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WIN / Cha Cha’s new album

By on Thursday, 13th May 2010 at 8:28 pm

We’ve featured Cha Cha a fair bit here on TGTF recently – from our first introductions to hearing the album to sitting down for a quick chat with them, I think it’s safe to say we sort of love these guys.

Their debut album, We Are Cha Cha came out on Monday, and we’ve got a copy of it to give away to two lucky people. Not sure what it sounds like? Take a listen to some of the tracks here.

This competition is now closed. We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly.


Track of the Day #179: Cha Cha

By on Wednesday, 12th May 2010 at 10:00 am

Following on from Mary Beth’s fine Cha-Cha album review and interview, we’ve been given the all clear from their people to give you a four track preview of the album.

You can also download “The Fellowship” from their record label.

Seventies Casulty:

Juicy Lucy


Second Chance


Q&A: Cha-Cha

By on Tuesday, 11th May 2010 at 12:00 pm

TGTF favourite Cha-Chas debut album, ‘We Are…’ (read our review here) was released yesterday, and we were lucky enough to get their guitarist, Alex, to answer a few of our questions. Read on to find out what he thinks about the album and what Cha-Cha’s plans are for the future.

Hello, Cha-Cha, are you doing anything interesting today?

Just been watching an amazing yet disturbing movie about French collaboration during the Second World War. “Lacombe Lucien,” a movie with no hero where you grow to despise the protagonist. Heavy stuff.

For the uninitiated, please introduce yourselves and what your roles are in the band.

I’m Alex, on stage you will find me playing guitar. Blain handles the bass and the microphone, and Sam sets rhythm.

Your debut album comes out today – congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about what the process was like and who you worked with?

We wrote these songs between March and September of last year and then demoed them ourselves. We weren’t really looking to stylize them in a particular way but time was tight in the studio so we had to be prepared. We worked with Kris Harris from Krissy and the Jackdaws at Squarehead Studios in Kent. It was good fun, not too serious but always focused on the task. As a kid you always dream of recording an album in a massive studio with endless quantities of vintage gear but this place was great and in hindsight I wouldn’t have wanted to do it anywhere else. We will most definitely be working there again soon.

Are you happy with the album? What are your favorite songs on the album and why?

We all love the album, and we’re really proud of all the songs but we’re musicians so we’re automatically going to be a bit blasé, if you see what I mean. We recorded it over 6 months ago and since then we’ve written and recorded a lot more material. We just love making music and as much of it as possible. It doesn’t mean that we forget songs or dislike them. If you create a good song you will always get a very distinctive and addictive buzz from it and for me ‘We Are’ is loaded with songs like that.

In a few words, how would you describe your sound?

Nostalgic, Harmonious and Endearing.

You haven’t been together as a band for very long – how did you meet? Were you in other bands before Cha-Cha?

We’ve been together as a band since February 2009 but we’re a real gang, we spend more time together than some married couples. We’ve all been in different bands before but I’ve thought about it recently and realized that we’re a product of chance encounters. People we’ve met randomly and bizarre coincidences have led us to being in the same room which somehow led us to making music. We all sleep in seperate beds.

What’s behind the name Cha-Cha? Does it have a special meaning?

Cha-Cha is symmetrical and we love symmetry. Mr T gave us our name. If you want me to explain that then give us a call or something.

You’ve done 2 music videos so far that we’ve featured on TGTF: one for ‘Phonographic Love’ and one for ‘The Fellowship.’ They’re very different from each other. Which was your favorite to shoot?

‘The Fellowship’ was great as it was just us and a friend down at our HQ. It was bloody freezing though- those skateboard shots were painful. Painful, but fun. Playing war and dressing up like an extra from the Avengers was a high point for me.

If you could work with any musician, living or dead, who would it be? Who would you like to tour with?

Julian Casablancas because he gets it, I mean he really does. Paul McCartney because he’s Paul McCartney, and probably Damon Albarn as he has also been spoilt with a special gift. But then again no matter how much we all admire these people, they might be impossible to work with. Stephen Street seems like a cool cat with fresh ideas, I wonder if maybe he would be interested in us?

What’s up next for band now that the album has been released? Any exciting touring plans you can tell us about?

We might be going to Hawaii for a few shows, all still in the pipeline but we will be playing around the country a bit. Probably France in the Fall, Germany in the Winter. Big things, why not?


Album Review: Cha-Cha – We Are…

By on Tuesday, 6th April 2010 at 12:00 pm

The beach umbrella on the cover of TGTF favorite Cha-Cha‘s debut album, ‘We Are…,’ pretty much says it all: this is an album for the summer. For me, at least, the winter is a time for heavier, more brooding music. But when it starts to warm up a bit, all I want is a bit of fun, and that is exactly what this album provides.

The London trio, while intentionally remaining under the radar, spent the last year together writing and recording their debut album, which they completed in November. Due for release in May 2010 on newly-minted Pop Noodle Records, the album is full of pop gems that will get you out on the dance floor.

