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Live Gig Video: Dananananaykroyd release their final live video

By on Monday, 23rd July 2012 at 4:00 pm

“For the sake of closure”, Duncan Robertson of former band Dananananaykroyd has released this video, previously hoarded on a laptop, containing footage of 6 years of their gigging career. Want more? The band’s blog attests “You can find more new videos our youtube channel which contain all the arguments, raps, unedited live songs, and in-jokes that I felt weren’t quite appropriate for the average Dananananaykroyd fan.” Visit the band’s blog for further information on other offshoot bands their members are taking part in.



Live Gig Video: Noisey featuring Dananananaykroyd

By on Wednesday, 24th August 2011 at 2:00 pm

Join excited fans at Dananananaykroyd‘s sweaty concert at Birmingham’s Flapper venue. The Glaswegian answer to what is described by guitarist David Roy “the post-Franz Ferdinand wasteland”. Watch it all unfold below, courtesy of Noisey (a Dell/Intel sharing platform) and Vice.


Tramlines 2011: Day 2 Roundup

By on Monday, 15th August 2011 at 2:00 pm

Saturday at Tramlines comes with a whole load more excitement. The main stage today features charting stars as well as up and coming artists , but I’m more focused on what’s effectively the second stage in the Nando’s-sponsored New Music Stage. The first band I see, however, really put a dampener on the scorching weather. Eagulls are offensive on the eyes and ears today with a Liam Gallagher meets Sid Vicious 20-something man yelling at people in the form of what I suppose he’ll call lyrics. The crowd that had assembled for the charming Hey Sholay earlier have started to disperse back to the stairs and square of the picturesque city hall. This isn’t the way Copy Haho (pictured at top) will have it though. Indie pop tracks with nice hooks all the way from Scotland see the punters return and get a bit warm to tunes they don’t know such as ‘Going in the Wrong Direction’ (a personal favourite) and with a few “your mum” jokes, Copy Haho have won over some new Yorkshire friends.

Feeling like I’m playing it a bit safe, I decide to stray over to the Bowery to catch half an hour of power rock ‘n’ roll in the form of strangely named Milk Maid. It’s a definite hit with me and seeing as the venue is packed (it’s small, but still…) I’m guessing the buzz around this band is building and rightfully so. I’d have been kidding myself if I thought I would end up anywhere other than back at the New Music stage for the next few bands though. Young Legionnaire are my first and only super group of the weekend, and they certainly prove why. Comprising of members of Bloc Party and the Automatic, their music is nothing like this. Debut album ‘Crisis Works’ is a huge sounding rock album from the three-piece and today they demonstrate that it can even get a crowd that don’t know them, moving in the sunlight to them.

They really are just a supporting cast to the next two acts however. Scottish power-pop group Dananananaykroyd burst on to the stage next with as much energy as you’d expect from the indie rock underground’s heroes. New tracks such as ‘E Numbers’ fit right in the opening of their famously fun set, along with old favourites ‘Watch This!’ and ‘Black Wax’. ‘Muscle Memory’, the lead single from their second album ‘There Is A Way’, produces a huge sing-along (shout along, scream along, something loud) of the ever so angsty “You’d like me better if I liked you less!” as the crowd really get moving. Of course, some, having saved money on not having to buy tickets, go too far on the alcohol and over-exuberant movement. “Dancing is easier than fighting!” the band point out, and that seems to solve that for a while.

It seems it’s all been uphill then, as bands today are constantly out-doing each other, so it’s right to expect good things of tonight’s New Music stage headliners. With a new album in the works and promised for release late autumn, but not really giving away much more, the Los Campesinos! crew look more like a solid unit than they ever have. As such, their sound is now a really tight and well rehearsed one, spanning all three of their albums. This is where the problem starts for me though. I’m starting to think it’s all a bit over-rehearsed and that after a certain point, we’ve heard it all before. ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’, a huge fan favourite is becoming a song absent of the meaning it was written in of late, ‘My Year in Lists’ suffers the same fate and is gone before it ever really starts and even ‘Death To Los Campesinos!’ is now beginning to sound like it lacks the relevance it once did.

