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Pixies / November and December 2016 UK Tour

By on Wednesday, 20th July 2016 at 8:00 am

American alt-rock behemoths Pixies have announced a series of live dates in the UK for the end of November into the start of December 2016. Black Francis and co. have officially announced that touring bass player Paz Lenchantin is now a full member of their band. This new tour will follow the release of their upcoming album ‘Head Carrier’, which is expected out on the 30th of September on Pixies Music / PIAS. The new LP was produced by Tom Dalgety, who is most famous around TGTF for producing Royal Blood and Broken Hands‘ debut albums. You can have a listen to hard-hitting early taster ‘Um Chagga Lagga’ below the tour date listing. There’s a presale going on today starting at 9 AM, but the general sale will commence this Friday, the 22nd of July, also at 9 AM. For past coverage of the Pixies on TGTF, go here.

Monday 28th November 2016 – London Brixton Academy
Tuesday 29th November 2016 – London Brixton Academy
Wednesday 30th November 2016 – Leeds Academy
Friday 2nd December 2016 – Glasgow Barrowland
Saturday 3rd December 2016 – Newcastle Academy
Sunday 4th December 2016 – Manchester Apollo


The BBC at Glastonbury 2014 (Saturday): Pixies perform ‘Where Is My Mind’ at the Other Stage

By on Sunday, 29th June 2014 at 10:00 pm

Wherever you will be hanging your hat this weekend, whether you’re joining the sheep at Worthy Farm or you’ve got your feet up in front of the telly, us here at TGTF will have you covered when it comes to Glastonbury 2014. The dedicated people they are, the folks at the BBC will be working all hours during the festival and feeding us live coverage as it becomes available. What does this mean for you? We’ll be passing along all the best bits to you, our faithful readers.

It’s no surprise that legendary American band Pixies, led by Black Francis, were going to be a big hit at Glastonbury 2014. Watch this performance by the band of the song ‘Where Is My Mind’ below.

For more of the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage online, head this way. Stay tuned for more videos from Glasto 2014 right here on TGTF.


Album Review: Pixies – Indie Cindy

By on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 at 12:00 pm

Lovers of the late pioneers of American alternative rock Pixies may listen to ‘Indie Cindy’ with an erring of disappointment, as it does tend to lean on the opposite side of what you would expect from them. However, newcomers to the Boston four-piece may be tempted to visit the back-catalogue, after the listening to the bittersweet collection of lighter offerings, mixed in with some altogether more rocking tunes.

The album comes out of the blocks strongly in the shape of guzzling rockabilly number ‘What Goes Boom’, a song powered by the vocals of Hank Schrader lookalike Black Francis in tandem with the chugging guitars of Joey Santiago. It’s so metal, it feels like we’ve been transported into another 21st century legend reunion (think Sabbath). The album then goes in an altogether different direction to what you’d expect from Pixies, even if it is their first studio release since 1991’s ‘Trompe Le Monde’. We’re treated instead to one of the highlights of the record, ‘Greens and Blues’. Francis tells us of his outcast status beautifully, “I said I’m human, but you know I lie / I’m only visiting this shore”, over a stuttering acoustic rhythm. The opening two tracks are a spectacle of the eclectic mix, which is served up on ‘Indie Cindy’.

The title track shades between the two facets of the record smoothly, weaving in soaring vocals alongside some shreddingly epic solos. It’s a snarling window back to what most people expected from Pixies: it’s grungy and so grimy, you feel like having a long warm shower afterwards to make you feel clean again. Seeing as the band has been away for so long, not producing new music, the mid-album point reminded me of recent Queens of the Stone Age work. But it’d be nigh on sacrilege to say QOTSA’s recent work has directly influenced this new work from one of the godfathers of grunge; in fact, mid-album tracks like ‘Magdalena’ and ‘Silver Snail’ are a return to the relative pomp and glory of Pixies, the sound that made them one of the key influences for bands like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins. And now they’ve returned to inspire a new generation of nu-grungists and rockers.

The fact this album – the band’s return – has come in the form of three separate EPs has been a cause for debate, with some suggesting that the band are cashing in for one final reunion pay cheque. But when listening to the record, it’s quite obvious that ‘Indie Cindy’ was put together as a whole: the entire album plays through as a consistent work, not a collection of three separate entities. Track nine, ‘Another Toe in the Ocean’ (video at the bottom of this post), is the album’s best by a long way. Snarling guitars a-plenty and the kind of vocals which will have any nostalgic Pixies fan gasping for air in excitement.

It’s been slammed in some corners, as a final cash-in for an ageing group, but ‘Indie Cindy’ is far from it in my opinion. It’s a throwback to the glory days, of a band who are set to enthuse anyone who sees them this summer into buying this record, alongside ‘Bossanova’ and ‘Doolittle’.


‘Indie Cindy’, the Pixies’ first album in years, is out now.


Video of the Moment #1483: Pixies

By on Saturday, 29th March 2014 at 10:00 am

Pixies have announced they’ll be releasing a new album in late April called ‘Indie Cindy’, their first since 1991 and without Kim Deal. Ahead of that, the band have released this odd video for ‘Snakes’, off most recent release ‘EP2’. Follow the antics of a couple of papier-mache heads around town and the desert and um…the ending’s not so sweet. Watch the video below.


