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In The Post #83: Jack Penate – No One Lied

By on Monday, 30th January 2012 at 12:00 pm

Jack Penate has a weird obsession with death. His debut album closer ‘When We Die’ and second album ‘Everything is New’ closers ‘Let’s All Die’ and ‘Body Down’ are perfect examples of this. They mix his wordsmithing with serene vocal lines whilst maintaining a definitive sound that could only come from this man’s voice.

So when a new song of Penate’s appears online, it’s no surprise that there’s a somber undertone. There’s a really stripped down feel to ‘No One Lied’ that suggests a slight return to old form, and through taking notes from ‘When We Die’, this really shows that Jack’s break from touring and recording has led him back to his roots:

Heaven is a place
No one lied
It’s rushing through your veins
Flooding your eyes

There’s something about the lyrics in this track that seem poignant and serene. The one-take video maintains an intimacy with the viewer and even when lying in bed, this has a kind of raw brilliance to it. It’s probably not his best, but I highly doubt it’s finished. You can hear a ‘Pull My Heart Away’ (previous Video of the Moment here) vibe in the back of your mind. You can imagine Penate shuffling across festival stages nationwide. If he remains this consistent, the sky’s the limit for the extrovert, I can practically hear the sunset calling with “we’ll be gone soon”.


There’s no word on when Jack Penate’s third album will be released, but we’ll keep an eye out and will update you as information becomes available.



MP3 of the Day #111: Jack Peñate

By on Friday, 16th October 2009 at 10:00 am

Jack Penate has been on my mind the last couple of weeks, after having spoken to the extremely thoughtful Londoner last month and coming away with the warm, fuzzy feeling of, “you know what? Here is a guy who really enjoys making music“.

Just as much as Jack enjoys making music for us, we here at TGTF like to spread the music love. If you haven’t heard Jack’s latest album Everything is New yet, boy…do we have a treat for you. Follow this link to a blog on his MySpace and you can stream the album for free. So how does the ‘MP3 of the Day’ feature come in? Well, for a limited time, Jack is offering a free download of ‘Body Down’ from that same blog entry. I loved it live, and I think you’ll love it too.


Interview: Jack Peñate

By on Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 at 6:00 pm

Jack Penate interviewI had the privilege of chatting with XL Recordings artist Jack Peñate before he and his band soundchecked for their gig at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel last Friday night here in D.C. In this insightful interview, he tells me how his latest album was unique in its recording and why working with producing legend Paul Epworth made him change his opinion of the recording studio. Jack even lets me in on the surprising inspiration for ‘Pull My Heart Away’. Have a read.

First off, welcome to Washington!
Thank you so much!
It’s so great to have you here, I was really excited to hear you were coming to our town.
Oh, great!
I came to know your music listening to 6music and other British radio stations. Is this the first time you’ve been to D.C.?
No, I came here when I was about 19 with my bassist, who is also my best friend from high school. We went across America doing the Greyhound [coach] thing. Yeah, we came here and did the White House and that sort of thing, but we didn’t stay too long. I don’t really know D.C. too well. I always kind of thought touring was the best way to see the world in a way, because music brings passionate people together, and it throws people together in a city. So it’s nice, even though I’ve been here before, you get to see venues, do meet and greets…

So you played Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia and the Mercury Lounge in New York before coming here. What were those shows like, are they anything like the ones you’ve played in London or in England?
No. It’s kinda like…they were kinda like the gigs we played back home maybe a couple years ago in the size and maybe what I need to do, which is hopefully make people talk about it. This tour is a lot about building things up. Hopefully…I kind of see the way I want my career to just grow, and people kind of learn about [me] through means that aren’t too unattractive, like huge budgets on advertising, which is, you know, how a lot of people get big. I like the idea of, at least for now, to do these kinds of tours, to just build up a fanbase. You know, people that really care about what you do. Instead of just momentary, they like you for a certain amount of time and go away. That’s what I did back home, I went around Britain over and over again, starting off playing off to a hundred people a night or maybe less, like 60 people, and then built it up to two, three thousand a night where it is now, and then playing to 20,000 people at festivals and stuff like that. I don’t know if that can happen here, but I know it can be done. So it’s always nice…this is my first chance to be able to start to do that here.
Continue reading Interview: Jack Peñate


Live Review: Jack Penate and Miike Snow at Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Washington DC – 18 September 2009