Not only is this album perfect for the summer, but looking at it as a whole, it reminds me of the perfect summer’s day. The guitar riff that opens the album is like the first rays of the sun coming out, and the middle of the album feels like one massive beach party. The last few slower-tempo songs are akin to relaxing around a bonfire on the beach after a long day in the sun has tired you out. Lead vocalist Blain McGuigan explains, “There’s something about summer and great music that just fit perfectly together. All three of us love albums that remind us of sunny garden-barbeques, lazy park days and roadtrips to the beach.– we were all keen to bring some really upbeat Summery vibes into our writing for this album, so that our fans could have a similar type of association during their summers, too.”

The album opens with their first single, the dance floor filler ‘Phonographic Love,’ which draws you in with its slow, reverb-y intro, before diving headfirst into their signature funky pop. Second single ‘The Fellowship‘ follows shortly after, but really, almost any of the songs on ‘We Are…’ could be singles. Stomper ‘Cherokee’ has a killer riff and a hook that’ll have you singing along: “I said COME ON! / Yeah, you know that she’s on / Don’t be a sucker for her charm.” The breakdown in the song is also a lot of fun. With falsetto  “oohs” and a refrain of  “this isn’t what you wanted,” it slowly builds up to a massive, thrashing ending.

Although I didn’t love on my first listen, the slower and less funky ‘Bring You Down’ grew on me the more I listened. It’s low-fi and simple, and shows that the band is capable of more than just one thing. At a mere minute and a half, you could almost call it an interlude, and it allows the next mid-tempo track, ‘Seventies Casualty,’ to stand out even more in comparison. ‘Seventies Casualty’ is a more traditional-sounding pop song that showcases lead singer and bassist Blain McGuigan’s powerful voice, the guitar-playing of Alex Cameron Ward and the drumming of Samuel Garbutt. It’s a little slower than other tracks, but it’s still very catchy, and you’ll find yourself singing the refrain ‘you’re no 1970’s casualty’ in no time.  One of my personal favorites, the last of the up-tempo songs, ‘Juicy Lucy,’ has a  rougher guitar tone and a rougher overall sound than other songs, and is likely to cause spontaneous jumping about and hair-tossing.

As if the sun is beginning to set, the album slows down a bit at this point, but remains just as enjoyable with songs like ‘Second Chances,’ ‘Windows’ and ‘Flashlight,’ which contains my favorite line:  “I said ‘the beat is on fire’ / She’s such a sexy little liar.” With an album as good as this and a nationwide tour currently being planned, they’re sure to capture a lot of hearts this year. And with rumoured big support slots on the way, 2010 just may be the year of Cha-Cha.

‘We Are…’ is due for release on 10th May 2010, but if you pre-order a copy before 9th April 2010, it will arrive in the post by 17th April, nearly 3 weeks before its official release.  Head over to their label’s website for a free download of ‘The Fellowship.’


MP3 of the Day #160: Cha-Cha

By on Monday, 22nd March 2010 at 10:00 am

When I reviewed London “indie-disco-pop” trio Cha-Cha‘s first single, ‘Phonographic Love,’ I was sure its power to cause spontaneous dancing couldn’t be topped, but I was wrong. With their second single, ‘The Fellowship,’ they’ve created a song SO catchy I could barely stay in my seat long enough to write this post!

A crowd favorite at their gigs, this track is heavy on the bass and the synths and has a killer hook, though I have to disagree with lead singer Blain McGuigan’s claim that he ‘ain’t no upbeat Casanova’. Put on your dancing shoes and check out out the brand new, home video-style music video for ‘The Fellowship’, “featuring a game of golf, a dog, featherdusters, a caravan, skateboards, hiding and running”:


While you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to hear it on their album (the release has been delayed from 14th March to 10th May 2010), to make up for it their label, Pop Noodle Records, is offering the song as a a free download on their website.

If you pre-order a copy of Cha-Cha’s forthcoming debut album, ‘We Are…,’ between now and 9th April 2010, it will arrive in the post by 17th April, nearly 3 weeks before its official release.  Be sure to check back soon for the TGTF review of the album.


Video of the Moment #216: Cha-Cha

By on Friday, 5th February 2010 at 6:00 pm

A couple of weeks back you may have caught the TGTF review of London three-piece Cha-Cha‘s single ‘Phonographic Love’. They’ve been hard at work the past few weeks shooting a video for this infectious song, and it has definitely paid off. Full of vibrant, rich colours, the video starts with a nerdy, uncoordinated girl named Rosie receiving an anonymous gift. It turns out to be a record, and when she plays it the men of Cha Cha appear and play for her. Just like anyone who hears this future dance floor filler, by the end of the song she can’t help but to dance.


‘Phonographic Love’ is now available for download. Cha-Cha’s debut album ‘We Are…’ will be released 14th March 2010 on Pop Noodle Records.


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