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Live Gig Video: Atlas Genius perform ‘Molecules’ at San Diego House of Blues

By on Tuesday, 22nd September 2015 at 4:00 pm

Adelaide, Australia band Atlas Genius are currently on tour in America. Earlier this month, the group – lead by brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery – stopped in at the House of Blues in San Diego, where Yahoo! filmed this performance of ‘Molecules’, a single from their second album ‘Inanimate Objects’,that was released on the 28th of August, which followed their popular debut album, 2013’s ‘When It Was Now’. Watch the performance below.

Next in the album track listing after ‘Molecules’, I reviewed another of Atlas Genius’ singles, ‘Stockholm’, back in July ahead of the LP’s release. For more on Atlas Genius on TGTF, here.


Single Review: Atlas Genius – Stockholm

By on Thursday, 23rd July 2015 at 12:00 pm

Australian artists are knocking it out of the park lately. Should we all be stocking up on marmite, Foster’s beer and kangaroo meat? The latest song to drop on our doorstep at TGTF Towers is an early teaser from Atlas Genius’ second album ‘Inanimate Objects’, which will be released at the end of August. By title, ‘Stockholm’ sounds a bit stodgy, but it’s with great relief that it’s anything but. And if this one track is anything like the LP that’s to come, it will surely see Atlas Genius solidify their fan base and gain new admirers.

When I saw the brother-led band from Adelaide (now bros Keith and Michael Jeffery) open for Wolf Gang in DC in 2012, overwhelmed is the negative word to describe their setup on stage, which included what I considered overkill for what sounded like a rock/pop type band and whose songs were considered mainstream enough to appear on adverts for HGTV, an American home improvement and lifestyle cable station. I mean, okay, they had a synth player as is usual these days (yawn) and didn’t impress me much live, so how great can this band be on record?

However, when you hear ‘Stockholm’ in full, this kind of muscular kit – especially when it comes to the guitars – makes more sense. In fact, when you near the loud, punishing end, you might swear you were in fact listening to Royal Blood. Or maybe they got the idea for the title from Muse’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’? Whew… Either way, I never saw that coming. What’s even more interesting is that it starts so innocently. With a conventional rhythm at the beginning, there are no signs of where this track ends up.

Lead singer and guitarist Keith Jeffery puts his voice through a workout, his voice swinging for the fences and the greatest heights, reminding me a bit of nasally Simon LeBon of Duran Duran back in their ‘80s heyday, but far rougher. The hard, driving rhythm from the bass and Michael Jeffery’s drums keeps the energy of the track up as it pulsates along, and together with brother Keith’s vocals, the overall effect is anthemic, especially as the song hurtles towards the finish line.

Not at all what I expected, and in a good way.


‘Stockholm’, the latest single revealed by Adelaide duo Atlas Genius, is available now for digital download. ‘Inaminate Objects’ will drop on the 24th of August. For past TGTF coverage of Atlas Genius, head this way.


(SXSW 2013 flavoured!) MP3(s) of the Day (and more including an album stream!) #738: Atlas Genius

By on Monday, 18th February 2013 at 10:00 am

I caught Adelaide, Australia’s Atlas Genius open for Wolf Gang at this DC show in October. Consider this your notice ahead of their stratospheric rise to fame, as the band release ‘When It Was Now’ in America on Warner on Tuesday. The band are currently supporting Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons on a North American tour, before they shimmy themselves over to Austin for this year’s SXSW in March. Catch them play KCRW’s showcase at the Haven on Wednesday 13 March and The Warner Sound’s showcase at the Belmont on Thursday 14 March.

They’re offering up an acoustic version of ‘If So’ recorded at Electric Lady Studios absolutely free. There is a great video of the band recording it, which I’ve also included below. I’m in such a giving mood, I dug up two more remixes of their track ‘Backseat’, reimagined by Aislyn and Goldroom, for you to have for free too. And to top it all off, you can have a listen to the whole album before it comes out tomorrow, because I’ve embedded the stream for you. ‘cos sharing is caring, right?



Live Review: Wolf Gang with the Royal Concept and Atlas Genius at U Street Music Hall, Washington DC – 27th October 2012

By on Tuesday, 30th October 2012 at 2:00 pm

The Wolf Gang show at U Street Music Hall ranks up there as one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever had to cover. Being a Wolf Gang fan, I was so chuffed to see Max McElligott and his band return to our town after having made a support appearance on Coldplay‘s North American tour over the summer. Evidently, I was the only person in attendance who hadn’t see either of those two performances at the Verizon Center. But as it turns out, I didn’t really need to be there, as I heard time and time again how all these fans, mostly under drinking age, had met Max and the band after they’d announced they’d be signing CDs and taking photos with fans in one of the upper level concourses and how there’d been a mad dash by girls getting over there. (For that reason alone, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t in that milieu.)

