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Live Gig Video: Lucy Rose shares acoustic performance of ‘Our Eyes’ ahead of new live album

By on Thursday, 27th October 2016 at 4:00 pm

Lucy Rose has spent the past year doing something that I reckon would be great character building for any musician who has taken his her art and vocation for granted. She chose to tour the UK, Europe and even Latin America with an acoustic set, going back to a grass roots level, living with fans when she toured abroad when she probably could have afforded a hotel room. This was good experience for the singer/songwriter, who upon returning decided she wanted to release an album made up of acoustic performances.

‘Live at Urchin Studios’, which is scheduled for release on the 9th of December 2016 on Rose Records via Red Essential, was recorded in somewhat extraordinary circumstances. Performing only with one band member, cellist Alex Eichenberger, and over a 1-hour period live in front of an audience, the LP includes fan favourites from Lucy Rose’s debut album ‘Like I Used To’ and 2015’s ‘Work It Out’. As a taster to the release, Lucy has shared with us the live performance of ‘Our Eyes’ from the 2015 album, an emotional number that sees her on piano. Watch it below. For more TGTF’s coverage on Lucy Rose, follow this link.



Video of the Moment #1906: Lucy Rose

By on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 at 6:00 pm

Lucy Rose will be releasing her new single ‘‘Till The End’ in mid-October. The song already appears on ‘Work It Out’, Lucy’s second album that Carrie reviewed around its time of release back in July on Columbia, but now it has its own promo video. She never struck me as the footy-playing type, but in this video, she clearly has the chops as in this, it’s the men vs. the women in a match where she’s playing on a squad with her female Boiler Room FC friends. Have a watch of the promo below.

”Till the End’ will be released on the 9th of October. For everything Lucy Rose on TGTF, go here.



Live Gig Video: Lucy Rose covers Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bad Blood’ in Radio 1 Live Lounge

By on Tuesday, 14th July 2015 at 4:00 pm

Just last week, Lucy Rose released her much anticipated sophomore album ‘Work It Out’; read Carrie’s thoughts on the LP here. Naturally, she recently made an appearance on Radio 1 to talk up the album, and as is de rigueur for all artists doing so through the station, she was tasked to perform a cover of a current popular song. Along with a full band, Rose chose to perform Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Bad Blood’. From the outset, I was wondering how’d this turn out, but it actually turned out pretty good! Watch the performance below.

Lucy Rose will tour the UK and Ireland in October and November 2015. For all thing Lucy Rose on TGTF, right this way.



Album Review: Lucy Rose – Work It Out

By on Thursday, 9th July 2015 at 12:00 pm

Lucy Rose Work It Out coverIt seems somehow appropriate that I listened to Lucy Rose’s new album ‘Work It Out’ during my visits to the gym last week. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s the kind of high energy workout music most gym rats would choose to get their heart rates pumping, the album is surprisingly uptempo and edgy, just enough so to keep my mind from wandering during a long run on the treadmill, and Rose’s delicate singing voice takes on new strength and self-assurance compared to what we heard on her 2012 debut album ‘Like I Used To’.

Most of the songs on ‘Work It Out’ explore love, either in its uncertain beginnings or its tumultuous endings, and both extremes are effectively expressed. Rose’s introspective lyrics are streamlined to make their most emotionally potent impact while her musical arrangements are expanded to suit the songs’ visceral nature, making use of groovy bass lines and complex, uptempo rhythms under prominent keyboard and guitar melodies.

Opening track ‘For You’ makes a strong initial statement, as Rose’s vocals grow from softly raspy over a stark guitar and percussion arrangement, through the gradual dynamic escalation in the bridge, to her final emphatic repeat of the chorus. ‘Our Eyes’ maintains the intensity with a quick dance tempo and synth keys under Rose’s smooth, almost jazzy vocal delivery. Current single ‘Like An Arrow’ starts out in a more expected acoustic fashion, but the synths and beats kick in again on the chorus to electrify one of the album’s most perfectly sung and perfectly singable melodies, “we took our chance and we flew, like an arrow, like an arrow”.

