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Live Review: Friendly Fires at London’s Roundhouse – 15th July 2009

By on Thursday, 16th July 2009 at 2:15 am

Friendly Fires side live iTunesApple’s iTunes festival is now in its third year, each outing seeing it attracting bigger names at better venues. This year, they’ve filled 31 nights at the Roundhouse, and I caught the fifteenth night, with Friendly Fires and Magistrates. The best bit about the gigs? All the tickets are given away to competition winners, which makes everyone even more up for it than normal.

Magistrates, fresh from playing the NME Radar tour in May, opened things up, playing a captivating set that had everyone dancing and the first crowd surfers of the evening going over. After a short break, Friendly Fires came to a smoke filled set, blasting through their entire debut album and new single “Kiss of Life”.

Lead singer Ed Macfarlane was dripping in sweat from the first song, as he gave his best dad-dancing to the packed Roundhouse. However, they were clearly aware of the carnage in the pit, asking everyone to “just dance, none of this moshing” that had seen 20 crowd surfers flung over. Sounding as fresh as they did when I first saw them last August, it’s surprising considering just how hard they’ve been touring of late (and partying, if you believe The Sun).

Closing out with the customary extended version of “Ex-Lover”, all too soon they were done, and it was time to go, watching some very drunk Camden-ites air-drumming the finale.

After the jump: setlist and photos.
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Pocket TV: Pitch Black – Friendly Fires

By on Friday, 26th June 2009 at 2:00 pm

I got wind today that the video of the Friendly Fires gig I raved about last week was up and available on PocketTv.

So, watch below a quite amusing 4 minutes along with some pitch-black action, a quick interview with them, and a display of just what removing your senses does with a quick game of “guess the smell”…

Intrigued? Watch and enjoy…



Live: Friendly Fires Pitch Black Gig in London – 15th June 2009

By on Tuesday, 16th June 2009 at 2:31 am

Friendly Fires (Pitch Black)We’ve had Silent Discos, so where next for novelty music events? Well, as we mentioned a few weeks back, Sony Ericsson has come up with the concept of a gig in the dark, and the first band to try it out? Why, only one of my favourite bands of late, Friendly Fires.

After some issues finding the secret, unmarked venue just a bit south of the Thames, I went in to find that the space under some railway arches had been turned into an amazing gig space. Not that we could see much when the lights went out though!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think at first that FF were the best band to do a show in the dark – they’re more of a lively, carnival style bright colours sort of band. However, they pulled out all the stops, making each track in their hour long set into a celebratory fusion of funky disco tunes, complete with brass section. You are forced to listen that little bit more to the tracks, notice the little quirks, the layers you don’t hear on the radio. After plunging through “Lovesick” and “Jump on Board” in quick succession Ed welcomed everyone saying “I think this might have been one of the most surreal moments in a while… Do sing along so we know you’re there”.

It certainly was an unreal time for us in the audience too – genuinely not being able to see anything is both weird and great fun, and means that you can dance (in your seat) as bizarrely as you want. A few people even took the opportunity to sing as bizarrely as they could, seemingly forgetting that we could still hear them. Oh well.

Halfway through, the band were revealed, all looking very ghost like being lit up with only UV light, just to prove that they were actually there and not just 200 people listening to a CD very loud. Closing with the sublime double header of “Paris” and “Ex Lover”, confetti streamed from the ceiling, looking like snow with the UV light. The brilliant Eddie Temple Morris closed things out, a perfect end to a great evening.

You can catch some edited highlights of the gig on Sony Ericsson’s new Pocket TV in a few weeks time, and on their Myspace shortly.
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Friendly Fires in ‘Pitch Black’ gig

By on Wednesday, 3rd June 2009 at 4:00 pm

Sony Ericsson Pitch Black logoWe’ve had “secret gigs”. We’ve had gigs where you vote for the lineup (ATP vs the Fans and also OwnGig). Now we’ve got a new spin on live music – a gig that is completely in the dark. Yup, that’s right – no fancy schmansy lights, no smoke machines and stage props. Just the music.

Friendly Fires are going to be the first band to play a gig completely in the dark for Sony Ericsson’s Pitch Black promotion, an attempt to heighten the 200 gig goers’ senses into ‘feeling’ the music rather than just hearing it. Certainly an interesting idea – let’s just hope that lead singer Ed Macfarlane’s notoriously dad-dancing ways mean that he doesn’t trip up something – that could be embarrassing to say the least.

The gig is at a secret location somewhere in London, and is sure to be a great one due to how intimate it is – they’ve already proved that they’re a big deal, playing huge sold out shows and supporting Blur this summer. To mark the occasion, they’ll be doing no ordinary set. They’ll be doing all the favourites, tweaked to ensure that everyone gets the most out of being basically blind.

So, like me, you probably want to be there. How do you win tickets? Well, funny you should ask. It’s being run on Bebo, Twitter and MySpace along with a few other weird and wonderful websites around the web. On Twitter you have to use #pitchblack and tell them the Friendly Fires song you think will sound best played in the pitch black. On Bebo you simply have to say why you think you should win tickets. On Myspace it is a tag competition, where you have to snap tags hidden all over London with your mobile phone and text them back to win tickets.

Good luck to those of you entering the competition.

Sony Ericsson Friendly Fires Competition


Video of the Day #69: Friendly Fires

By on Friday, 29th May 2009 at 6:00 pm

Yes, yes, yes…. you probably don’t need ANOTHER post about Friendly Fires. But you’re getting one.

To round out your week, take a reminder of why they’re amazing. Sit back, enjoy, and then go outside and have an amazing weekend. You know you want to!



Preview: Friendly Fires on T4 this Sunday

By on Friday, 22nd May 2009 at 2:00 pm

Yes, okay, I love Friendly Fires. I think about 75% of this blog is made up of me ranting about my love for Friendly Fires, so excuse one more post about the St Albans trio.

Anyways, this Sunday they’re performing the amazing “Jump in the Pool” on T4, along with an interview with Miquita Oliver, and we were fortunate enough to see some great snaps of their performance and interview (available after the jump in nice big wallpaper sizes)

Catch it this Sunday on T4, which is on Channel 4 from 8:55am ’till 4:45pm. The Interview will be on at 10:50am, and the performance at 10:55am. If (like me) you won’t be up and awake at 11am on a Sunday morning, you can catch it on the T4 website (

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