By on Sunday, 20th September 2009 at 11:30 pm

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the two headlining acts that stopped in Washington Friday night – singer/songwriter Jack Penate and the mysterious atmospheric dance/pop band Miike Snow. They aren’t acts that are played on mainstream radio here in America, so I wasn’t sure what kind of turnout there’d be for the evening. I needn’t have worried. Thanks to the internet and a hot tip from the Washington Post weekend guide, the tightly packed crowd enjoyed all-too-short sets from both acts at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel.

g-jpenate7Based on seeing video for Jack Penate‘s ‘Be the One’ on tv here recently, I was under the false impression that when he performed live, he only sang. This impression quickly changed when I saw photos from Reading and Leeds of him toting a guitar. Upon seeing him live, I found out he also played piano. What doesn’t he do? The set he played in Washington was, as expected, heavy with cuts from his latest album ‘Everything is New’, which was fine by me because this was the material that got me interested in him as an artist in the first place.

When he wasn’t shredding it on the guitar or seated at the piano, he was frenetically dancing to the beats of his backing band, to the delight of everyone in the club. ‘Second, Minute, or Hour’, the long song he played not on the new album, was fantastic with crashing guitars pretty much unlike like the new material. I am unashamed to say that “Pull My Heart Away” was the song I was waiting for since hearing about his North American tour and live, it was amazingly gorgeous with a female backing singer who lent an additional layer of complexity to the live versions of these songs compared to the album tracks.

There are a couple tracks from the new album that I wasn’t sure was going to translate well live – well, he totally surprised me. ‘Let’s All Die’ is an example: he prefaced playing the song by talking about the certainty of death of everyone in the room (surely such morbid talk would kill the mood, wouldn’t it?), turned into a near free-for-all when he eagerly put his mike in front of amused kids in the audience who sang the repeated “let’s all die!” chorus right with him. Phenomenal.

Miike Snow1After a somewhat lengthy shifting and arrangement of gear and equipment, it was time for Miike Snow. The live band comprises of three actual Miike Snow members – Swedish producing duo Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (better known in the remix world as Bloodshy & Avant) and American singer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt – plus three touring band members, so you know with all of these people on stage, there was bound to be a load of gear onstage. They took the stage with white theatrical masks, which was a little unsettling to say the least. There was a problem with Wyatt’s mike at the outset but this appeared to quickly be rectified as they opened with the crowd pleaser ‘Burial’.

During this song and all throughout their set, I was impressed with the coordination of so many different instruments; synths of every description, guitars, bass, piano, electronic drumming gizmo things, a xylophone – you name it, they had it. Fans happily sang along with Wyatt to many of the songs, which surprised me because I didn’t think that many people in America would have known who they were, let alone in Washington. I relished grooving to the electronic beats arranged by Karlsson and Winnberg, imagining just how great many of these songs would sound further remixed for the dance floor. My only complaint was that there was no encore: the crowd, manically shouting for the band to return, were certainly up for it. Maybe that’s what they intended – leaving them wanting more.

After the jump: Setlists and photos…


Continue reading Live Review: Jack Penate and Miike Snow at Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Washington DC – 18 September 2009


Video of the Moment #104: Jack Penate

By on Tuesday, 18th August 2009 at 6:00 pm

I might as well admit it to the world: I’m a sucker for a well-written pop ballad. (Maybe this has something to do with my two X chromosomes?) But it was quite a shock to me that Jack Penate, the London soul singer who earlier this year brought us the decidedly tropical-themed ‘Tonight’s Today’ and the dance-poppy ‘Be the One’, should come along with a tear-jerker of a tune to win my heart.

Filmed in the Jordanian desert solely on a Super 8 camera while Penate was on holiday, the bleakness of the surroundings suits the subject of the song and makes the point that you don’t need to fork over a massive amount of money to make a flashy video that’s memorable.



Jack Penate / October 2009 UK Tour

By on Tuesday, 11th August 2009 at 8:35 pm

Jack Penate has announced a string of UK and Ireland shows for October.

Saturday 17th October 2009 – Dublin Village
Sunday 18th October 2009 – Belfast Spring & Airbrake
Tuesday 20th October 2009 – Glasgow Arches
Thursday 22nd October 2009 – Birmingham Rainbow Warehouse
Friday 23rd October 2009 – Manchester Warehouse Project
Saturday 24th October 2009 – Leeds Met Uni
Sunday 25th October 2009 – Nottingham Trent Uni
Tuesday 27th October 2009 – Bristol Anson Rooms
Thursday 29th October 2009 – London The Fridge
Friday 30th October 2009 – Southampton Uni


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