit over the last couple years. Do you miss playing in clubs or do you prefer playing in big auditoriums?
We love playing in either, we just love playing!

What do you like most about touring in America?

So much it’s hard to say, I could write a list a mile long, but I love the people, the food, and the response we get when we do live shows!
What do you like least?
How about not being able to find Guinness on tap?
Haha, yes!

At the DC show, Mark said that you’d all been on tour on our continent for over 6 weeks. That’s a long time to be away from home. What regular routines / rituals keep you grounded while you’re away from your friends and family?
One word: Skype! You keep in touch on phone or Skype so that takes the sting out of it.

I loved the audience participation / “drunk dialler” portion of the evening, when Danny sang ‘Nothing’ into the mobile of the woman in the row behind us. It took the edge off to what is a pretty desperate song about lost love. Is it based on a real breakup?
If yes, what has become of the woman it was written about?
Can’t say!
Is she aware that the song is about her?
We would never tell her that! [Insert editor laughing here.]

It felt pretty special hearing ‘If You Could See Me Now’ live, as I assumed given its highly personal nature, it might not ever be played live. Was there ever a time when you questioned whether you wanted to get so personal on an album / with fans?
Yes, particularly on this song, but that’s when you have to write it, because honesty is the best policy when it comes to the heart.

It seems like ‘Breakeven’ or ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ will go down in history as the most popular Script song among fans. Which song(s) are you proudest of?
All of them.

What is the most common misconception of you, either as a band, or individually?

I heard somewhere on Wikipedia that Mark and Danny met at a line dancing club? Not true!

Many thanks to Glen for answering my (oozy fan) questions and Taylor for sorting this for us.

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