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Video of the Moment #2388: Radiohead

By on Monday, 26th June 2017 at 6:00 pm

Last week, the renewed interest in Radiohead reached a fever pitch. On Friday, the Oxford trailblazers released ‘OKNOTOK 1997-2017’, a new 20th anniversary reissue of their groundbreaking LP ‘OK Computer’. As if the original 12 tracks and 8 B-sides weren’t enough, Thom Yorke and co. have also thrown in three previously unreleased songs. ‘Man of War’ follows the reveal of ‘I Promise’, and was written around the time of ‘The Bends’ in the mid ’90s. You can watch the paranoia-inducing promo video for it below. To catch up on TGTF’s past coverage of Radiohead, go here.



Live Gig Video: Radiohead perform an intimate version of ‘Present Tense’ in California

By on Monday, 19th September 2016 at 4:00 pm

Radiohead have released a new live video showcasing another song from their current album. ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, their surprise release in early May, was reviewed here on TGTF by our Steven.

In their latest visual directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood), the band takes to far more intimate environment than their fame would normally dictate. Seemingly as small time and low key as friends around a campfire, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, accompanied by their guitars and a Roland CR-78 drum machine, are shown performing album track ‘Present Tense’ in this unusual video made in California. Watch it below. For more of TGTF’s coverage of Radiohead, go here.



Album Review: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

By on Monday, 23rd May 2016 at 12:00 pm

Now that the hype train has (almost) stopped rolling for new Radiohead material, we can finally take a look at what we’re left with in the aftermath. The initial social network buzz that started by the band, ironically, removing themselves almost completely from the internet, soon turned into a tangible video. ‘Burn the Witch’ is a terrifying and prowling song whose main objective is to build an extreme amount of tension before simply dying. Using strings to create the initial urgency, it’s when the electronic instruments kick in that the urgency becomes a chaotic mash of analogue and digital. In short, a more than apt metaphor for Radiohead’s general modus operandi.


The key component to Radiohead’s sound is experimentation. Truly no two of their albums sound the same, even if on the outside they may appear to. The genius behind Thom Yorke and co.’s approach is hidden within the detail. Every track on ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ is expertly crafted with not only an auditory reaction but an emotional one too. Taking you from sad to terrified to elated, all within one song, Yorke is able to orchestrate our minds just as he is able to instrumentation.

Track two ‘Daydreaming’ is an vast change of pace from its predecessor, though it retains the gradual descent into madness with a crescendo that sees more strings wrapping around a haunting vocal accompaniment that turns into demonic roars. At this point, it almost feels like Radiohead are just trying to haunt every aspect of your head, ‘Decksdark’ takes on a more standard appearance with a classic drums, bass, guitar and piano compositon. Of course this doesn’t last: when the verses break, we’re met with an array of sounds that echo around the sonic spectrum. ‘Desert Island Disk’ revolves around a repeating acoustic guitar line, which marries well with the dark and brooding electronic atmosphere.


It’s clear that the 5 years between 2011’s ‘The King of The Limbs’ and ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ has not been in vain. Evolving their sound to incorporate more electronic elements than ever before has allowed them to branch into an entirely new strand of menacing alt-rock. ‘Ful Stop’ uses more of the build up approach as seen on the opening two tracks, but instead of leading to a string laden eruption, it becomes this determined and furiously thick guitar riff that once again swells with atmospheric sounds and a pace quickening drum beat. ‘Glass Eyes’ is a sombre, piano-led ballad that has Yorke’s voice sporadically drowned out by overbearing strings, it’s also the shortest cut on the record that flows nicely into ‘Identikit’. Opening with a complex drum pattern, another consistency throughout, the rhythm section is always a structure Yorke plays with the utmost respect. Building the compositions around this complex network of drums is a part of this records beauty.

Within the undertones of the album lies within love, loss and life. ‘True Love Waits’, a track that’s been in the works since 1995, is a barren and exposed track that tears away the majority atmospheric elements and instead leaves the mind play left to the lyrical content. ‘The Numbers’ concerns the state of the earth and our responsibility to rectify our mistakes before it’s too late.

With some of the tracks dating to decades before this release, what Radiohead have done is created a conglomerate of past and future. An orchestration of time and how it doesn’t dwell in one central point. In classic Radiohead fashion, they’ve given us everything we could’ve wanted and more.


‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ is out now in digital form on XL Records. A physical release follows in June. Read more on Radiohead on TGTF here.


Video of the Moment #2076: Radiohead

By on Wednesday, 4th May 2016 at 6:00 pm

Oxford art-rock quintet Radiohead abruptly vanished from the realm of virtual reality over the weekend, deleting their official Web site and all of their social media postings on Sunday. But after a bank holiday Monday of radio silence, the band just as suddenly reinstated themselves online on Tuesday with the release of a video for their new track ‘Burn the Witch’. The single track release has naturally prompted speculation that Radiohead’s ninth studio album is imminent, especially given the band’s rapidly growing schedule of live tour dates.

The video for ‘Burn the Witch’, directed and designed by Chris Hopewell, is an anachronous clay animation sequence set in a “Model Village” that seems somehow stuck in a past time. In the context of this curious temporal framework, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s lyrics, “red crosses on wooden doors / if you float you burn / loose tongue around tables / abandon all reason / avoid all eye contact / do not react / shoot the messengers / this is a low-flying panic attack”, seem to be a commentary on the fear-mongering and reactionary politics of modern Western society.

With the dramatic build up to the video’s release and the moralising message of the song itself, it’s hard to decide whether Radiohead’s release of ‘Burn the Witch’ is the worst kind of pretentious gimmickry or avant-garde rock artistry at its new millenium finest. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.


If you’re keen on checking TGTF’s past archive of Radiohead coverage, including a review of the band’s 2011 album release ‘The King of Limbs’, please click here.


Live Gig Video: Radiohead perform at Bonnaroo 2012

By on Thursday, 14th June 2012 at 4:00 pm

I guess you can say Radiohead fans are completists. Going on from some kind soul providing a full gig video from their appearance at Coachella, someone’s done the same for their set at Bonnaroo over last weekend. This performance includes an airing of new song ‘Full Stop’ and ‘Supercollider’ being dedicated to Jack White. Watch it in HD below. The Guardian seems to think Thom Yorke and co. may be working with him and suggests there could be a possible future collaboration.



Live Gig Video: Radiohead perform at Coachella 2012

By on Tuesday, 17th April 2012 at 3:00 pm

Sad you missed Radiohead‘s performance at this year’s Coachella? You’re in luck. You can watch their whole set from this past weekend below.



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