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Luke’s Alphabet Tour – T: Turbowolf at London Garage – 10th October 2012

By on Tuesday, 27th November 2012 at 2:00 pm

Firstly, an apology. If you’re an avid reader of TGTF you may have noticed this Alphabet Tour once or twice, and it’s now into the home stretch. However, I have been a little lax on them lately. So if you were one of the few people who read about my gigging exploits, here’s a long overdue review.

In the centre of the stage, overlooking the three-quarters full audience at the Garage, is a large effigy of Tutankhamun’s head. It’s an odd piece of stage bling to have for a band from Bristol, that (to the knowledge of this writer) aren’t connected to Egypt, or the Pharaoh in question. But then again, Turbowolf are a band of many surprises, and their Pandora’s Box is to be opened tonight for all to see.

The punk ‘n’ roll Bristolians might be more accustomed to playing smaller, more intimate venues than this, but they make it their own with ease and hook everyone in to their bounce-along, psychedelic metal riffs. The term psychedelic metal is used loosely as pigeon-holing this crew is nigh on impossible. Blasting through to pit-starting ‘Ancient Snake’ and ‘The Big Cut’, they plunge deep into the realm of noise with their cover of Lightning Bolt‘s ‘Captain Caveman’. Suddenly the pace is taken up a notch and limbs begin flailing down front as London comes alive now it’s been unequivocally warmed up.

The thrashy, hard-hitting vibe continues throughout the night as the crowd are treated to ‘A Rose For Crows’, as well as some newbies that are met with open arms (arms that start pounding the air at any given moment). The energetic and nominee for Mr. Moustache 2012, Chris Georgiadis, runs around the stage and the barrier whipping up his throngs of fans and ensuring the momentum never dips.

You’d think if a band drop a cover of Lightning Bolt, you know what sort of music they’re about. But at the end of the set, Turbowolf bring another belter out of their arsenal – ‘Somebody To Love’ by Jefferson Airplane. If the floor wasn’t moving already, the dancing feet of the Garage have sprung into life. Hardcore and fairweather fans of Turbowolf are singing along with every word and showing their appreciation to one of the hardest working and often overlooked bands on the UK circuit. If they’re in a town near you, you need to go along and party.


Live Gig Video: Frightened Rabbit record a tour diary video backed by new song ‘Dead Now’

By on Thursday, 22nd November 2012 at 4:00 pm

Frightened Rabbit will be releasing their next album ‘Pedestrian Verse’ on the 4th of February 2013 through Atlantic Records. Ahead of that release, they wanted everyone to hear this new song ‘Dead Now’, which they’ve use to set the stage for a tour diary video they’ve filmed. Singer Scott Hutchison describes the video:

We recently finished a joyous European and American tour, and while we were away we thought it only right to document as much as possible with our good friends Handheld Cine Club. The gents have cut a video for the album teaser Dead Now, featuring some of the amazing footage they shot whilst they were on the road with us. Hope you enjoy it.



In the Post #96: Vampire Weekend premiere new track ‘Unbelievers’ on American late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live

By on Thursday, 8th November 2012 at 12:00 pm

Just as the world’s eyes turn to America in the wake of the general election, everyone’s favourite American indie pop superstars Vampire Weekend are back with a new song, ‘Unbelievers’. The band premiered the song on American late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Halloween night, dressed as skeletons.

The guitars don’t seem to have changed a bit; they’re still played with that boyish, bounciness that gives Vampire Weekend that unique edge. Erza Koenig’s voice still sounds like a young boy who’s feverishly anticipating puberty, and with the youthful exuberance that this song centres on, it works brilliantly.

Rostam Batmanglij’s quick fire pianos keep the minimalistic track going brilliantly, while various percussion bits, ably provided by engine room Chris Tomson, are just toe-tappingly good. The song’s bounce continues throughout into a number, which could easily do what ‘A-Punk’ did and be the standout track of festival season next year. It might be a rash claim, but I’m willing to back it.

Vampire Weekend managed the difficult second album ‘Contra’ without missing a beat and songs like ‘Giving up the Gun’ and ‘I Think Ur a Contra’ showed an added maturity from the band. They weren’t just there for the big bouncy summer tunes like ‘A-Punk.’ Nope, they’re about the long run. And ‘Unbelievers’ is just the start of what is going to be a very successful and interesting few months for Vampire Weekend as if the rest of the album is up to this standard. We just could be seeing these New Yorkers topping the U.S. charts again.


Watch Vampire Weekend’s live performances of ‘Unbelievers’ and debut album opener ‘Oxford Comma’ below. Ezra Koenig filled fan Web site Team Vampire Weekend in on their work progress, saying “We’ve been working like maniacs for a long time. The time [until the album release] is not so far away, we promise. So we’ll just hang tight to hear further from the Vampire Weekend camp then.




Live Gig Video: The Crookes perform ‘Honey’ at Sheffield Crucible for Exposed Magazine

By on Wednesday, 31st October 2012 at 4:00 pm

Ever wanted to see the Crookes perform under the stars? This is the closest you’re going to get (so far): earlier this month, the band performed ‘Honey’, the b-side to the ‘Hold Fast’ first single ‘Afterglow’, at Sheffield’s Crucible for Exposed Magazine. You can watch the performance below.



