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Live Gig Videos: Subculture featuring Guillemots, the Joy Formidable and Morning Parade

By on Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 at 2:00 pm

From the folks at Fred Perry Subculture we have some live gig videos from some of TGTF’s favourite acts.

Guillemots (pictured above) returned in 2011 with a new album in April, ‘Walk the River’ (Braden’s review here) and we have an entrancing live performance of ‘I Must Be a Lover’ at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms. The hard-rocking Joy Formidable give us a blinding live version of ‘A Heavy Abacus’, their current single. (I interviewed the band in March: you can read the interview bits here: part 1 | part 2 | Quickfire Questions.) And the last video is of Morning Parade performing ‘Us and Ourselves’; look for the Essex band’s new album to drop in October.


Video of the Moment #499: Guillemots

By on Monday, 13th June 2011 at 6:00 pm

Guillemots will be releasing the single ‘I Must Be a Lover’ on the 3rd of July. Rather appropriately (for us Americans on the eve of our Independence Day anyway), the accompanying video has fireworks, as well as some cool colour effects. This is one you’ll want to clap your hands to. And we encourage you to do so, as the band makes their way across the summer festival circuit.

Also…what happened to Fyfe Dangerfield’s hair? Comments either pro- or anti-short hair welcome. You can read Braden’s review of their new album ‘Walk the River’ here.



Album Review: Guillemots – Walk the River

By on Wednesday, 13th April 2011 at 2:00 pm

For their third full record, Guillemots took some time out. Fyfe Dangerfield went and recorded a solo album, and the band as a whole had time to grow musically. It’s not been a long break for music for any of them, but their loyal fan base missed them. Two secret shows in London sold out in minutes as lovers of their first two albums flocked back to see where the band’s musical intentions now lay. In short, they’ve matured as lead single ‘The Basket’ will have let everyone know. Its soaring lines are harmonious rather than wild and it may well be the band’s best song to date.

When it gets down to the whole record however, it’s not quite as magical. ‘The Basket’ (video posted previously on TGTF) is the bright lights and fairy tales to a more refined selection of lamp-lit novels. Opener and title track ‘Walk the River’ really sets the scene for a more refined style of Guillemots that doesn’t cut away from older tracks, but will certainly stand out when played against music from the first two records. No more are Dangerfield’s howls a trademark of the band’s eccentricity, replaced instead by a set of vocal lines that showcase his extraordinary voice in full whilst not really allowing much from the band. There’s so much potential in these tracks that it’s almost tragic that much of it is allowed to be so unimpressive. To me, the best feature of Guillemots was how they could go completely mad with each track and still hold together a more than competent song and record. On ‘Walk the River’ however, some of this ambition appears to have gone as the band seem to have mellowed and taken a much simpler route with their writing. It makes for good sounding music, but it’s not as bold as it used to be.

Stand-out tracks are ‘Ice Room’, for still making Guillemots sound like a band capable of filling any room with an impressive sound-scape with power oozing from it; ‘I Don’t Feel Amazing’, for being simplistic and yet moving as the band have ever been musically and lyrically; and album closer ‘Yesterday is Dead’, for reasons I’m not even sure of. Away from this however, there’s definitely a mid-album lull. Luckily, it’s brought back from the edge by a well placed ‘Basket’.

With ‘Walk the River’, Guillemots are certainly back with a more grown-up sound and style that could see them move into the big time, but will their most loyal fans be thrown off by their lack of insanity?


‘Walk the River’ will be released on Monday (18 April) on Geffen. In the meantime, you can stream the tracks live, courtesy of the Hype Machine.


Video of the Moment #432: Guillemots

By on Wednesday, 16th March 2011 at 6:00 pm

After their frontman Fyfe Dangerfield went off and did his solo thing, Guillemots have returned and will be releasing their new album ‘Walk the River’ on 18 April. Ahead of the third album’s release, the band have released a promo video for ‘The Basket’, which Dangerfield describes like this:

This is a song called ‘The Basket’ which is the first single from our new album, ‘Walk the River’. We all got very excited about a fuzzy riff our guitarist Magrao started playing one day and the song came out of that. I think in some way it’s about a mania within, caused by something external, and the conflict over whether to embrace this thing or just ignore it and crawl away into familiar comforts. It’s the most full-on, lively song on our record, and we wanted the video to throw you around as you watched it, to be full of colour and movement and a sense of constant unexpectedness. Tom Kingsley’s treatment, set in an alien woodland, really had the sense of other-worldliness that we kept feeling while making the whole album. Tom is also a Jedi and taught us how to propel ourselves through the air at high speed for the opening scenes, using just a pack of 9V batteries and a mental technique called ‘croaking’.