Live Review: Pixies with FIDLAR at Strathmore Hall, Bethesda, MD – 26th January 2014

By on Wednesday, 29th January 2014 at 2:00 pm

My entertainment last Sunday night was more unique than most of the shows I usually attend: the headliners weren’t an indie band but instead were American alt-rock legends Pixies. How exactly do you review a band who means so much and on such personal terms to so many people around the world? What can be said on a purely newsworthy level is the appearance of touring female bassist and backing vocalist Paz Lenchantin, who replaced Kim Shattuck, who had been sacked by in the band back in November 2013, but who had replaced departing original bassist Kim Deal. Got all that? Good.

The opening band for the night were Los Angeles stoner skate punks FIDLAR, who I’m sure owe Pixies a lot: without them first showing that it was possible for an alt-rock band to dream of global success, there may never have been a FIDLAR, or loads of other noise punk-type bands. It was impossible to avoid the onslaught of hype surrounding the band at SXSW 2012 and to be honest, that decreased my desire to check them out, knowing everyone and their gran was going to see them in Austin. While I’m glad I finally saw them this weekend so I can say I’ve seen them, I’m still not sold. I can see that some young kids think of bands like them as kindred spirits, playing loud music that their parents don’t and will never understand, about a lifestyle they themselves know nothing about (see a similar phenomenon with Eminem’s popularity).

But is it really necessary to have songs titled ‘Cheap Beer’ and ‘Cocaine’? (Yes, not surprisingly, both songs are about partaking in those things.) ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’ and ‘I Just Wanna Die’? (Umm…) To their credit, they played a pretty long set, which is not an easy feat if the majority of your songs are loud (vocal cord destroying) and played very fast. Unfortunately, because nearly each song was about providing a swift sonic assault to the ears, they were pretty much indistinguishable from each other to me. And I’m not sure which one of their band members it was, but the way one of them said “thank you” after the polite audience applause was hilarious, as if he was trying to be a child-sounding cartoon character.

The sold out venue filled out just prior to Pixies taking to the stage. Whenever I come to Strathmore for a gig, what always runs through my mind is, “this has got to be a strange venue for rock bands to play. They must feel really weird at this moment.” To their credit, Pixies’ live setup helped to minimise that ‘weird’ feeling so the band could have it under their control. When their crew brought out what looked like scores of television screens at the back of the stage, I expected images to be broadcast on them all night. But that would be too predictable, wouldn’t it? No, the screens actually acted more like windows, so it gave you the feeling of being onboard a spaceship. Pixies’ spaceship. Coloured lights gleamed in varying patterns, depending on the song and the mood desired. When off-white lights were used in a flashing pattern behind the screens as well as on the floor onstage, it was an unsettling scene that made you feel like the place was on fire. Less scary and much more warm blue and red lighting felt appropriate during newer ‘EP2’ track ‘Magdalena’.

True to his name, Black Francis wore a black t-shirt to the proceedings. The man, however, barely spoke a word to us all night, with Pixies preferring to launch into each and every song with renewed gusto, which was fine by the mostly middle-aged punters in attendance at Strathmore. (If you’re in the mood to hear the man being interviewed by Lammo, here’s a bit they did last autumn when the Pixies were in for a special 6music concert.) I’d never seen them before and I was taken aback by how hard they played and just how much screaming Black Francis does! Hats off to you, brother.

Predictably, the big hits – ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’, ‘Here Comes Your Man’, ‘Wave of Mutilation’, ‘Where is My Mind?’, Debaser’ in the encore – got the most attention, but I think it speaks to the band’s quality of songwriting that newer songs ‘Bagboy’ (complete with UFO-like light projections) and ‘Greens and Blues’ held their own against their years of musical legacy. After a pretty comprehensive look back at Pixies’ back catalogue, it becomes eminently clear that the band’s esteemed place in rock ‘n’ roll history is safe. No wonder so many bands these days list them as an influence.

After the cut: Pixies’ set list.
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MTV’s Greatest Album Ever: Results

By on Thursday, 9th April 2009 at 1:10 am

MTV Greatest album (side)We introduced a few weeks ago MTV’s hunt to find “The Greatest Album Ever“. It raised a fair few questions, and a lot of angry responses from you guys as you listed your favourite bands who weren’t included.

Rather unsurprisingly, Michael Jackson topped the poll, having announced his sensational run of London shows between the announcement of the show and the results. Almost one in three of all votes went to the crazy American. In a shock move, Craig David was number 2 in the poll, and has been deemed more popular than Radiohead and Nirvana, receiving more votes than the Oxford based quintet and Seattle grungers combined. Surely that’s got to be some kind of mistake?

Over forty thousand votes were cast, which gives a pretty good perspective of what people think. Many in the comments of the previous post asked about some pretty seminal albums, however it should be noted that these are the best albums since 1981 – when MTV began, so many classics (Pink Floyd, Smiths, Who etc) aren’t eligible for the list. However, as Thom so rightly commented…. no Libertines? Crazy, no?

Speaking of wacko Jacko’s win, Trevor Nelson commented

I don’t think there’ll ever be another album like it ever in the history of music. There will never be a marriage of producer and artist and song writing and pop sensibility – it just won’t happen again. And also, due to the way people buy records now, there’ll never be an album that sells as many copies – and that’s the thing that will keep it at number one.

Interestingly, Zane Lowe didn’t agree with Craig David’s high ranking, commenting

The guy was hugely successful and there’s no denying that album is a great listen from start to finish as a pop record. It probably stands up as the greatest British urban pop record of the last twenty years. Still no one’s really topped it – apart from Winehouse. Should it be number two in The Greatest Album of all time? No, in my opinion, but I’m not going to begrudge anyone’s success, and if his fans voted for it then what’s encouraging for me is that they still consider that record to be an important part of their lives and that’s what music is.

After the jump: the complete list of albums
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