I’m not sure what might have inspired Rose to write a song called ‘Nebraska’, but of course I was intrigued by the reference to my own Midwestern home state. The darkly dramatic piano accompaniment to the lyrics “Nebraska calls my name / the harvest of my love / the greenness turns to grey” makes an aptly analogous description of the bleak late autumn landscape before evolving into the breadth of the chorus “the earth, it moves, it shouts, I’m alive.”

From that point forward, ‘Work It Out’ takes a slightly darker turn, starting with the anxious rhythms and sharp vocal shifts of ‘KOLN’ (which is, perhaps coincidentally, also the call sign of a television station in Lincoln, Nebraska). ‘Cover Up’ features an intense tribal rhythm which is, in combination with the heavy bass groove and Rose’s entrancing vocals, oddly hypnotic. ‘She’ll Move’ is similarly sensual and visceral, its emphasis on rhythm inspiring physical movement, while the contrasting layered vocal lines create a heady psychedelic effect.

Rose further displays her newly developed alt-pop sensibilities in the dramatic title track ‘Work It Out’, whose unresolved harmonic suspensions mirror the tense lyrical questioning in the song’s verses. Conversely, acoustic ballad ‘Into the Wild’ nods back to Rose’s folk-pop past, the light guitar arrangement allowing the pure unadorned beauty of Rose’s singing voice a brief moment to shine.

The album’s upbeat closer ‘Till the End’ features a groovy chorus with a heavy dance beat behind Rose’s light-as-air vocals. To celebrate the album’s release, Rose has unveiled an interactive behind-the-scenes video for the final track, allowing her viewers to choose among six scenes of Rose playing and singing the individual instrumental parts as she did on the studio recording.


In speaking of ‘Work It Out’, Rose has said, “This record, it’s hopefully going to sort a few things out. Who I am. What I do. It’s direct. I love it.” She has clearly taken a bold step away from the safe folk-pop formula of ‘Like I Used To’, deliberately distilling her sound to intensify its emotional drama and musical momentum. Concise and confident, ‘Work It Out’ is sure to find its way onto a more than a few workout playlists, and probably onto a fair number of Best of 2015 lists by year’s end.


Lucy Rose’s second album ‘Work It Out’ is out now on Columbia Records. After making the rounds on the summer festival circuit, Rose will tour the UK and Ireland this autumn; you can find the details of those headline dates here.  For all previous TGTF coverage of Lucy Rose, click here.


Video of the Moment #1827: Ghostpoet feat. Lucy Rose

By on Wednesday, 17th June 2015 at 6:00 pm

2011 Mercury Prize-nominated artist Ghostpoet released his third album ‘Shedding Skin’ back in March. (Read Carrie’s review of the LP here.) He’ll be releasing his next single ‘Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me’ on the 31st of July on PIAS, described in the press release as “A reflective narrative sees Ghostpoet weave tales of a one-night stand, articulating the awkwardness, hand in hand with wanting something more meaningful.”

The song features guest vocals from singer/songwriter Lucy Rose. Ahead of the release, he’s revealed a black and white promo for the single. Watch the video below.



Video of the Moment #1822: Lucy Rose

By on Wednesday, 10th June 2015 at 6:00 pm

Lucy Rose‘s second album ‘Work It Out’ will see the light of day on the 6th of July on Columbia Records. On the same day, she’ll be releasing ‘Like an Arrow’, the second single from the LP, and this upcoming single now has its own promo video. In an unusual bit of acting by a musician, Rose does her own stunts in what started as such a pastoral walk in the woods…

Catch the lovely Lucy on tour in the autumn; all the dates of her recently announced massive UK tour are listed here. All past coverage on TGTF on the singer/songwriter is this way.



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