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Live Gig Video: SAFIA perform ‘Counting Sheep’ at Sofar Sounds London session

By on Thursday, 22nd September 2016 at 4:00 pm

Melbourne electronic soul group SAFIA released their debut album ‘Internal’ merely a fortnight ago. Read my review of their long player through this link. Back in June, 3 months prior to the release of ‘Internal’, the band took a trip to blighty, stopping in London for a Sofar Sounds show there. The below video is of the Aussie trio performing their single ‘Counting Sheep’ (about what else, insomnia!) in a stripped back fashion. While the song doesn’t appear on ‘Internal’ – it was released as a single in its own right in early 2015 – this should be solid proof to any naysayers just how beautiful and perfect frontman Ben Woolner’s lead vocals are when isolated. Watch the arresting performance below. For read more of TGTF’s coverage on SAFIA over the last year and a half, follow this link.



TGTF’s Spotify Playlist: June 2016

By on Monday, 4th July 2016 at 1:00 pm

TGTF is trying something new to celebrate summer! For your listening pleasure, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist of all the songs featured on the site during the month of June. If you missed any of our features over the past month, you can quickly and easily catch up on all the action right here in audio form. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you like the monthly playlist, we might just make it a regular TGTF feature.

This month’s playlist includes the timely tracks ‘4th July’ by Leeds singer/songwriter Daniel Pearson and ‘The Summer’ by Mancunian garage rockers Spring King, who just released their debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ a short while ago. We also reviewed heavy-hitting new tracks from Glass Animals, Jake Bugg and Kaiser Chiefs. With 3 hours of music available just below, you’re sure to find a few new tunes to soundtrack your summer. Enjoy.

If you want to subscribe to the TGTF Spotify account, plug “spotify:user:tgtftunes” (no quotes) and hit the Follow button.


PAWS / June and July 2016 UK Tour

By on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 at 9:00 am

Glasgow indie rock trio PAWS will head out on a full headline tour of the UK this week, accompanied by fellow Scottish indie pop band The Spook School. The tour is set to begin with four shows in Scotland and will include a London date on Saturday the 2nd of July. PAWS released their third album ‘No Grace’ last Friday the 17th of June via FatCat Records; you can watch the video for its title track just below the tour date listing.

Tickets for the following shows are available now. Click here to find TGTF’s previous coverage of PAWS, including editor Mary’s live review from back in 2014. Our recent coverage of The Spook School at SXSW 2016 is right back here.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – Dundee Conroy’s Bar
Thursday 23rd June 2016 – Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Friday 24th June 2016 – Edinburgh Summerhall
Saturday 25th June 2016 – Glasgow Stereo
Sunday 26th June 2016 – York Fullford Arms
Monday 27th June 2016 – Liverpool Studio 2
Tuesday 28th June 2016 – Leicester Musician
Wednesday 29th June 2016 – Manchester Soup Kitchen
Thursday 30th June 2016 – Leeds Headrow House
Friday 1st July 2016 – Bristol Start The Bus
Saturday 2nd July 2016 – London Moth Club
Sunday 3rd July 2016 – Brighton Hope & Ruin
Monday 4th July 2016 – Birmingham Hare & Hounds


Live Review: Rogue Wave with Floating Action at the Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ – 15th June 2016

By on Monday, 20th June 2016 at 2:00 pm

Last Wednesday night a pair of veteran American bands, California’s Rogue Wave and North Carolina-based Floating Action, graced the stage at downtown Tucson’s Rialto Theater. I’ve been to the Rialto several times now, but I’ve never seen it set up in the half-seated, half-standing arrangement that greeted me on this night. The rows of seats in the back of the auditorium were convenient for fans who didn’t want to stand near the stage, but they also made the theater a bit cosier for these smaller bands whose devoted fans didn’t quite fill the Rialto’s 1,400-person capacity.


Asheville, North Carolina’s Floating Action are normally a quartet, but they were represented in Tucson by only two of their usual number, singer and frontman Seth Kauffman and guitarist Drew Heller. The band self-released a new double album titled ‘Hold Your Fire’ earlier this year, and ahead of playing one of the new songs, Kauffman won over the local crowd by relating that the album’s vinyl was distributed by Tucson-based specialty label People In a Position to Know. ‘Hold Your Fire’ comprises a rather amazing 21 tracks, including ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Ready?’, ‘Split the Bill’ and title track ‘Hold Your Fire’, all of which appeared on Floating Action’s set list at the Rialto on the night. Punters in the crowd were audibly disappointed when Kauffman announced the final song of their engaging opening set, with someone pleading aloud for “two more!”. In the end we only got one, another new track called ‘Real Enough’, but Kauffman and Heller had already sealed a positive impression of Floating Action.


