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Video of the Moment #1309: Suede

By on Monday, 2nd September 2013 at 6:00 pm

Suede‘s next single ‘For the Strangers’ is out on the 21st of October, and here’s the promo video for it. Filmed by Ben Lankester at the band’s sold out London’s Alexandra Palace in March, the same month their album return ‘Bloodsports’ was released, you can gawk as Brett Anderson is down on his knees, singing to the faithful masses. Watch it below.

The same day that the single goes on sale, Suede will also be releasing ‘The Vinyl Collection’, the definitive box set containing all six of the band’s studio albums (‘Suede’, ‘Dog Man Star’, ‘Coming Up’, ‘Head Music’, ‘A New Morning’ and ‘Bloodsports’), plus a b-side compilation ‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’, all on vinyl. This will mark the first time that ‘A New Morning’ and ‘Sci-Fi Lullabies’ will be available on vinyl.



Live Gig Video: Caitlin Rose interviewed by and performs ‘Pink Champagne’ for Yours Truly

By on Friday, 26th April 2013 at 4:00 pm

Caitlin Rose recently recorded this chat with and performance video of ‘Pink Champagne’ for Yours Truly. Watch it below.



Interview: Sel Balamir of Amplifier at Nottingham Rock City

By on Friday, 19th April 2013 at 11:00 am

This interview should have been posted on the site a long while ago (bad editor!) but it got lost in the shuffle while I was sorting out pieces from SXSW 2013. But here it is, our festival liaison and usual Lincoln correspondent, who found himself in Nottingham to catch Sel Balamir of Amplifier before their show in Rock City’s basement that night. (Rock City, if you were wondering, holds a special place in both our hearts now, because we’ve both done interviews in its car park!) Listen to John’s chat with Sel below.


Live Gig Video: The Courteeners release live performance video for upcoming single ‘Van Der Graaff’

By on Wednesday, 10th April 2013 at 4:00 pm

Manchester’s Courteeners have revealed the new video for ‘Van Der Graaff’, a cut from current ‘ANNA’ that will be the band’s next single, scheduled to drop on the 6th of May. Presumably, this is a combo of footage from the band’s last major UK touring campaign in February and March of this year.



Live Review: Little Green Cars with East Ghost and Olivia Mancini at DC9, Washington DC – 20th March 2013

By on Tuesday, 9th April 2013 at 2:00 pm

Following their debut at this year’s SXSW, Irish band Little Green Cars is touring America right now. Hailing from Dublin, I was able to brag to my Irish friends that I was going to see the band before they did.

East Ghost Washington live

The downside to being so small is that you don’t get to pick your supports. Two local bands were on the bill ahead of the Emerald Isle’s folk pop offering. First up was Washington DC’s own East Ghost. A completely indie outfit, you’ll find them on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and really nowhere else. There were a bit stereotypically hipster – three matching dark rimmed glasses, two plaid shirts, and a partridge…no, I mean beanie on the bass player. I jest, the music was quite lovely, classic three-piece guitar band and I enjoyed listening to them.

Olivia Mancini Washington live

Olivia Mancini, also from DC, quickly took the stage afterwards with borrowed instruments and no soundcheck. While they didn’t go into details, I know they were a bit harried as I saw them hauling gear into the venue at half past doors. But with two rockabilly punk-tinged chicks out front, they gave quite a show. Definitely music to get caught up in.

Indie upstarts Little Green Cars always brings to mind a neon green Volkswagen Beetle for me. I don’t know if they were going for such a cutesy image, but that’s what I got. With five band members and one touring member on keyboard, I’m not sure they could *fit* in a Volkswagen Bug, but perhaps they almost could owing to how well they fit six people on the tiny stage at DC9 the other night.

Little Green Cars Washington live 1

The song the band opened with was the one on their soon to be released album that really turned me off. This mass of auto-tuning over organ, however, was transformed into the most delicately wrought, a capella five-part harmony you could imagine. Obviously they chose to produce ‘Red and Blue’ the way they did on the album for artistic reasons, and clearly they weren’t going to be able to reproduce it live. So huge kudos to them for turning it into a thing of beauty rather than skipping it altogether.

Slowly they added to the structure of the songs, from the initial a capella, adding in just the acoustic guitar for the next song, and finally the full band rocking out with their brand of indie folk pop. The funniest moment came when a broken guitar string forced a restringing break. Singer/guitarist Stevie Appleby decided to read us a poem he had written about being on the road that included the line ‘we’d join you for a drink, but we have black ink’, alluding to the fact that here in America, we brand those too young to drink (yes folks, it’s still 21 here) with gigantic black Xs on the backs of both his and singer Faye O’Rourke’s hands. I doubt it kept much alcohol away from the resourceful young Irishmen, but it was still funny.

Little Green Cars Washington live 2

O’Rourke must have been feeling under the weather though because she arrived on stage with her coat on. It lasted about half the set before she removed it and she struggled with her throat a bit throughout. Even still, I found her voice to be both powerful and delicate in turn, with ‘Please’ showcasing her range. And despite the sound being uncharacteristically tetchy, the two songs at the end ‘River’, again a capella, and the rousing ‘The John Wayne’ brought the house down. Quite a band, I consider it a coup to have seen them before my Irish compadres.