As I’ve explained in previous posts and just yesterday in this review of Saint Etienne just 2 days prior, U Street Music Hall is designed for dance bands and dance parties. However, since this was a show being put on by the 9:30 Club, my guess is that 9:30 Club security was working the floor that night. I will just say that if they were so worried about people storming the stage, they should have put up a barrier instead of yelling at people, and as it was, I was very uncomfortable and if it wasn’t for my love of Wolf Gang, I might have left early.

Since the show was sold out, it was good I arrived an hour before doors, situating myself stage right for the first opener, the Royal Concept. If they really started in April 2012 as their Facebook says, then that would explain why they sounded like a Swedish version of Two Door Cinema Club. The only differences are that Alex Trimble doesn’t wear leather, nor does he take off his clothes in public. MVRemix describes them as playing “infectious indie pop-rock, powered by catchy guitar riffs, synth-pop keyboards and contagious hooks”; I’m not the only one to which this sounds all too familiar.

‘World on Fire’ is their latest single, which frontman David Larson claimed applied to all the bands playing at the club that night. One particularly hilarious moment was when a very overexcited teenager begged to have Larson’s discarded wifebeater, and although I could not hear the exchange, I’m sure the response was, “you can’t, I only have one of these for the entire tour.” Another track, ‘Down’, left the underage crowd squealing.

Atlas Genius from Adelaide, Australia were up next. The DC was their first with the Wolf Gang tour, and I was pleased to see there were plenty of people (down the front at least) who had heard of them. In contrast to the Royal Concept, this is a band that was less about disrobing gimmickry; in fact, brothers Keith (vocals / guitar) and Steven Jeffrey were dressed in plaid, looking more like a grunge band than anything else.

‘Symptoms’, off their new EP ‘Through the Glass’, has a high-speed, driving rhythm reminscent of Phoenix and Miike Snow (though less dancey). Like Casiokids and Delphic before them, Atlas Genius’ track ‘If So’ has made it on to a FIFA game, a fact that Keith Jeffrey made proudly. (Not sure how many underage girls were impressed, but still, it’s an achievement.) One thing I was taken aback about was the fact that neither brother had a ‘usual’ rack of guitar pedals but instead had a fancy-schmancy sequencer-like set-up where different songs could be called up quickly with no fuss. Is this the way indie rock is heading? As a result, the music felt less organic, or at least, maybe it was just to me, having seen their equipment.

Max McElligott had a little something for everyone during Wolf Gang’s set. ‘Midnight Dancers’ was dedicated to the couples in the audience, some of which were pointed out by McElligott and commended, even though they were few and far between. He asked everyone to dance during ‘The King and All of His Men’, which was made all the more difficult by security yelling at us not to get too close to the stage. (Where do you want us to go? You want us to dance backward and into the already too packed dance floor?) He offered up new tracks ‘Horizons’ and ‘You Were Wrong’, as if asking us if it were okay for him to play new songs. Hell yes: I thought they sounded great and were in similar line to those on ‘Suego Faults’, which feels like a lifetime ago I reviewed for a UK release date in 2011.

But of course it was the released songs that made the most impact: the speedy delivery of ‘Where Are You Now?’, the slinkiness of ‘Back to Back’ and the bouncing rhythm of ‘Stay and Defend’ all went down extremely well to a crowd of fans who had already fallen in love with Wolf Gang 4 months ago. McElligott barely stayed in one place; he preferred dancing between the two sides of the stage, as if proving that he was there to perform to everyone there in the club, not just the one side where his mike stand happened to be sat.

‘Dancing with the Devil’ led to a mass scale pogo-ing, the likes I don’t see very often in DC. While there was no encore, ‘Lions in Cages’ was smartly saved for last, with its soaring “oh-oh-ohhhhs” filling the underground hall with an almost ethereal resonance. Afterwards, he didn’t stop signing CDs and t-shirts and took pictures with fans, all of whom were thrilled that this man from London had made their night, or possibly their year. This sold out gig proved that whenever Wolf Gang returns to our fair city with a new album, he’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

After the cut: Wolf Gang’s set list.
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