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Bands to Watch #84: Marina and the Diamonds

By on Monday, 16th February 2009 at 11:58 am

Marina and the Diamonds (side)This week we bring you Marina and the Diamonds – the latest offering in the glittery new wave of lady singers invading the airwaves this 2009. Certainly – Marina could be the woman to rain on the hotly tipped Miss. Florence and the Machine’s parade this year. The girl’s not only share similarly pretty names with a non-existent ‘The’ titled band to boot, their music is kinda alike too.

Marina possesses the same Kate Bush like-ability as Flo to knock out super catchy tunes tainted with a distinctive and colourful quirky edge. She’s exciting, enthusiastic and not afraid to speak her mind (please DO NOT compare her to Kate Nash!). Marina states Mary Quant, Hello Kitty’s Sanrio and the master creative risk-taker, Vivienne Westwood, as just some the things that have an influence on her kooky sounds.

And lucky for you, Phil has got two awesome Marina and the Diamond MP3s to give away with today’s post. First up we have the super-fun Mowgli’s Road, a quirky little tune consisting of “oohs!”, “aahs!” and an array of other animal-like chants which are befitting of the Jungle Book-like title. Electro synths, glorious vocals and a dead catchy drum-beat make this tune a winner.

MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road

Secondly, we have Obsessions, a kooky piano-based ballad ala Kate Nash (OOPS, sorry Marina!). The folky vocals are backed by sunny synth tinkles and beautiful “babaaa’s!” Obsessions is Marina’s debut single and you can check out the video to song, below:

MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions



Daily Roundup – 14th January 2009

By on Wednesday, 14th January 2009 at 10:08 am

Having a few issues at the moment keeping up with so much good new music I’ve been stumbling across. So settle in as we give you the run down on some ace new acts.

Official Secrets Act (side)Steve introduced you to Alessi’s Ark‘s (pictured top) lush colourful musical soundscapes almost a month ago, and since then we’ve been hooked – great music to listen to in the evening, really relaxing and so beautiful. She may not be destined for huge things, but it’s beautiful and may well be soundtracking the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs, going by their music policy these days.

MP3: Alessi’s Ark – Magic Weather

Crazy (but sweet) Marina & The Diamonds segues us easily between Alessi’s Ark and the rest of our colourful line up, sounding like a crazy hotpot of Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Goldfrapp and Bjork. Yes, it’s artistic, yes it’s great.

MP3: Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions

One of the new blogs I’ve found recently, The Recommender, managed to suggest The Sound of Arrows, and reminded me to check out The Official Secrets Act (pictured on the right)who I saw featured in an NME “radar” feature just the other month, but never got round to checking out. Needless to say, The Recommender has links to tonnes more great bands and artists, so be sure to check it out (when you’ve run out of things to read from us, of course!

MP3: The Sound of Arrows – Danger!
MP3: The Official Secrets Act – So Tomorrow

Some of you might be trying frantically to find some sort of connection between this artists, whether they’re all pop or all dark and meaningful. I don’t think there’s much connection between them all – they’ve all got quite different sounds, though are all pretty mainstream I guess. To finish it off on the free MP3 stakes, Bangor based Two Door Cinema are so unashamedly synth-happy I may have just fallen in love again. They’ve got “that” sound that will probably appeal to the same people who love the Wombats (who incidentally they’ll be supporting at the NME awards shows – nice linking I think you’ll agree!), Team Waterpolo, Death Cab For Cutie or Los Campesinos! etc – slightly pop, slightly indie, slightly great. The only downside? They don’t have a drummer – I think every band should have a drummer, it offers that little bit more flexability, you don’t have to restart the drum loops to fit in with your mistakes.

Listen and love:

MP3: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

Oh, and we’ve also been majorly loving Franz Ferdinand‘s new album. For obvious reasons you don’t get an MP3 out of it (as we don’t want another Cease and Desist letter!), but feel free to see what Jess thought of the first single, Ulysses, here. Also got the White Lies new album, though its taking a bit longer to get into – at the moment it’s feeling a bit of a paint-by-numbers affair. Shame.


Daily Roundup: 1st January 2009

By on Thursday, 1st January 2009 at 8:12 pm

Stephen LongA new year, and hopefully an even more successful year than 2008 was for TGTF. We spent New Years in London catching the fireworks on the Embankment. Amazing times, and was quietly amazed to see two of my favourite new bands, Passion Pit and Chairlift making the mix by the DJs (okay, the second isn’t quite as new, but new to us!)

MP3: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
MP3: Chairlift – Bruises

However, as much as we love Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, we think it hardly fits the profile of party music – still, that’s my only rant. We were like kids in a chocolate factory with the likes of Friendly Fires, Blur, Oasis, Passion Pit, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and more all were mixed together… heaven!

One of the side affects of me cavorting off to London was that we forgot to close the survey for 2008 on time. So, it’s been open for an extra day, apologies for that. Anyone would have thought we’re the BBC running competitions.

We’ve just started going through the 85 responses, with some interesting points coming up – it seems most people dislike the colour scheme, so we need to brighten that up. You all seem to like the new bands stuff and ticket alerts, so we’ll keep them going for sure! The two £10 iTunes vouchers went to Andy and Lauren, so sorry to the others who weren’t as fortunate – we’re hoping to be able to offer some new giveaways later this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, Stephen Long (pictured top right, who we introduced here) got in touch to offer us a free download of song “Passport Photographs”, which is below. Expect us to keep you up to date with his forthcoming EP, “Songs To Suit Your Mood” in coming weeks.

MP3: Stephen Long – Passport Photographs

We were introduced to Marina and the Diamonds (pictured top) over the break, and fell in love with her sound. She’s a bit of a crazy one – a combination of Greek and Welsh who spends her time between songwriting, hand-creating merchandise and selling vintage clothing.The Guardian said she has a “seriously warped mind in the body of a fox”, and her sound is rather unique – she takes on piano ballads, synth heavy bass lines, brass, bird calls, chanting and ooohs and ahhs in varying vocal ranges. Think Imogen Heap meet Bjork with a hint of a few other artists I can’t think of right now. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

As you can probably guess, we spent much of the holidays (yes, it’s an American phrase, but it fits well for those who aren’t big Christmas / NY fans!) finding new music, and catching up on stuff we may have missed in 2008. We also stumbled across We7, a great service that seems to be like on-demand radio – choose what song / album / artist you want to listen to, and it plays them, peppered with advertisements. They were ad-free for a bit of the Christmas break, and offer a great chance to have a “taster” of an album you like or re-hear a song you love. We love, but much of the music on the site only has 30 second snippets, which is a shame. Check it out and enjoy.


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