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Video of the Moment #1731: Avi Buffalo

By on Thursday, 29th January 2015 at 6:00 pm

So it turns out Avi Buffalo‘s second Sub Pop album ‘At Best Cuckold’ that came out in September 2014 will be their last. RIP. In what is probably their last video ever, the ‘Think It’s Gonna Happen Again’ promo is disorientingly filled with shot after shot of what appears to be regret for the wrong choices you make in life in 20/20 hindsight, as singer/songwriter Avi Zahnner-Isenberg is a traveler, taking us from one scene to the next as he mimes the words to the song, sometimes staring straight at the viewer. But I guess this is where his journey (with Avi Buffalo, at least) ends. Watch the video below.

Want more? TGTF’s Avi Buffalo coverage is this-a way.



Video of the Moment #1578: Avi Buffalo

By on Saturday, 19th July 2014 at 10:00 am

Of previous ‘What’s In It For’ fame, Long Beach’s Avi Buffalo have a new music video for ‘So What’, with fantasy sequences on the beach, an office, a house, a desert and a forest. (Sure beats those performance videos, eh?) The song will appear on the band’s next album ‘The Best Cuckold’. Watch it below.

Catch previous coverage of Avi Buffalo on TGTF through this link. They’ll be on tour in October in the UK and Ireland, following the release of ‘The Best Cuckold’ on the 8th of September.



Avi Buffalo / October 2014 UK and Irish Tour

By on Friday, 18th July 2014 at 3:30 pm

Long Beach, California’s Avi Buffalo will release their second album ‘At Best Cuckold’ via Sub Pop Records on the 8th of September, to be quickly followed by a European tour including the UK and Ireland. Tickets for the following shows are available now.

Friday October 3rd 2014 – Manchester Deaf Institute
Sunday October 5th 2014 – Dublin Whelan’s
Monday October 6th 2014 – Glasgow Broadcast
Wednesday October 8th 2014 – Bristol Thekla
Friday October 10th 2014 – London Islington Assembly Hall


Live Review: Avi Buffalo with Admiral Fallow at Leeds Brudenell Social Club – 14th July 2011

By on Monday, 25th July 2011 at 2:00 pm

Of the crowd sipping cider on the benches outside the ramshackle urban beer garden of Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club, only the most attentive would have noticed the slight, lightly-bearded man leaning against a car in the background, urgently conversing in a smooth L.A. accent. Fewer still would fail to be surprised that the diminutive 20-year-old was the primary reason that the place was so busy tonight. For he is Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, creative force behind Avi Buffalo, tonight playing one of only three headline summer UK gigs before moving on to Latitude festival at the weekend. Fifteen months after the release of the band’s acclaimed debut album, and halfway through a tour which has taken in most of Europe, several festivals, and will end with a whistle-stop tour of the U.S., Avi is bullish about the future direction of the band.

“The audiences know half the tunes, but the rest of the set is new stuff. I’ve been writing a lot, and we’re going straight into the studio when we get home.” There’s a new single on the merch table tonight, the knowingly lo-fi ‘How Come’, all distant reverb and the almost-falsetto vocal for which Avi is increasingly known.

“’How Come’ is a sneak preview of new material. I’d like to juice it up with some studio overdubs; it might make its way onto the new record. The first one accidentally ended up being a folk-pop record, for the next one we’ll be going for a more hi-fi, dark dynamic. I want to produce it myself, with someone engineering and translating my ideas.” B-side ‘Good I’m Wishing’ has been a staple of the live set for some time; in its noisy, collapsing end coda it represents the contemporaneous direction of Avi Buffalo. Already known for blunt portrayals of the physical side of his burgeoning relationships, Avi is determined to delve deeper into his sexual hinterland.

“I’ve been working with [guitarist] George in hotel rooms, making songs based on samples of drums, choirs, synths, and the noises of a porn star called Amia Miley. You gotta check her out, man – she’s intense!” Surely not? “I masturbate more than anyone I know. My family has a history of porn and sex addiction. I want to get really deep into the Isenberg sex disorder and explore what it’s all about – I want to bring out the ecstasy and the inspiration behind it.”

Phew. Turning to the silent George, my “is he serious?” is met with the subtlest of nods. A transcript of what follows is too explicit for this site; suffice to say his description of the planned appearance in his own forthcoming adult film involves his current girlfriend Edie, unconventional bodily fluids, and a goat’s head mask. Thankfully, his attention swiftly returns to his desire to continue making “beautiful, powerful songs that stand on their own”.

The eponymous first record was essentially a compilation of songs about Avi’s infatuation with, first, pedestal building, and his later disinterest in ex-keyboard player Rebecca Coleman. The forthcoming, as yet unrecorded record is to be subtitled “Für Elise” (with apologies to Beethoven), inevitably another of Avi’s ex-squeezes, whose project Fort Wife is apparently on the verge of great things (their Myspace disagrees with this, carrying a handful of unfinished demos). Elise having left the picture, and his fruity plans with serious girlfriend number three revealed tonight, Avi has certainly done his growing up in the eye of the listening public, and is certainly not shy to continue to do so. Whether his new “adult” direction is as appealing as his well-documented adolescence remains to be seen.

Avi makes his apologies and retreats to tune up just as Admiral Fallow take the stage. The Scottish folksters are a quality proposition, with heavyweight themes and lovely woodwind embellishments. In particular, the emotional impact of ‘Subbuteo’, the tale of returning home to a concrete suburb, presumably somewhere on the edge of Glasgow, is matched only by the ferocity of its finale: proof that a good pair of pair of lungs blowing something is a match for any wall of Marshall stacks. They will surely be headliners in no time at all.

Avi Buffalo’s performance at Primavera Sound in Barcelona this year was a near-perfect match between a beautiful, balmy Mediterranean evening and their summery, psychedelic meanderings: tears welled, brief infatuations with languorous, patient, attentive drummer Sheridan Riley developed, matured and faded in the space of a set – perhaps their career-defining moment so far. Tonight is a different proposition: unbelievably hotter, sweatier, louder, more intense and more cerebral. Avi is palpably bored with the delicate presentation of songs like ‘Five Little Sluts’ and ‘Jessica’ – here they are knocked off at full volume and speed, interspersed with rambling, psychedelic interludes.

The new material takes the direction that any sensible person would hope: making more of the harder, electric sound, and of the guitar chops Avi has in abundance – there is something truly eerie in his ability to invoke classic ’70s psych rock with little effort at all. Crowd-pleaser ‘What’s In It For’ is dispensed with in the middle of the set, but thankfully closer Remember Last Time is retained, complete with its glorious, life-affirming end coda – for all Avi’s talk of sex, it’s the instruments who are simulating the seduction here. At 7 minutes on record, tonight it extends well past the 10-minute mark, Avi’s tabletop of loop, delay, pitch-shift and goof pedals pressed into heavy use for the drawn-out mashup of distortion and feedback that the show climaxes with. Sheridan gamely keeps the interest going with well-chosen embellishments, but Avi is completely engrossed: the attention focused on keeping the deafening squalls going for as long as possible.

It’s safe to say that the naïve, summery Avi Buffalo Mark One has passed into history, and dark, noisy, Mark Two is upon us. The next chapter of the story promises to be just as interesting as the first – and if not, well, the protagonist has a burgeoning adult film career to fall back on. That’s what you call hedging your bets.

After the cut: more Avi Buffalo photos.

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