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(Royal Wedding!) Video of the Moment #466: Holy Ghost!

By on Friday, 29th April 2011 at 6:00 pm

Regardless of how you feel about the Royal Family or the marriage of Wills and Kate, one thing that won’t change about the British monarchy: they’re all about keeping it in the family. In that regard, we are dedicating Holy Ghost‘s new video for ‘Wait and See’ on this special day to them.

In the video, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser’s dads “play” their sons and try to live their lives in downtown New York City. It’s funny but it’s also touching: it’s comforting you know that you always have family on your side.



Album Review: Holy Ghost! – Holy Ghost!

By on Monday, 11th April 2011 at 2:00 pm

DFA Records have some sort of omniscient buzz about them these days. The New York label is fast approaching its tenth anniversary in September and at present, they can’t seem to set a foot wrong. Set up by, amongst others, James Murphy of the recently split LCD Soundsystem, DFA has given breaks to the likes of the Rapture, Hot Chip and released all of LCD’s records.

With that LCD-sized gap in the DFA artist roster and New York moving as fast as it does, the label needs someone to step up to the plate and make cross Atlantic communications to the same extent as Murphy’s indie dance group did. Step forward, Holy Ghost!

To say that Holy Ghost! bridge the gap of the Atlantic Ocean might be an overstatement, but upon listening to this record, you can’t help but see the huge influence that LCD had over the two DJs. With many of the tracks on this record having been played across DJ sets that Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel played as Holy Ghost! over the last few years, much of this won’t come as a huge surprise to their loyal fans; but to the many that won’t have heard much, if any, of this record, it’s refreshing. What completes the rather small jigsaw of HG! influences is when you recall Friendly Fires’ 2010 cover of Holy Ghost!’s ‘Hold On’, which dare I say, Ed Mac and co. did better. Whilst Holy Ghost! don’t actually cover much new ground, what they do is take what LCD have done across the world, take a bit of influence from Friendly Fires (a trait that has been reciprocated by the St. Albans band) and add their own musical identity from both DJ and live aspects.

‘Hold my Breath’ stands out as a synth and vocal duo between a catchy dance line and well-thought out set of lyrics, whilst ‘Static on the Wire’ is probably the only track that has a really funky feel to it that has much musical merit of late. Whilst some tracks do seem to be filler between the more interesting songs, the radio-friendl,y indie-dance crossover is in no way a challenge to listen to and will happily sit in the middle of a record collection bridging your LCD Soundystem and Friendly Fires, even if it’s not quite as good as either group.


Holy Ghost!’s debut album is available now from DFA Records.


Live Review: Cut Copy with Holy Ghost! at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC – 30th March 2011

By on Friday, 1st April 2011 at 2:00 pm

“You must be a Cut Copy fan.” This is what someone greeted me with 2 years ago this month as I stood outside the Black Cat waiting to get into a show starring Friendly Fires. (It was the first date on a North American tour they were co-headlining with White Lies, sponsored by NME.) Even today, I don’t really see the similarities between the two bands – except maybe the fact that both sound kind of tropical and they both make enjoyable dance music? – But to be sure, Washington is a major hub for Cut Copy fans, as for 2 nights straight the Australian dance band sold out the 9:30. Your faithful editor at TGTF managed to get herself into the second night’s show.

Holy Ghost! was a fitting opening band for Cut Copy in that they warmed up the crowd slowly but surely with tracks from their self-titled debut album, to be released in mid-April on DFA Records. Any self-respecting dance fan knows Holy Ghost!’s ‘Hold On’, and the new material is as punchy and the beats are just as sweet as that now-dance floor classic. ‘It’s Not Over’ and ‘I Will Come Back’ were definite highlights. It also happened to be drummer Nick Millhiser’s birthday, something frontman Alex Frankel just had to reveal in order to embarrass his best buddy. Too funny. ‘Do It Again’ featured Frankel playing with an iPad on what I believe to be a TouchOSC program (?) and it was very neat to see him just press buttons effortlessly on this small, flat piece of technology and make it produce the sounds he wanted. Their set concluded with ‘Jam for Jerry’, which I imagine is in honour of the late great Jerry Fuchs, who notably played with LCD Soundsystem and !!! before his tragic death in 2009.

I’m quite faint-hearted when it comes to strobes. I saw Phoenix last year at Constitution Hall and ended up turning away from the stage because I was getting blinded. I had a similar reaction to seeing Chromeo, who incidentally also took Holy Ghost! with them on the road summer 2010 (only difference was I could feel my face vibrating at that 9:30 show). Cut Copy’s music lends itself to a summery, tropical feel, so it should come as no surprise that blinding multi-coloured lights figured prominently in their stage set-up. Wednesday night I made the mistake of standing in front of a light that looked innocuous enough but then when it was switched on – yep, blinded!

Oh well. It’s not like anyone around me cared at all. They were all mesmerised by the action on the stage, and really, who wouldn’t be? Lead singer Dan Whitford of Cut Copy, a human dynamo, spent the whole evening waving his arms about enthusiastically, when he wasn’t playing his synth or running to around with his guitar or over to a synth-patch thingy with a multitude of wires poking out of it, sitting on the side of the stage (I know, I’m being so technical – all of this goes over my head – ask Pendulum or Delphic how this stuff works, they’ll sort you out). It was kind of funny, because Whitford and all of them really were almost too overly enthuasiastic. Guitarist Tim Hoey made me laugh when he started molesting his guitar, banging it against the stage, their drum kit, balancing it standing up on his open palm and then banging it just so to get a crash of guitar, etc. Um, who does that? But the crowd ate it up!

I think everyone present must have owned ‘Zonoscope’ because the new songs got as rapturous receptions as the old material: ‘Need You Now’ and ‘Take Me Over’ stood solid alongside ‘Lights and Music’ and ‘Hearts on Fire’. Dance music usually – and often understandably – gets a bad rap for lack of quality lyrics and with me not knowing much of Cut Copy’s earlier work, I giggled to myself to words like “please please please give your love to me” and “take my heart away / save it for another day”. Not knocking it, as I know lots of people love them, but a little bland for me. The actual live experience though was very good and I can imagine thousands of times better than their recordings. The energy was up, and that was no doubt thanks to the crowd who bopped along and jumped whenever Whitford organized the masses to do just that.

More photos and setlists behind the cut.
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MP3 of the Day #318: Holy Ghost!

By on Wednesday, 30th March 2011 at 10:00 am

Holy Ghost! is currently touring with Cut Copy in North America, and the release of their self-titled debut album is just around the corner (11 April). And what do those nice NYCers Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser do? Give away a track, ‘Wait and See’, from their new album completely free. Listen and download it to your heart’s content below.


MP3 of the Day #291: Holy Ghost!

By on Friday, 28th January 2011 at 10:00 am

I heard this track from Holy Ghost!, ‘Do It Again’, on Nemone’s show on 6music on Wednesday morning and loved it, so I was very pleased to see it’s being offered as a stream and free download over on Rcrd Lbl. What a perfect way to get ready for the weekend.


MP3 of the Day #285: Holy Ghost!

By on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 at 10:00 am

New York City’s Holy Ghost! is gearing up to release their self-titled debut album in April on DFA Records. I really enjoyed the taster EP they released last year, ‘Static on the Wire’ (review here), so I’m very excited for this whole album guaranteed to be chock full of mad dance beats.

To get things rolling (or maybe I should say jumping?), they’re offering up a free download of one of the new tracks, ‘Do It Again’. Listen to it below. If you like what you hear, head on over to their official Web site to grab the track for your collection.


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