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Interview: Django James & The Midnight Squires

By on Friday, 29th May 2009 at 2:00 pm

After introducing Django James and the Midnight Squires just a few days ago, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Django, who’s currently in the USA…

Hello Django. What are you up to at the moment?

I am playing loads of shows and being a mentalist between the streets of San Francisco, Berkley and Hollywood..

What do you reckon you sound like?

I have no idea what I sound like… a gospel white boy?

On songwriting – how does it start for you? Lyrical concept? A riff? Turn of phrase? Or a drug fuelled orgy that results in a great song?

Every song is completely different. Sometimes I wake up with lyrics in my head and a symphony begins.. Other times there are orgy fueled drugs which leave me stranded in the morning in my damned paradise, Hollywood… I think those are my favorites.. But to tell you the truth, it’s as organic as breathing and will come out in every way or form because it’s just constantly happening and beyond my control.

Before going on stage, do you have any rituals, either individual or as a band?

I ask the universe to help me deliver a great performance and that everyone really enjoys themselves – regardless of the music. I have just started a ritual where I have a rock of tiger’s eye and rub it with the band.. it stimulates us in ways we can’t describe, and you couldn’t imagine..

Who would you say are some of your favourite contemporary musicians?

I am obsessed with David Bowie, T. Rex, James Brown, and The Rolling Stones..

What’s coming up over the next few months for you?

We are releasing our first single, Hurricane, in the UK. Lots of stuff in New York, coming back to London, writing more, getting more naked… So on, and so forth..

Finally, what’s one thing we wouldn’t normally know about you?

I was bit on the bum by a monkey in the Amazon at aged 8. I also died (drowned completely) when I was 2 years old, and they brought me back to life. I have almost died a quite a few times since then, but this was the only time that I actually flat lined….


Bands to Watch #115: Django James and the Midnight Squires

By on Wednesday, 27th May 2009 at 2:00 pm

Django James and the Midnight SquiresI’m not going to lie. I wasn’t around in the 70s and much of the 80s to be able to watch the likes of Marc Bolan and Bowie at their best. No, for us late 80’s / 90’s kids, we can only watch dodgy quality films that are nothing like being able to catch them in the flesh. So, imagine how excited I was when Django James & The Midnight Squires landed in my inbox.

Take the best of Bowie and Bolan, add in a hint of Patrick Wolf and then (what must have been) a very interesting upbringing with parents Dave Stewart (from 80s legends Eurythmics) and Siobhan Fahey (of other 80s legends) Bananarama, and you end up with Django James (pronounced Jango). His influences are obvious, but manages to pay homage and be completely original, which is already racking up the accolades from the likes of Lou Reed and Billy Corgan for his vocal delivery and songwriting style.

Joined by his “Midnight Squires” (Spike Phillips on drums, Casey Hooper on Guitar, Scott Henson on Bass, and Matt Henson on Keys), Django James manages to have a great sense of fun about his music – harking back to the days of Glam, this is definately the very antithesis of indie rock of today, speaking to the campier side of you that just has to get up and make a fool of yourself after one too many drinks.

Enjoy the video for Hurricane below, and we’ll have a full interview on Friday afternoon here. If you want a snippet of what Django James is like in real life, Groupee has a few session videos of him in action.



Video of the Day #64: Django James and the Midnight Squires

By on Friday, 22nd May 2009 at 6:00 pm

Yet another “…and the…” band to add to your collection. This time it’s Django James and the Midnight Squires. Sort of like the Clash meets Marc Bolan and Bowie with a hint of Patrick Wolf, I was introduced to Django earlier in the week by a good friend, and at first thought it was, well, so-so. However it just grows on you. Expect more from us on the Django (pronounced Jango) front – we have an interview coming up towards the end of next week with him.

In the meantime, enjoy the video for his forthcoming single, Hurricane, which is out on June 29th on Once Upon A Time records.



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