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Bloc Party / October 2009 UK Tour

By on Monday, 2nd February 2009 at 3:43 pm

Bloc Party (new promo pic)Fresh off their UK Tour which ended last night in style at Wolverhampton, Bloc Party have announced a brand new tour for October, which they have christened “Bloctober”. Genius.

Tickets go on sale on Friday morning (6th February) at 9am.

Catch the lads at:

Friday 2nd October 2009 – Blackpool Empress Ballroom
Saturday 3rd October 2009 – Edinburgh Picture House
Sunday 4th October 2009 – Inverness Iron Works
Tuesday 6th October 2009 – Aberdeen Music Hall
Wednesday 7th October 2009 – Dunfermline Alhambra
Thursday 8th October 2009 – Hull City Hall
Saturday 10th October 2009 – Sheffield Academy
Sunday 11th October 2009 – Leeds Academy
Monday 12th October 2009 – Lincoln Engine Shed
Wednesday 14th October 2009 – Stoke Victoria Hall
Thursday 15th October 2009 – Birmingham Academy
Friday 16th October 2009 – Newport Centre
Sunday 18th October 2009 – Llandudno Arena
Monday 19th October 2009 – Liverpool University
Tuesday 20th October 2009 – Bristol Academy
Thursday 22nd October 2009 – Truro Hall for Cornwall
Friday 23rd October 2009 – Plymouth Pavillion
Saturday 24th October 2009 – Brighton Centre
Monday 26th October 2009 – Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Tuesday 27th October 2009 – Cambridge Corn Exchange
Wednesday 28th October 2009 – Nottingham Rock City
Friday 30th October 2009 – Reading Rivermead
Saturday 31st October 2009 – Bournemouth Bic logoTo find tickets, we suggest you try using Needtickets. offers you the most comprehensive ticket service in the UK. With one click you can search every nationwide online ticket agent and as a result you can find tickets for any live music event that can be booked online. Every ticket is 100% guaranteed as only offers links to official agents.


Live Review: Bloc Party live at Wolverhampton Civic (Sunday 1st February 2009)

By on Monday, 2nd February 2009 at 2:30 am

Bloc Party live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall (side)I was expecting a lot heading into tonight’s show by Bloc Party. They’d done a so-so cover of Girls Aloud’s “Call the Shots” on Radio 1, and I’d heard talk on the grapevine of something sensational with an acoustic guitar.

It takes a lot to keep me happy, and when the snow meant that we arrived almost an hour after doors, I was not in a good mood. We’d missed the first support, Wet Paint, however managed to sneek our way into the downstairs bit instead of our boring balcony seats to catch Tommy Sparks, who immediately cheered me up, with his great 70s style pop. A surprising choice to support Bloc Party, but then Matt was quoted recently as saying they may well be turning their back on indie.

Then the main act… the last night on their short tour meant all guns were blazing, banter between songs at its best. Every time I catch them, Kele seems to be chattier and chattier, tonight joking about topics  ranging from his dislike of Klaxons’ legacy (the throwing of glow sticks), Matt’s new pearl necklace, and the random objects thrown on stage (shoes, condoms, dirty (guy’s) underwear). Oh yes, they were chatty compared to that first night in Southampton over 2 years ago.

The songs? Well, we got the usuals. Positive Tension’s deafening finale, Song For Clay segueing perfectly into Banquet, Kele’s front-row walkabout for Mercury. All well and good, perfect as ever. However, where were those “gig defining” moments? The ones you remember for a looooong time? Well, to be honest the first one I felt was a let down – Letters to My Son featured an acoustic guitar, which was great but not amazing – I was hoping for a reworked “So Here We Are” or, a la Placebo, a slowed down version of an old classic.Still, as Matt commented after, “I never knew when we wrote that song that we’d see a circle pit going!” Indeed they did. It seems it really is true – Sunday night is the new night to party!

However, for the encores the double drums made a more than welcome return with “Sunday” from “A Weekend in the City” being wheeled out for Gordon to go head to head with Matt. Encores? Not encore? Yes, you read me right. Everyone’s filing out as Kele, Russell, Matt and Gordon sneek back on to plunge into Girls Aloud’s “Call the Shots”. It’s far better than their version on Radio 1, bringing the energy right back to how it was at the first song – everyone ready and up for it. Flux closed the evening, but not before Matt did a quick run around the stage in some fetching fluorescent undies. Needless to say, as we trudged out into the newly fallen snow, shared smiles said it all. No words were needed, and it more than made up for the painfully slow drive home.

Yes, I love Bloc Party in an unashamedly fan-like way instead of my usual head-screwed-on music blogger kind of way. However, they really are one of the brightest hopes for today, when everything’s topsy-turvy, Kele’s lyrics and Matt’s driving drums give us something to be happy about, and something to think about. Haven’t seen them yet? They’re playing two shows at London’s Olympia on Easter weekend, and will be back for a winter UK tour most likely. As ever, keep an eye on TGTF for the latest news.

Finally, in true fan-boy style, enjoy a shaky, dodgy quality video of “Call the Shots” from last night.


After the Jump: full setlist and some pictures. Fun.

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Daily Roundup: Saturday 31st January

By on Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 9:20 pm

It’s scary to think that just a month ago I was on the banks of the Thames watching 2009 roll in with some great fireworks and friends.

Dan BlackOne of the songs that I loved the most was Passion Pit‘s “Sleepyhead” (pictured top). Since then I’ve been slowly falling in love with their US electro jams. Think Hot Chip, but not as repetitive. Ohhh yes. They’re currently recording an album, and Fader had a great piece recently about their new album, and footage of them recording with a kids choir. Quite something. Watch if you have a spare 20 minutes or so!

