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Video of the Moment #2133: Beaty Heart

By on Friday, 8th July 2016 at 6:00 pm

South London trio Beaty Heart have just dropped a rather amazing video for their infectiously summery new single ‘Raw Gold’. Rather than creating a visual representation with typical dance moves, the band have chosen to choreograph the song’s sensual rhythms for Brazilian skateboarder Ana Maria Suzano, who gracefully executes a series of elegant steps and turns with her longboard as her sole dance partner.  Band member Charlie Rotberg describes the collaboration with Suzano: “We felt the elegance of her longboard dancing would work beautifully with the down tempo vibes of ‘Raw Gold’. We wanted to convey her as this ethereal spirit character that we observe effortlessly floating around these abandoned spaces that eventually open out into an otherworldly empty highway.”

‘Raw Gold’ will feature on Beaty Heart’s upcoming album ‘Till the Tomb’, which is due for release on the 12th of August via Caroline International / NUA Entertainment in the UK and Harvest Records in the U.S. Our previous coverage of Beaty Heart, including the new album’s previous single ‘Flora’, is right back this way.



Video of the Moment #2013: Beaty Heart

By on Friday, 12th February 2016 at 6:00 pm

This smooth groove to help glide and guide you nicely into the weekend is courtesy of Beaty Heart. The South London trio will be releasing their new single ‘Flora’ later this month, and you can read Steven’s thoughts on its nature being “simple despite its complexities.” I find it a rather appropriate video heading into the Valentine’s Day weekend too, as it should, er, get you in the mood. I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing. I have to be honest, I’m not sure what the dog is doing in here. Maybe it’s best if I just don’t think about it…

For past coverage on Beaty Heart on TGTF, go here.



Single Review: Beaty Heart – Flora

By on Wednesday, 20th January 2016 at 12:00 pm

Beaty Heart Flora single cover artworkWith a brooding, dark and enveloping sound building into a triumphant and melodic chorus, it’s hard to not let ‘Flora’, the new track from South London trio Beaty Heart, into the deepest chasms of your mind. Manipulating electronic sounds around pulsating beats, together with a sample of Swedish band Midi, Maxi & Efti’s hit ‘Bad Bad Boys’, the trio comprised of Charlie Rotberg (drums, samplers), Joshua Mitchell (vocals, guitars, samplers) and James Moruzzi (drums, samplers, vocals) showcase their talents as architects of melody and constructors of foreboding pop hooks. Fusing bare and beat-heavy electronica with weird compositions featuring entwining percussion and instrumentals, the Beaty Heart sound is as if Chet Faker and alt-J had collaborated to bring together a melding of both their musical qualities. Beaty Heart are bringing forth this musical marriage, something we didn’t know we needed but certainly do now.

After an introduction that in itself is mysterious, amidst sharp shoots of high-pitched synthesiser creating a menacing audible environment, the vocals of ‘Flora’ come in. “You’re the only one I know, Flora” is sung with a soft cadence, the entire atmosphere of the song changes to one of desire. The Flora in question refers to Brazilian jazz singer Flora Purim, with the band admitting they set out to recreate her “rich, steamy tones” in their own style, and that you can clearly hear. Evoking an elegance around the sounds crafted, the lyrics are yearning, almost a call out to Purim herself.

Once the track fully begins, with the barrage of percussion and interlocked instrument samples, the pulse of the song increases, driving it forward towards the loudest crescendo before the outro. The ‘Bad Bad Boys’ sample of “oh yeah, uh huh” keeps the song from truly lifting off in terms of the vibe, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keeping it grounded retains the initial darkness, but the sample adds a casualness that stops the track becoming too heavy. Briefly entering into a break, the track bursts back to life with the final chorus, before slowly petering out only to finish with a final “yeah…”

This is a strong single for the trio: it’s simple despite its complexities. If they really wanted to grab our attention and to make a statement, this is certainly how to do it.


‘Flora’ is released the 26th of February via Caroline International/NUA Entertainment. They are playing a headline show on the 13th of April at London Electrowerkz; tickets are on sale now.


Bands to Watch #335: Beaty Heart

By on Friday, 30th January 2015 at 12:00 pm

Note: Beaty Heart were announced in November as part of the lineup for SXSW 2015. TGTF has recently been informed that the band will unfortunately not be making the trip to Austin this year.

South London trio Beaty Heart is one of an increasing number of bands whose music defies strict genre classification. Their loosely-defined pop sound has gravitates alternately toward world music and folk, and as you might guess from their name, Beaty Heart puts a heavy emphasis on rhythm and percussion. In fact, band members Josh Mitchell, Charlie Rotberg and James Moruzzi are all multi-instrumentalists, and their collective sonic repertoire includes electronic sampling, eclectic percussion and unusual instruments like the mbira, which I first encountered in listening to fellow folk-pop band Stornoway.

Beaty Heart released an early EP ‘Slush Puppy/Cola’ in 2011, but it was their debut LP ‘Mixed Blessings’, released in May 2014 on Nusic Sounds/Caroline International, that garnered them a wider range of attention. ‘Mixed Blessings’ opens with a brightly tropical theme on a sequence of three strong tracks, ‘Banana Bread’, ‘Kanute’s Comin’ Round’ and the trippy ‘Seafood’. The band members also identify themselves as visual artists, and as such they direct their own music videos, including the somewhat dizzying video for ‘Banana Bread’, below.


After ‘Seafood’, the album begins to evolve into a darker, more downtempo sound with the first of two short instrumental interludes, ‘Opal Shred’, which is balanced later in the tracklisting with its counterpart, ‘Opal Loop’. ‘Kinder’ has a distorted, almost discordant echo, while the chill vibe of ‘Muti’ features chant-like backing vocals and light, sparkling keyboard melodies.

The first single from the album, ‘Lekka Freakout’, appears late in the tracklisting, providing a welcome moment of upbeat pop among the more experimental songs. Returning to the upbeat tribal dance sound, the track includes a cheeky and charming circle of lyrics: “he doesn’t play too well because he has no thumbs, but he sings in time when he hears those drums / he doesn’t sing too well, because he has no lungs, but if he really tries, he hears everyone.”


After the release of ‘Mixed Blessings’, Beaty Heart spent the end of 2014 playing in America and Europe with Jungle, as well as joining Kishi Bashi for a tour of the UK and Europe. The band’s next move is unclear since the cancellation of their scheduled SXSW 2015 appearance, but while you wait for news on Beaty Heart, you can check out their live video from the 2012 In The Woods Festival, just below.



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