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Go:Audio / October 2009 UK Tour

By on Friday, 15th May 2009 at 7:43 pm

Somehow I seem to have missed this one, since tickets went on sale last Friday. Either way, Go:Audio are off on tour in October for their biggest trip ever around the UK, culminating in their biggest show to date at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

Tickets are on sale now at £10.50 a ticket for all dates except for London at £12.50 a ticket, Belfast at £15.25 a ticket. Catch them at the below dates:

Wednesday 30th September 2009 – Belfast Spring & Airbrake (Ticketmaster)
Thursday 1st October 2009 – Dublin Academy (Ticketmaster – goes on sale Saturday 16th May)
Saturday 3rd October 2009 – Oxford O2 Academy (Wegottickets, Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Sunday 4th October 2009 – Liverpool O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Monday 5th October 2009 – Newcastle O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Tuesday 6th October 2009 – Glasgow ABC (See Tickets)
Wednesday 7th October 2009 – Leeds O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Friday 9th October 2009 – Sheffield O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Saturday 10th October 2009 – Manchester University (See Tickets)
Sunday 11th October 2009 – Norwich UEA (See Tickets)
Monday 12th October 2009 – Birmingham O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Wednesday 14th October 2009 – Nottingham Rock City (See Tickets)
Thursday 15th October 2009 – Bristol O2 Academy (Ticketweb, See Tickets)
Friday 16th October 2009 – Yeovil Westlands (See Tickets)
Saturday 17th October 2009 – London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (Ticketweb, See Tickets)


Exclusive: Video of the Day #43 Go:Audio

By on Thursday, 16th April 2009 at 11:46 am

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Go:Audio? Plain and simple pop punk. Catchy and memorable, they’re a massive band at the moment, having just embarked on a huge sold-out tour of the UK. So imagine how excited we were when we managed to blag an exclusive acoustic video from them (much like we did two weeks ago of Will and the People) of their new single, Drive to the City.

Catch it below, and maybe let us know what you think in the comments below. Apologies about the sound quality in places!


Drive to the City is out on Monday (20th April), and their debut album, Made Up Stories is out on May 11th.

If you have a few minutes spare, I’d love it if you could fill in a quick questionnaire on your views on sponsorship in the music business for my university dissertation…


Review: Go:Audio

By on Friday, 10th April 2009 at 12:00 pm

Following in the lines of You Me At Six and Eliot Minor, Go:Audio are another band trying to capitalise on the success of scene-rock in the US. Opener ‘Made Up Stories’ sounds as though it could have been belted out by Cobra Starship themselves, the band are dead ringers both musically and lyrically for US pop punks.. ‘Brake! Brake!’ strenghtens  comparisons with Fall Out Boy with heavy guitars and rhythmic drumming.

The keys are ever present through the record and are well done, and the drums on ‘Save Me Now’ show the band do have some musical credentials, though songwriting is not thier forte – it never picks up through the record but the energetic musicianship diverts the listeners attention. Finals track ‘Forget About It’ is a calm one which eventually reaches climax and the stadium-atmosphere is present here rather than in any other track.

Leading single ‘Drive To The City’ is the worst offender in terms of both songwriting and americanism, despite this it’s still a floor-filling and should get a couple spins on radio here and there.. Their almost-sold-out tour starting in April marks the third time the band have gone up and down the country (previous tours both being sold-out..) They have earned quite a reputation as a live band and tracks like ‘Drive To The City’ would no doubt go down a treat in a room packed with 16somethings in the Electric Ballroom.

The debut is a good one, thought it’s still too americanised, it seems as though these new UK-Scene-Kids (beit [email protected], Eliot Minor or there guys) are grabbing hold of the American scene as opposed to trying to craft their own – their accents sound fake and their vocals therefore suffer.. a good step for all these bands would be to try and create something distinctly British rather than leech of the success of the US acts.. (Oh! and a bass player is needed.. every band needs one, tacky synth can’t cover the role of a bassist, I don’t know who the band think they’re fooling, but hiring a bassist should be top of their priority list, it would compliment their music FANTASTICALLY!!)


Notes From The Underground..

By on Friday, 20th March 2009 at 11:00 am

In this version of NFTU we’re reviewing some of the latest singles from Driving By The Night, Go:Audio, The Penny Black Remedy & Walk. Don’t Walk. – anddd we have an EP courtesy of Ono Palindromes to review amongst the singles.

Driving By Night – Promise In Youth (Dental Records)

The thing with bands that are so brilliant as live acts is that they can’t transform the magic onto a CD, so as I read the horrahs of Irish outfit DBN’s live work (which includes a sell out show at the NY Mercury Lounge) I wonder whether they’ve been able to find that magical live => release formula. The track starts slowly but is quickly filled with energy, the atmosphere is strong and the presence of the drums is chilling. This is one of those rare tracks, that is so filled with atmosphere that it makes you wonder how brilliant it would sound live. The single does not disappoint and the power commanded by the guitar drives the record into a hair raising chorus. All in all a brilliant effort from the Irishmen who no doubt are onto bigger and better things in the near future.