After the cut: Little Green Cars’ set list.
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Live Review: The 1975 with PLOY at DC9, Washington DC – 30th March 2013

By on Monday, 8th April 2013 at 2:00 pm

“You guys are so loud, I can’t hear myself!” These were the words of Matthew Healy, frontman and lyricist of Manchester-based band The 1975 in front of a sold-out crowd on a recent Saturday night at Washington’s DC9. Grinning ear to ear when he said this, you just knew it was one of those moments that was sure to be remembered by him and his band.

As explained by Healy himself in this interview with me in their dressing room just hours before, just years before the band had only decided to release music and try to break out of their previous mode of just gigging and being popular on the local Manchester scene. Two big things have happened this year that have proven the decision was a good one: on the strength of their live performances at SXSW 2013, they became indie darlings in America overnight, while back home their lead single off their newest EP ‘Music for Cars’ cracked the top 40 UK singles chart. Not bad for a couple boys who previously preferred to write and skulk around in Healy’s darkened bedroom…

PLOY Washington live

We missed the first opener Midnight Faces as we were down U Street getting some drinks, but we arrived just in time to catch a full set by local electronic duo PLOY, made up of Gil Wojcik (bass / electronics) and Justin Victoria (vocals / synths / electronics). It could just be post-SXSW 2013 fallout and having seen so many great guitar bands that don’t use synths, but I’m having a hard time stomaching electronic-based acts. My friend who came along with me said, “I’m expecting to have Erasure coming out of their laptop”. We also commented on their song ‘X I X’ (read ‘Nineteen’) as a recent recollection, as they look like pretty young guys. (Sorry, we’re being snarky older women.)

Soulful pop crooning by Victoria was good if not exemplary, and I very much appreciated Wojcik breaking out a real live bass guitar to play at the proceedings because, let’s face it, even bass can be synthesised if that’s your intention. I can see them becoming fixtures at the U Street Music Hall dance nights if they play their cards right, as I can see that crowd lapping it up, but there weren’t any obvious standouts from their set.

The 1975 Washington live 1

As I commented to staff while I was watched The 1975 soundcheck at DC9, it’s been a very long time since a Manchester band has graced their stage. Nearly two and a half years, if my calculations are right. This tour was scheduled before SXSW, so there was no predicting how they would go down in Austin. Maybe the band themselves knew and had the confidence within themselves that it was perfect time for their close-up? Either way, the post-SXSW American tour ended up being a entirely triumphant one, with sold-out dates not only in DC but also in New York. And let’s face it, when you’ve captured the imagination of one of the two largest music cities in the U.S., you must be doing something right!

As I commented about having seen bands both in daytime and nighttime at SXSW, there was considerable excitement in me getting to see the band hold court in my hometown. Even better, this time, Adam Hann’s synthesiser was in full working order, compared to the Blah Blah Blah Science show I’d seen on the Wednesday at SXSW, which Healy explained in our interview was probably to do with their gear having been bounced around on the plane ride over. That night in DC, the band sounded, in a word, brilliant. I’ve heard good sets at DC9, and I’ve heard great sets. This was a great set: it was insanely energetic, as the band whipped the crowd into a dancing frenzy that became a huge singalong around their singles. Healy, revered by the Washington crowd to near god-like status by the second song they played, was even able to shush the crowd quiet enough to give us this solo rendition of ‘Woman’.


Rather hilariously, after he asked for quiet for ‘Woman’, a man shouted, “just as long you don’t forget ‘Sex’!” Healy, smiling broadly, replied with a suitable punchline: “who could forget about ‘Sex’?” Haha. Another source of humour for the night were two tall, young fanboys. Both were dressed in denim and seemed to be facing off to who was going to be the bigger 1975 fan for the night. It started as disconcerting – to be honest, I wasn’t sure if the two boys were totally pissed and would jump onstage and do something to cause the band or their instruments bodily harm – but with no such things happening, it was more so overwhelmingly gratifying for a music editor like who, to be honest, was quite concerned that every punter there besides a small handful would know any other song but ‘The City’. These two, plus many others in the club, knew all the words to every song that The 1975 have released to date. I know the melodies of all of them but even I don’t know the words by heart! This wasn’t lost on the band, as last Wednesday Healy gave us a shout-out on Zane Lowe’s Radio1 show as the most memorable of their American tour, even over SXSW. So there, Austin! To the last shouted “she’s got a boyfriend anyway!”, it was definitely the best time I’ve had IN A LONG TIME at a show in DC.

The 1975 Washington live 2

The band will be returning to America in June for a month-long tour as support for LA’s The Neighbourhood; Zane Lowe recently commented that “that’s a good-looking group of men on the road there”. But forget the good looks; The 1975 is a sure thing when it comes down to it and you’d be a fool not to catch them on tour before…well, just look what happened to Two Door Cinema Club.

After the cut: the 1975’s set list.
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