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Luke’s Alphabet Tour: An introduction

By on Friday, 6th January 2012 at 11:00 am

Editor’s note: the amazing banner above was made by Baltimore-based writer Shari Fedak.

Well, it’s a new year and everyone is busy making their resolutions for the next 365 days and planning many exciting events for 2012. We here at There Goes the Fear are always looking to try something new and different, all in the name of music journalism. Starting this month is a brand new venture that puts a twist on live reviews and will bring you some of the biggest and hottest names currently touring the UK.

My Alphabet Tour will be a run of 26 gig reviews in which the focus band is will begin with a different letter of the alphabet per review – the first review will be an ‘A’ band, the second a ‘B’ band, etc. The first review will be up here later this month and there will be a new review of a different lettered band every week (or two) thereafter.

Obviously, some letters are going to be harder than others (Q, X and Z particularly), but there’s always a band on somewhere. If you know of a band who you think deserve to be covered, then let me know in the comments below and hopefully their tour coincides with their letter’s week. So keep an eye out for our Alphabet Tour, it could well feature the next big thing.


Quickfire Questions #15: Writer Luke Morton

By on Friday, 29th July 2011 at 12:00 pm

For today’s writers’ Quickfire Questions, we have our Lincoln native / recent London transplant, Luke Morton ruminating on his musical upbringing…

1. What song is your earliest musical memory?
I think it might be Meatloaf – ‘I’d Do Anything For Love’. I remember it being on a rock compilation my parents always had on in the car when I was a kid.

2. What was your favourite song as a child?
Depends how young you mean by child. When I was about eight it would have been Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There, when I was 11/12 it would have been Slipknot – ‘Wait And Bleed’. And I still have both of those songs on my iTunes, don’t say I’m not eclectic.

3. What song makes you laugh?
The Lonely Island – ‘Boombox’ or ‘Like A Boss’. I probably love their album a bit too much. Also Flight Of The Conchords – ‘Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros’.

4. What song makes you cry?

There’s no song that actively makes me cry, but ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead probably does leave me feeling a bit sadder.

5. What song reminds you of the first time you fell in love? (It’s up to you if you want this to be sweet, naughty, etc.)
Buckcherry – ‘Crazy Bitch’? Spinal Tap – ‘Sex Farm’? Dead Kennedys – ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’? I have no idea, I’m just saying songs.

6. What song makes you think of being upset / angry? (Example: maybe you heard it when you were angry with someone and it’s still with you, and/or something that calms you down when you’re upset, etc.)
Quite a lot of my music is angry or heavy, so there’s a fair few. But for a quick cathartic release, at the minute I’d say Rolo Tomassi – ‘Party Wounds’ or Blackhole – Forever.

7. Which song (any song written in the last century) do you wish you’d written yourself?
Any song which would have made me money? Probably anything by Black Sabbath, so I could have invented heavy metal.

8. Who is your favourite writer? (This can be a songwriter or ANY kind of writer.)
Songwriter? God knows. Itch from the King Blues (pictured at top) has some fantastic lyrics, but then there’s people like Wednesday 13 who have some hilarious words in their songs. In terms of author, it’s got to be Douglas Adams.

9. If you weren’t writing for this blog, what job do you think you’d be doing right now?

I’d probably still be working as a chef and trying to scrape together enough money to go to loads of festivals. Either that or befriending a famous band and touring with them constantly and doing nothing.

10. If God said you were allowed to bring only one album with you to Heaven, which would it be and why?
I literally have no idea. I could be ironic and take AC/DC ‘Highway to Hell’ or something, but I’d get bored of the joke quite early into the whole ‘eternity’ thing. I’d probably take an album I hadn’t heard yet, just to give me something new. Otherwise I’d take one album I’d love and then get angry I didn’t pick a different one.

Luke Morton was our first regular Lincoln correspondent until he moved to London last month. (Well done Luke: living the dream! And believe me, we’re planning to take full advantage of Luke’s new location when it comes to covering gigs.)


Live: The Feeling – Shepherds Bush Empire – 2nd November 2006

By on Friday, 3rd November 2006 at 8:32 pm

Last night saw the first evening of The Feeling’s three night stand in London’s Shepherds Bush Empire, and the culmination of a year’s explosive growth for the typically British lads.

Opening for the evening was Luke Toms, a rather vibrant guy with an interesting support band that looks something like Napolean Dynamite wannabes. His (rather scary) ‘tash reminded us of a fair ground entertainer in the mid 1920’s, but on the whole were quite a melodic bunch, if a bunch of outcasts. They sounded quite similar to the Feeling, but a bit more extravagant, and had a hint of Magic Numbers around them. Could be one to watch next year!

Then a few minutes past nine the whole stage went dark and the intro tape kicked in, for The Feeling to bound on stage to “I want You Now”, and the crowd erupted. Dan Gillespie Sells was clearly on top form, and wouldn’t stop proclaiming his love for being back in London, after spending months touring the USA and Canada. He introduced us to his mum up on the balcony, who was having a very good time, giving most of us younger people a run for her money with her dancing and screaming skills.

They ripped through their set, going at breakneck speed through their album, playing Sewn very early and spacing the hits a nice distance apart. Strange was introduced by referring to the band as a bunch of oddballs, and was a great rendition. Before “Rose” Dan explained that “some people think this song is about confused sexuality, some people think this is a song about red wine… I’ll let you decide what it’s about”, which was quite amusing, and made us realise the several different interpretations of a song there might be. Throughout the set they were always polite, and very British: looking after the audience, following the corporate line: they almost seemed like a boyband, indeed much of what they did could be said to be very similar to McFly.

After Rose came a bit of a surprise: a cover of “Video killed the Radio star” by the Buggles, which was very camp but very enjoyable. “Fill my little world right up” took several attempts to get right for Dan, deciding that it was his guitar that didn’t sound right, before getting off to a stonking start, that could have closed the set. Instead, they played on and rounded off with “Love it when you call,” their new single. At first we thought that would be it, with no encore, but Dan crept round the front of the stage to come up, hidden from most of the audience’s sight and do the album closer “Blue Picadilly”, which was pretty awesome, and very melodic.

Overall they put on a very entertaining evening, though very corporate line-toeing, but good family friendly entertainment: their songs are ace, easy listening stuff, but aren’t going to be setting the world on fire with controversy or genius lyrics.


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