Go:Audio – Drive To The City (Rubix Records)

The opening of this song is a dead ringer for ‘Barbie Girl..’ once this has passed the synth-chorus kicks in, the chorus is a dancefloor-filler though the verses are a little boring (until the guitars arrive that is..) Whilst the band try to replicate the old Panic! At The Disco sound, their most blatant flaw emerges – they’re too American. It’s hard to believe this band is British, even the lyrics; “And I’ll set the scene/You’ll be queen I’ll be king like a movie/cause we’re so pretty.” Unfortunately the lyrics don’t get much better though there is something listenable about the track, and as I look at their album (which’ll be featured in the next segment of NFTU) I can’t help but think that perhaps there is much more we are yet to hear from this band.

Ono Palindromes – Kitty Magic EP (Rainbow Records)

The debut EP from this electro set is nu-rave-esque madness. ‘Eat Your Make-Up is a party starting freakdown from a band who are somehow progressively dance punk. The track is a belter and the whole EP is fantastically engineered to provide a raw hip shaking sound – the tone of ‘Solfuk’ is testament to this bands ability to fuse together a sound of hard guitars and synthetic harmonies. The bass also plays a large role and the ability to juggle instruments without making them clash shows fantastic harmony. Embedding the guitar into dance is a place where alot of would-be Klaxons fall over, but Ono have managed to hold their own. The opener ‘Kitty Magic’ could have been stronger but by ‘The End’ it’s a distant memory, the track has a brilliant sense of control over the tempo and serves as a good end to the EP. Your opinion on this band is very likely to depend on your opinion of ‘guitrance’ as a whole, fans of nu rave and other indie/dance crossovers will be satisfied with this effort, whilst it’s nothing special it’s great for a couple spins..

Ono Palindromes

The Penny Black Remedy – 95 Charing Cross Road

This folk-jazz-indie track is a work of pop genius. It’s immediately sing-a-long material and the lyrics are witty yet clever; “They did not take my heartache/They forgot to take my pain.” The country-esque feel of the track combined with speedy drums create a unique sound which when combined with a harmonica makes a feel-good anthem which is danceable, singable and frankly playable.. This is the kind of song which makes Jo Whiley wet her pants, and despite being commercially sellable the band experiment with their unique sound – meaning any credit they receive will be well-deserved. With a new album coming out soon, a track like this is the perfect tease of things to come.. the number of genres covered by this track, be it reggaeish ska, punk, indie, country, jazz, folk or acoustic is brilliant, this is the intertwining of some brilliant sounds into a single which is itself a stroke of pop mastery..

Walk.DontWalk – Day From Hell (slicethepie)

The start of this track is classically indie-pop, the guitar makes an immediate effect and shadowed by the bass sets out a brilliant tone which follows through the rest of the track. The stammering vocals and stuttering guitars add to the energetic vibe (sometimes mellowed by the saxophone.) The experimenting with a sax is different and works well with the composition of the song, the idea of a sax-solo may not sound appealing but these guys find a way to make it work, and rather well may I add. Definitely one of the best tracks reviewed in this edition of NFTU (the other being DBN’s debut.) The song is explosive and the vocals compliment the guitars brilliantly, and the rhythm of the track as a whole is remarkable. This track comes highly recommended (which might not mean much to you coming from me, but ahh well..)


That wraps up this edition of Notes From The Undergound, keep your eyes peeled for the next installment..


Go:Audio / November 2008 UK Tour

By on Tuesday, 2nd September 2008 at 12:38 pm

Go:Audio have announced a string of UK tour dates for November around our fair shores.

Catch them at:

Tuesday 11th November – Norwich Waterfront
Wednesday 12th November – Birmingham Barfly
Thursday 13th November – Sheffield Carling Academy 2
Friday 14th November – Nottingham Rock City
Sunday 16th November – Newcastle Carling Academy 2
Monday 17th November – Aberdeen Tunnels
Tuesday 18th November – Glasgow Garage
Thursday 20th November – Wrexham Central Station
Friday 21st November – London Islington Academy
Saturday 22nd November – Brighton Concorde 2
Monday 24th November – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Tuesday 25th November – Manchester Club Academy
Thursday 27th November – Liverpool Academy
Friday 28th November – Yeovil Orange Box


Go:Audio / November UK Tour

By on Sunday, 10th August 2008 at 5:00 pm

Go:Audio have announced a string of tour dates for November around the UK.

Tickets are on sale now, and I think they have been for a while (yes, I’m slow to come around to the genius of Go:Audio!)

Tuesday 11th November – Norwich Waterfront
Wednesday 12th November – Birmingham Barfly
Thursday 13th November – Sheffield Carling Academy 2
Friday 14th November – Nottingham Rock City
Sunday 16th November – Newcastle Academy 2
Monday 17th November – Aberdeen Tunnels
Tuesday 18th November – Glasgow Garage
Thursday 20th November – Wrexham Central Station
Friday 21st November – London Islington Academy
Saturday 22nd November – Brighton Concorde 2
Monday 24th November – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Tuesday 25th November – Manchester Club Academy
Thursday 27th November – Liverpool Carling Academy 2
Friday 28th November – Yeovil Orange Box


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