As it turned out, Floating Action probably could have played another set in the time we waited for headline act Rogue Wave to take the stage. The Rialto was quiet for more than half an hour between sets, before the stage crew even came back to make their final arrangements. I’m not sure what the delay might have been, but the five members of Rogue Wave were met with enthusiastic applause when they finally did appear, easing into their set with the aptly-titled track ‘Take It Slow’.


In a stroke of bad luck for Rogue Wave, it became apparent very quickly that one of the downstage lights hadn’t been adjusted properly during the lengthy intermission. The spotlight that had been centered on Floating Action’s Kauffman during his seated opening set was left to shine directly on Rogue Wave frontman Zach Schwartz’s crotch throughout the headline set, which made taking photos tricky, but more importantly distracted from his ability to engage the audience. Schwartz’s face was cloaked in shadow whenever he was singing or speaking into his microphone, and when he stepped back from the mic, his back was often turned so that he could interact with his bandmates.

Lighting issues aside, the band’s smooth, spontaneous interaction was one of the outstanding positive aspects of their performance. Despite the near constant flux of Rogue Wave’s lineup over their 14-year history and a lengthy recent absence from touring, this particular iteration of the group appeared tight and well-rehearsed, and familiar enough with each other to be relaxed and confident. Schwartz’s between-songs banter was minimal, and the band’s set list was jam-packed with catchy songs from their new album ‘Delusions of Grand Fur’.

The set started very promisingly with four tracks from the new LP, but things became a bit murky for Rogue Wave when they delved into their older tunes in the middle of the set. Schwartz’s singing voice is light and pleasant, but unfortunately for the band’s live sound, it doesn’t quite cut through the heavily-textured instrumental arrangements enough to make a strong impact. For those in the crowd who already knew the songs (and it must be said that there were quite a large number of familiar fans), this wasn’t an issue, but those of us new to Rogue Wave found no readily accessible lyrical hook to anchor us in the band’s swirling sea of haphazard psych rock guitar riffs. In that disorienting context, new album track ‘California Bride’ shone like a beacon of light near the end of the set proper.


To the delight of the longtime fans in the crowd, Rogue Wave closed their set with rousing performances of two popular tracks, ‘Lake Michigan’ and ‘Harmonium’. Both songs appear on the band’s 2007 album ‘Asleep at Heaven’s Gate’, but ‘Lake Michigan’ was featured more recently on the soundtrack for the film remake of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. The band took a brief pause after ‘Harmonium’ before treating their followers to an energetic three-track encore, ultimately finishing the night with an extended version of ‘California’.

Floating Action will play a handful of live dates in North Carolina this summer, including the All Go West Music Festival on the 25th of June and Asheville’s RiverLink in August. Rogue Wave will play the final shows of their current West Coast tour with Seattle-based band Hibou, wrapping up in Portland, Oregon on Saturday the 25th of June. They are scheduled to appear at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in their native Northern California on the 6th of August and will open for the New Pornographers in Sacramento on the 20th of August. Rogue Wave’s new album ‘Delusions of Grand Fur’ is out now via Easy Sound Recording Company.

After the cut: Floating Action and Rogue Wave set lists

Floating Action set list
Fate of the World
Don’t You Wanna Be Ready?
So Vapor
No Surprise There
Split the Bill
Hold Your Fire
Real Enough

Rogue Wave set list
Take It Slow
Look At Me
Endless Supply
Salesman At the Day of the Parade
Nourishment Nation
California Bride
What Is Left to Solve
Memento Mori
Lake Michigan
Publish My Love
Like I Needed


Live Review: Gang of Youths with StereoRiots at DC9, Washington, DC – 10th June 2016

By on Tuesday, 14th June 2016 at 2:00 pm

Sure, I might be thousands of miles away from something happening. But when you hear a band in Australia has been selling out tour dates left and right and well outside their home base city, you’d be a fool of a music editor not to sit up and take notice. Last year, the Sydney-based rock five-piece Gang of Youths – lead vocalist and guitarist David Leaupepe, lead guitarist Joji Malani, guitarist/keyboardist Jung Kim, bassist Max Dunn and drummer Donnie Borzestowski – released their multi-ARIA-nominated debut album ‘The Positions’. From there, they’ve cemented a fan following that, based on the fan reaction in DC Friday night, has reached far beyond Oz.