Intrigued? Watch it below.



Single Review: Fyfe Dangerfield – She Needs Me

By on Tuesday, 5th January 2010 at 2:00 pm

Fyfe Dangerfield, the 29-year-old frontman of quirk-pop band The Guillemots has a knack for creating sweeping, unbelievably romantic songs. He did it with the Guillemots’ ‘Made Up Love Song #43’ and has done it again with his new track.

‘She Needs Me’ is taken from Fyfe’s first solo album, ‘Fly Yellow Moon,’ and will be released 11th January on Geffen Records. Hailed by Zane Lowe as the Hottest Record in the World on 18th November, the track is said to be the most pop-sounding song on the album – it’s certainly more pop-sounding than ‘When She Walks in the Room,’ the free download you get for signing up to his mailing list (trust me, it’s well worth it). But while it may be conventional compared to his usual sound, the track is anything but boring. It perfectly combines strings, horns, pounding piano and powerful vocals (even falsetto at times) – a combination that could easily come out as a jumbled mess. It’s the little touches, like the tinkling piano about 2 minutes in, that really take the song to another level. This is the genius of Fyfe Dangerfield – he somehow manages to be the kind of pop star you can take home to your parents while still being pretty damn cool.

If the music itself doesn’t make you fall in love with the song, then the lyrics will. Sung with such honesty and emotion that it saves them from sounding clichéd or cheesy, the lyrics are simple and romantic: “you pull another blanket ’round me / this is where I want to be / she needs me, and it’s ok”. On his website, Dangerfield says “I’ll always, whether or not I actually want to, be drawn more than anything to emotions rather than the mathematics of music”. And that is why this single is just as genius as any of the Guillemots’ tracks. It’s the pure musical representation of a simple feeling: “I am yours, you can do what you like with me.”


‘She Needs Me’ will be released 11th January on Geffen Records. The album ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ will be released on 18th January, and is available for presale on in both standard and deluxe editions.

Fyfe will be playing four gigs in the UK around the release of the album:

Mon 18th January 2010 – Birmingham, Glee Club
Tues 19th January 2010 – Manchester, Deaf Institute
Wed 20th January 2010 – Glasgow, ABC
Thurs 21st January 2010 – London, Scala


New ITV2 Show: FM

By on Monday, 23rd February 2009 at 12:00 pm

FM (side)There Goes The Fear is primarily a music blog as many of you can probably work out by our rantings and ravings. However, every so often there comes along a film or a TV show that we just have to talk about – last month we raved about MTV’s great Pete Doherty documentary. For February, we reckon you should check out FM, a new show on ITV2 next Wednesday evening.

The series follows a London based radio station and a group of fame-hungry friends who run a daily “indie” show. Chris O’Dowd (who you’ll know from The IT Crowd) and Kevin Bishop (from, errr, The Kevin Bishop Show and also Star Stories) play the DJs Lindsay Carol and Dom Cox, who, let’s face it, would be sacked if they were on most radio stations. Whilst Nina Sosanya (from the amazing Teachers) plays their producer, Jane Edwards, with the up-tight portrayal she does so well of someone responsible for the whole show.

It’s a sort of hybrid of “The Office” and “Peep Show” – both hilarious and eye-wateringly embarrassing at the same time. Whilst it’s pretty good in its own right, the special “Live lounge” style performances and real-life celebrities are what take the show from good to great. They’ve got the likes of Guillemots, Ladyhawke, Wombats, The Charlatans, The Subways, all performing or as a guest on the show oh, and Justin Hawkins (who has a new album out, funnily enough).

Some of the show is hilarious (the dating exploits of all members of the team are absurd and all the better for it), some of it is musically great (Guillemots all around a piano, playing the same piano) whilst other bits are quite cringing (Ladyhawke’s laptop going “missing”). Either way, it’s captivating viewing, and looks set to be (just about the only) good reason to tune in to ITV2.

FM is like “2 pints and a Packet of crisps” (the cult BBC3 show) – it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure show, simple enough to dip in and out of without missing too much. I must admit, not usually an ITV watcher (let alone ITV2), however this could be one to catch on ITV Player one hangover-filled Sunday afternoon.


FM is on ITV2 Wednesdays at 10:30pm. Catch the official website here, and myspace here.


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