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Quickfire Questions #11: Writer Braden Fletcher

By on Thursday, 16th June 2011 at 12:00 pm

Editor’s note: So you can get to know us better as writers, I thought it’d be pretty cool if everyone who wrote for TGTF answered those intriguing Quickfire Questions we’ve been posing to bands. First up is our sometimes Yorkshire / sometimes London correspondent, Braden.

1. What song is your earliest musical memory?
I vaguely remember listening to Elvis with my granddad on Sundays whilst playing with toys. He loves the guy and I think it’s rubbed off on me a bit.

2. What was your favourite song as a child?
I haven’t not been a child for long, but when I was younger I loved ‘Mr. Brightside’ by the Killers.

3. What song makes you laugh?
Tinie Tempah – ‘Pass Out’. Have you read the lyrics to that? (Works especially well if the voice in your head is Morgan Freeman or Stephen Fry.)

4. What song makes you cry?
Discounting the first track on the Up film soundtrack? I’ve been known to shed a tear for ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He was Famous’ and ‘Long Live the Queen’ by Frank Turner. The man knows how to get me.

5. What song reminds you of the first time you fell in love? (It’s up to you if you want this to be sweet, naughty, etc.)
‘Radio Protector’ by 65daysofstatic. For some reason it’s just a song I associate with love. I’m strange like that I guess.

6. What song makes you think of being upset / angry? (Example: maybe you heard it when you were angry with someone and it’s still with you, and/or something that calms you down when you’re upset, etc.)
The Birdy cover of ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver annoys me because she tampered with something that was already perfect and released it. Most club music/bad dubstep seems to irritate me a lot as well.

7. Which song (any song written in the last century) do you wish you’d written yourself?
‘Hoppipolla’ by Sigur Ros. For one it’s an absolutely beautiful and perfect track. Plus, advertisers seem to use it all the time. Hello royalties!!

8. Who is your favourite writer? (This can be a songwriter or ANY kind of writer.)
I love Danny Wallace’s books but that’s more style and experience that I love than his writing. I’m a huge fan of well written lyrics so people like Frank Turner, Gareth (Campesinos! and James Murphy are all hugely inspirational to me when it comes to writing.

9. If you weren’t in school/writing for this blog right now, what job do you think you’d be doing right now?
I imagine I’d probably still be doing my cleaning job and I’d have begged the people at Crash or Jumbo in Leeds (and any HMV nearby) to take me on at weekends just to keep me in music. Might have tried out a bar job somewhere to try get into venues.

10. If God said you were allowed to bring only one album with you to Heaven, which would it be and why?
I’m not allowed double albums or best of’s am I? That means no Red/Blue albums from the Beatles so I guess if I’ve got into heaven I should probably have a good time so I’ll bring ‘Sound of Silver’ by LCD Soundsystem (pictured live above). I imagine hell would let me bring my record collection, if only to beat me with them after playing.

Braden Fletcher is our sometimes Yorkshire / sometimes London correspondent.


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