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(Holiday!) Live Gig Video: Little Red performs cover of Neil Gray’s ‘Christmas Lights’ for AV Club

By on Thursday, 22nd December 2011 at 2:00 pm

Australia’s Little Red took the challenge presented by music site AV Club and covered the holiday tune ‘Christmas Lights’. Turns out this song – not the Coldplay one released in 2010 – is also by an Australian by the name of Neil Gray. Who knew?

Little Red covers “Christmas Lights”


Album Review: Little Red – Midnight Remember

By on Wednesday, 19th October 2011 at 2:00 pm

Editor’s note: We realise that this album was already released in Little Red’s home country of Australia in 2010 but they’re finally releasing it proper in America next week, so we wanted to review it this time around so if you missed it then, you won’t miss it now.

Words by Ellie Molitor

After a successful first release, Little Red seemed to have cracked the retro-pop code: who knew Brian Wilson and Julian Casablancas would make such beautiful-sounding, melodic babies? Little Red did, and they delivered with a fantastic debut, ‘Listen to Little Red’, an album that commanded audiences to update their iPods and take a gander at the Melbourne quintet.

Now Little Red have returned with a polished, well-considered sophomore release, ‘Midnight Remember’. Abandoning their cool, lo-fi sound, school boy demeanour and doo-wop cheesiness, this album accomplishes exactly what a sophomore release should: organic growth. It is impressive to see a band so young fail to get stuck in their vices, and instead mature as songwriters and artists. However, a healthy dose of what made fans fall in love with Little Red in the first place – their enchanting harmonies, charming, danceable melodies and instrumentally polished soundscapes – is still evident. Opening track ‘Get a Life’ brings listeners into Little Red’s world, one where summer never sets. Rampant with ethereal harmonies and looping instrumentation, it’s easy to get lost in their complex soundscapes. But lead singer Adrian Beltrame’s voice stands out amongst the buzz, and Taka Honda manages to create a sturdy backbone on the drums, making for a well balanced beginning to the album.

Highlights of the album include current single ‘Rock It’, a groovy track with foot-tapping bass lines and a riff on the keys that’ll be hard to get out of anyone’s head. Coming in about half way through the album, anthemic track “All Mine” keeps listeners on their toes with well-crafted releases of tension. All in all, this album captures the spirit of summer nights while still remaining a successful benchmark for Little Red’s maturation of sound. Their harmonies evoke simpler times, and paired with complex soundscapes, ensure listeners that they belong in the present.



‘Midnight Remember’, the new album from Little Red, is released next week (25 October) in America on True Panther.


Video of the Moment #359: Little Red

By on Friday, 1st October 2010 at 6:00 pm

Here on TGTF, we first introduced you to Melbourne quintet Little Red nearly a year ago with Jess’s Bands to Watch piece. Today, we’re happy to bring you their video for ‘Rock It,’ the first single off their newest album, ‘Midnight Remember.’ The video is one massive party, complete with bubbles, bonfires and beer … and, umm…a big spiky thing? Whatever it is, the colours are fantastic and the video works perfectly with the joyous song. Watch it below and let us know what you think!



Album Review: Little Red – Listen to

By on Tuesday, 20th October 2009 at 12:30 pm

Little Red (side)We first brought original doo-wop punksters, Little Red, to your attention last week. We loved the Melbourne quintet’s retro sounds, and following on from our introduction to the band, Little Red’s people were kind enough to send over their new album for TGTF to check out for you today.

‘Listen to’ is cool 30 minutes of nostalgic, perfectly-crafted bubblegum pop. Vintage harmonies effortlessly bound from the speakers, taking you back to the days of swinging polka dot petticoats. Throbbing bass lines provide an underbelly groove throughout the record. The soulful lead vocals often cross into the territory of Little Richard. The jangly guitar hooks, too, are pure sunshine.

On top of all that, the raw, lo-fi production gives the album a real sense of authenticity. It’s as if you’ve just discovered an awesome 50s L.P at the flee market, except it’s 2009, and these are five modern day punks merely embracing retro doo-wop sounds.

‘Coca Cola’ acts as the album’s fantastical opener. Fuzzy riffs, hand claps and excitable “AWOOS!” make it a doo wop delight. Track two, ‘It’s Alright’ is similarly swinging thanks to it’s screeching blues vocals.

‘Fool’ is a cute attempt at a modern-day ‘This Boy’ by The Beatles. ‘So Long’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’ are, too, such fantastically cliché retro ballads, they makes me feel as if I’m at a school prom, with Danny Zuko as my date.

The upbeat ‘Jackie Cooper’, is a hilarious little ditty with splendid splatterings of brass. ‘Speedo’, meanwhile, is a evidence of Little Red’s modern day edge. A dry, bass-led number, the track is still comfortingly tainted by those classic Beach Boy harmonies. ‘She’s Not The Only One’ is too, a little more rough n ready, with the guitar riffs undoubtedly taking a note or two from Barrett Strong’s ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’.

To conclude, ‘Listen to’ is a fun little record. It’s nothing revolutionary, of course. Most of the tracks are minor rip-offs of the big records of the 50s and 60s, but so what? I love how Little Red have took the influence of these nostalgic numbers and reinvented it for a whole new audience in the noughties.

‘Listen to’ is released upon the U.K November 16th. Pre-order over at Amazon, now


Bands to Watch #138: Little Red

By on Monday, 12th October 2009 at 12:00 pm

Little Red (side)Little Red are a Melbourne quintet who describe their sound as “original doo-wop punk”. I was stupidly excited by this fantastical musical concoction of a description. I was even more pumped when I got round to hearing their music.

It’s a rare occasion that a new band comes along and interests me as intensely as Lil’ Red. The band certainly do ‘doo-wop’ their way through nostalgically bouncy hits, casually adding an extra punky jangle of guitars, which, quite frankly, is a formula equal to audio sunny delight. Their super vintage harmonies and poppy 50s hooks really make you want to don a neck scarf and twist ‘n’ shout the night away – it’s Grease soundtracked by Stratocasters.

The element of indie riffs and thumping basses radiates Strokes-come-Vampire Weekend, while the excitable vocal screeches wouldn’t be out of place coming from Little Richard (Check out ‘It’s Alright’ in particular). No matter how cliché and overused the statement is, Little Red manage to take that bopping, old rock n roll sound, and turn it fresh and fun. They are like a lo-fi Beach Boys, dropped into the noughties and dressed in skinny jeans. If you haven’t already guessed, I really love these guys. Perhaps you might too.

Check out their new video for Waiting below.


Alternatively, check out the official video to ‘Coca Cola’, below. Be sure to watch out for the band pulling shapes The Shadows’ would be proud of :



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