Set opener for the last year or so has been ‘In Media Res’ and aside from one or two alterations (‘We Are All Accelerated Readers’ gets a play this evening), it’s all getting a little predictable. That said, when you’ve got a catalogue of tracks this good, and fans as dedicated as LC!’s, it’s hard not to get lost in tracks such as The Sea Is… or shout along to the hugely infectious ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ and as the Cardiff group close their set with the ever joyous ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’, it’s difficult to see what tracks need taking out to accommodate for album four’s new ones. So as Saturday comes to a close, it’s hard to wonder what on earth Sunday can throw at us.


Video(s) of the Moment #524: Dananananaykroyd

By on Thursday, 14th July 2011 at 6:00 pm

Dananananaykroyd‘s new video for ‘Muscle Memory’ sees the Glaswegian band don tracksuits and strut their stuff for a pair of boffins in lab coats. There’s even a ‘stupid party trick’ moment near the end that I think everyone will recognise and certainly everyone will laugh at. Also below is a filming of the same track as the band performed it live for Fred Perry Subculture. If you recall, on Tuesday we had videos from Hurts and Wolf Gang; if you missed them, you can watch them here.

Dananananaykroyd will be touring the UK in October and November; all the details are here.



Dananananaykroyd / October and November 2011 UK Tour

By on Friday, 8th July 2011 at 9:00 am

Scots Dananananaykroyd will be touring the UK in October and November. Tickets are on sale now.

Braden reviewed the band’s new album ‘There is a Way’ – read the review here.

Saturday 29th October 2011 – Glasgow ABC
Monday 31st October 2011 – Manchester Deaf Institute
Tuesday 1st November 2011 – Leicester Firebug
Thursday 3rd November 2011 – Brighton Haunt
Friday 4th November 2011 – London KCLSU
Saturday 5th November 2011 – Bristol Cooler
Sunday 6th November 2011 – Stoke Sugarmill
Monday 7th November 2011 – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Tuesday 8th November 2011 – Exeter Cavern
Thursday 10th November 2011 – Oxford Bullingdon
Friday 11th November 2011 – York Fibbers
Saturday 12th November 2011 – Newcastle Cluny


Album Review: Dananananaykroyd – There is a Way

By on Tuesday, 5th July 2011 at 2:00 pm

Dananananaykroyd, once you figure out how to spell their name, (tip: listen to ‘Watch This!’) are, as strange as it sounds, a really quite accessible band. If you manage to catch them at one of their live dates or famous festival shows, which are notorious for their ‘wall of cuddles’, then you’ll instantly be wrapped up in their substream. Based on the incredible amount of fun to be had just listening to their first effort ‘Hey Everyone!’ back in 2009, it’s no surprise they’ve incurred such a dedicated set of fans. But that’s what coming out of a scene that has BSM, Alcopop!, DIY and Wichita all in its circle does to you.

Having taken plenty of time to fix their sound for this new record, Danana have kept in almost all the factors that made ‘Hey Everyone!’ Such an enjoyable record to listen to. Having introduced themselves in the most proper way with ‘Watch This!’, ‘Reboot’ is a powerful reminder of exactly where the Glaswegians stand. Just beyond the line of pop and just before the line of being a rock band, Danana’s new sound is more refined.  In honesty, there’s not nearly much different here, so it’s entirely down to the quality of the tracks to define whether it’s worth your time. The way I see it is that if you managed to avoid boredom listening to the last album, you’ll probably get the same rush as before as this new material isn’t really a step away from anything they’ve already made, nor is it really a progression.

Not that this is a bad thing however: changing their sound could have pushed them too far in a direction that could easily just make them sound like every other band trying to break the scene. The Scots have stayed loyal to themselves and tracks such as ‘Time Capsule’ could very easily be on the debut without anyone questioning it. Lead single ‘Muscle Memory’ is a definitely on the poppier, more radio-friendly side of the album, but there’s not many tracks like this. The highlights of the album come in the math-esque ‘Think and Feel’, which should easily become a highlight of their live shows, and the aptly named ‘E Numbers’ (listen and download it for free below).

The disappointment in this album comes in that aside from the first few tracks, you can’t help but think that the band are running out of ideas fast. There’s plenty of playing around with their layering and lyrical ideas; however, the extent to which this works is a bit questionable. Like so many anticipated albums this year, it could have been a great EP, but when made into an LP, you’re left wondering what the group have spent 2 years furthering themselves as a band has been left. That said, ‘Hey Everyone!’ was such a good album that to follow it with something quite as enjoyable would have been a remarkable feat. So close boys.


Dananananaykroyd’s latest album ‘There is a Way’ is available now from the band’s own Pizza College label.


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