Live Gig Video: The Postelles record a tour diary video backed by ‘Whisper Whisper’

By on Tuesday, 30th October 2012 at 4:00 pm

New York city band The Postelles have been touring North America for the last couple of weeks, and they had just enough time to put together this short video diary with track ‘Whisper Whisper’ playing in the background. Watch it below.



Live Review: Wolf Gang with the Royal Concept and Atlas Genius at U Street Music Hall, Washington DC – 27th October 2012

By on Tuesday, 30th October 2012 at 2:00 pm

The Wolf Gang show at U Street Music Hall ranks up there as one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever had to cover. Being a Wolf Gang fan, I was so chuffed to see Max McElligott and his band return to our town after having made a support appearance on Coldplay‘s North American tour over the summer. Evidently, I was the only person in attendance who hadn’t see either of those two performances at the Verizon Center. But as it turns out, I didn’t really need to be there, as I heard time and time again how all these fans, mostly under drinking age, had met Max and the band after they’d announced they’d be signing CDs and taking photos with fans in one of the upper level concourses and how there’d been a mad dash by girls getting over there. (For that reason alone, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t in that milieu.)

As I’ve explained in previous posts and just yesterday in this review of Saint Etienne just 2 days prior, U Street Music Hall is designed for dance bands and dance parties. However, since this was a show being put on by the 9:30 Club, my guess is that 9:30 Club security was working the floor that night. I will just say that if they were so worried about people storming the stage, they should have put up a barrier instead of yelling at people, and as it was, I was very uncomfortable and if it wasn’t for my love of Wolf Gang, I might have left early.

Since the show was sold out, it was good I arrived an hour before doors, situating myself stage right for the first opener, the Royal Concept. If they really started in April 2012 as their Facebook says, then that would explain why they sounded like a Swedish version of Two Door Cinema Club. The only differences are that Alex Trimble doesn’t wear leather, nor does he take off his clothes in public. MVRemix describes them as playing “infectious indie pop-rock, powered by catchy guitar riffs, synth-pop keyboards and contagious hooks”; I’m not the only one to which this sounds all too familiar.

‘World on Fire’ is their latest single, which frontman David Larson claimed applied to all the bands playing at the club that night. One particularly hilarious moment was when a very overexcited teenager begged to have Larson’s discarded wifebeater, and although I could not hear the exchange, I’m sure the response was, “you can’t, I only have one of these for the entire tour.” Another track, ‘Down’, left the underage crowd squealing.

Atlas Genius from Adelaide, Australia were up next. The DC was their first with the Wolf Gang tour, and I was pleased to see there were plenty of people (down the front at least) who had heard of them. In contrast to the Royal Concept, this is a band that was less about disrobing gimmickry; in fact, brothers Keith (vocals / guitar) and Steven Jeffrey were dressed in plaid, looking more like a grunge band than anything else.

‘Symptoms’, off their new EP ‘Through the Glass’, has a high-speed, driving rhythm reminscent of Phoenix and Miike Snow (though less dancey). Like Casiokids and Delphic before them, Atlas Genius’ track ‘If So’ has made it on to a FIFA game, a fact that Keith Jeffrey made proudly. (Not sure how many underage girls were impressed, but still, it’s an achievement.) One thing I was taken aback about was the fact that neither brother had a ‘usual’ rack of guitar pedals but instead had a fancy-schmancy sequencer-like set-up where different songs could be called up quickly with no fuss. Is this the way indie rock is heading? As a result, the music felt less organic, or at least, maybe it was just to me, having seen their equipment.

Max McElligott had a little something for everyone during Wolf Gang’s set. ‘Midnight Dancers’ was dedicated to the couples in the audience, some of which were pointed out by McElligott and commended, even though they were few and far between. He asked everyone to dance during ‘The King and All of His Men’, which was made all the more difficult by security yelling at us not to get too close to the stage. (Where do you want us to go? You want us to dance backward and into the already too packed dance floor?) He offered up new tracks ‘Horizons’ and ‘You Were Wrong’, as if asking us if it were okay for him to play new songs. Hell yes: I thought they sounded great and were in similar line to those on ‘Suego Faults’, which feels like a lifetime ago I reviewed for a UK release date in 2011.

But of course it was the released songs that made the most impact: the speedy delivery of ‘Where Are You Now?’, the slinkiness of ‘Back to Back’ and the bouncing rhythm of ‘Stay and Defend’ all went down extremely well to a crowd of fans who had already fallen in love with Wolf Gang 4 months ago. McElligott barely stayed in one place; he preferred dancing between the two sides of the stage, as if proving that he was there to perform to everyone there in the club, not just the one side where his mike stand happened to be sat.

‘Dancing with the Devil’ led to a mass scale pogo-ing, the likes I don’t see very often in DC. While there was no encore, ‘Lions in Cages’ was smartly saved for last, with its soaring “oh-oh-ohhhhs” filling the underground hall with an almost ethereal resonance. Afterwards, he didn’t stop signing CDs and t-shirts and took pictures with fans, all of whom were thrilled that this man from London had made their night, or possibly their year. This sold out gig proved that whenever Wolf Gang returns to our fair city with a new album, he’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

After the cut: Wolf Gang’s set list.
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