As many of you probably have worked out, I get easily hooked on the simplest things. Alongside by growing Google Reader addiction, and my stead-fast cocktail of Facebook, and Ask Metafilter, Twitter has joined the ranks of things I’m inappropriately excited about. It’s micro-blogging, 140 characters of what I’m up to, and gets quite addictive watching people around the world and what they’re doing.

Along with Stephen Fry, Philip Schofield, Danny Wallace and Jonathon Ross, many musicians are getting in on the act. My personal favourite at the moment is the amazing Dan Black (who we’ve covered before, and is pictured right), who gives rarer updates than some, but packed with nuggets about his new album.

MP3: Dan Black – HYPNTZ

We’ve held off on our uber-fan boy rantings about Bloc Party for a while now, however I can hold it in no more – tomorrow night / early Monday morning we’ll be bringing you our second live review of 2009 when we catch Kele and co in Wolverhampton. It’ll be the fourth time we’ve caught them (having seen them in Southampton, Scotland, and London), and tomorrow night looks to be a good one, going by their Radio 1 session yesterday. Their new single, One Month Off, is out now (well, it came out on Monday) and has a rather surreal video with it (below). So, expect much fevered talk of Bloc Party over the next few days from me. Apologies.



Thom’s Top Albums of 2008

By on Wednesday, 31st December 2008 at 11:07 am

I did intend to do a full top ten, but seeing as I ran out of time I’m gonna list (in no particular order) the top albums of 2008.. I didn’t get time to cut down my shortlist either..

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular – This is the only album I ranked and I did so at Number One. A little cliched? Probably.. Predictable? Yes.. They’re topping loads of lists for this accolade (including the NME) and so perhaps this wasn’t the most shocking, but the truth is that I was praying for a 2008 release on this album (though strictly it was first released in 2007 the retail and UK versions fell in 2008). These physc-rockers have created the best album in a long while. It falls under no specific genre or style, yet is instantly listenable.

Highlights – Time To Pretend, Kids, The Youth


MGMT – Kids

The Metros – More Money, Less Grief – The most under rated debut of the year. If you could bottle London, muggings, sexual riots, ASBOs, depression, topshop and all, then press it on to a CD, it would sound like this. The South London based garage indie rockers have produced one of the best albums of the year, every track is brilliant and the signles released have been on par with the quality of the album as a whole. This definately deserves a listen.

Highlights – Talk About It, Last Of The Lookers, Education Pt.2, Sexual Riot


The Metros –  Education Pt. 2 (Live)

Bloc Party – Intimacy – The unexpected third album from Bloc Party was a pleasant surprise, and anyone lucky enough to see them live this year were lucky as they maintained top form through festivals and tours. The album was a digital adventure in to varying sounds, lead single ‘Mercury’ was a stark contrast to some of the other more mellow singles. It wasn’t low on energy either, ‘Trojan Horse’ amongst others going down a treat at live shows.

Highlights – Signs (whilst there are a load on this album, this track is a must listen


Bloc Party – Talons

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Best of 2008: Live

By on Tuesday, 30th December 2008 at 10:22 am

Idlewild @ ULU - 3rd July 2008

10. Idlewild at London’s ULU (3rd July)
First time catching the indie rockers, blown away. So much so that I caught them again in Bristol just a month later, they were that good. They showed just how they’ve managed to be so successful for the past decade, with energy and great songs.

9. I’m From Barcelona at London Scala (25th November)
I know I said I’d write a review and then didn’t, but things were kinda hectic with university stuff at the time. Still, I’m From Barcelona provided one of the best nights of entertainment I’ve had in a while – chaotic, crazy, they had so much energy I was finding bits of ticker tape for days after.

8. Bloc Party at London’s Apple Store (10th October)
My second Bloc Party experience of the year, hot and sweaty in the Apple Store. I was expecting a bland, boring performance but we got anything but – chaotic, Kele was on top form, crawling over the crowd, standing all over the place. I’d hate to have had the job of cleaning up the next morning!

7. Friendly Fires at Oxford Zodiac (5th October)
My second time seeing Friendly Fires, they were even more intense than the first time. Loud, energetic, and slightly chaotic – we forgot it was Sunday night and danced like it was 3am. Just immense. Watch them become huge in 209.

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Best Of 2008: Albums

By on Sunday, 28th December 2008 at 1:30 pm

It’s been a pretty amazing year for music around the UK, and following on from my top 10 of 2007, here is my top 10 of 2008.

Viva Stereo (roar lion roar album cover)10 – Viva Stereo – Roar Lion Roar
You’ve probably not heard much about this Scottish collective. However, their third album was a surprise favourite for me – anthemic, accessible, slightly My Bloody Valentine and yet still so gorgeous.

Read more about Viva Stereo here.

Favourite: Knee High Boots.

9 – Sigur RósMeð suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
As ever, an amazing collection from the Icelandic group. More pop than previous albums, their songs sound all the more amazing. I caught them live at Hydro Connect Festival in Scotland, where they preceded Franz Ferdinand and blew them out of the water. As the sun went down, they soundtracked the festival for us, showing their sense of humour and making beautiful music that had more than a few grown men in tears.

Favourite: Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

8 – Ra Ra RiotThe Rhumb Line
Dark in places, Ra Ra Riot come from the same school of musical geekiness as Vampire Weekend, but with a bit more serious and a bit less money. Dark in places, the group are still recovering from the death of their drummer in summer 2007, which shows on tracks like “Winter ’05”.

Favourite: Dying is Fine

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