The opener for their early DC9 to usher in the weekend was StereoRiots. They’re a local indie rock band with a weighty synth presence. Lead vocalist and guitarist Wahid Hashime has a unique voice, somewhere between the comically fun pop of Rivers Cuomo and the shouty extended style adopted by Rod Stewart. If you think about this in your head, combining his voice with synths is pretty unusual, and not what you might expect as a headliner for Gang of Youths. Still, their set was an enjoyable one. Full of energy and fun vibes, the young band were eager to get the audience on their side.

Stereoriots Washington, DC, at DC9, 10 June 2016

A good friend from Sydney had clued me in to Gang of Youths’ Springsteen vibes. Normally, such a pronouncement would lead me to inwardly groan; that kind of music is Carrie’s specialty, not mine. However, the superlatives going around this band have been numerous enough to interest me enough to see them. As I was sat downstairs waiting for the 2nd floor venue portion of DC9 to open up, I could hear the band soundchecking. Yup, definitely Springsteen…

Frontman David Leaupepe is a man who has been through a lot and he hasn’t even made it to the quarter of a century mark yet. According to this article from Rolling Stone Australia, Gang of Youths began initially as a cathartic, artistic exercise for Leaupepe to exorcise his personal demons: a crumbling marriage, his wife’s cancer treatment and a spiral downward into alcoholism. Luckily for Leaupepe, he had friends Dunn, Kim and Malani to make music with, giving him an outlet and the resulting window into a young life marred trials and tragedy has now resonated with so many Aussies.

Three years ago this month, Leaupepe tried to kill himself, and the incident is chronicled in their song ‘Magnolia’. Although these days he may be making jokes about suicide, boy, can he emote – through that growly, Boss-like powerful voice of his – to express that period of his life that caused him so much pain. Funny, silly, and yet offering up a frequent arse wiggle, Leaupepe is also a charismatic frontman, with his curls naturally conjuring up the heydays of Michael Hutchence. A solo moment on ‘Knuckle White Dry’, recounting a difficult car ride back from hospital, was another set highlight.

Gang of Youths Washington, DC, at DC9, 10 June 2016

While the early set time for this DC9 show did Gang of Youths no favours – they would have had a bigger crowd if their set time had moved at least 2 hours later – those who chose to turn up for the gig were obviously massive fans. They were singing and shouting along to Leaupepe’s words on ‘The Positions’, fists in the air. Even though most bands these days are made up of folks who were friends first, there is something different with these guys who haven’t really been together all that long in the grand scheme of things. They play as one tight unit on song like ‘Vital Signs’ and ‘Poison Drum’, clearly enjoying each other’s company. It wasn’t hard to imagine from their performance Friday night that with the right promotion here and in the UK, Gang of Youths could be the next biggest Australian rock success story. One day soon, all their hard work and sacrifice will be worth it.


Live Gig Video(s): Michael Kiwanuka performs on Jools Holland and for BBC Radio 1Xtra and 6 Music

By on Monday, 13th June 2016 at 4:00 pm

Soul singer Michael Kiwanuka has kept very busy recently, promoting his forthcoming second album ‘Love & Hate’ with a series of live sessions for television and radio. Back on the 31st of May, Kiwanuka took the stage on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ to give a bold performance of his new track ‘Black Man in a White World’, accompanied by a full band and gospel chorus. Kiwanuka’s soulful refrain was punctuated by rhythmic handclaps and insistent guitar riffs that combined with dramatic stage effects to create a forceful visual and sonic impact.


The very next day, Kiwanuka made an appearance in the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge where he presented a significantly more delicate acoustic performance of Prince’s ‘Sometimes It Snows in April’. In contrast to the above performance of ‘Black Man in a White World’, Kiwanuka’s bandmates in the Live Lounge contribute only gentle percussion and soft harmony vocals, and the relative stillness of the shadowy studio amplifies the effect of Kiwanuka’s stark interpretation.


Finally, on the 7th of June, Kiwanuka played a live studio session for BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne, where he performed his hypnotic new album track ‘Father’s Child’. Video of the BBC 6 Music session is available here, for a limited time.

Michael Kiwanuka’s second album ‘Love & Hate’ is due for release on the 15th of July via Polydor. If you missed it, you can take a look back at Kiwanuka’s official video for ‘Black Man in a White World’, along with his list of October tour dates, right here. Our full collection of coverage on Michael Kiwanuka is this way.


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