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The Courteeners / February and March 2013 UK Tour

By on Tuesday, 18th December 2012 at 8:00 am

The Courteeners have announced a sizable tour for early next year. Tickets are on sale now. After the list of tour dates, you can watch the new Reading Festival video for ‘Lose Control’, the first single from their new album ‘Anna’, to be released in February.

Thursday 21st February 2013 – Nottingham Rock City
Friday 22nd February 2013 – Leeds Academy
Saturday 23rd February 2013 – Birmingham Academy
Monday 25th February 2013 – Liverpool Academy
Tuesday 26th February 2013 – Dundee Fat Sams
Thursday 28th February 2013 – Inverness Ironworks
Friday 1st March 2013 – Glasgow Academy
Saturday 2nd March 2013 – Edinburgh Picture House
Monday 4th March 2013 – Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
Tuesday 5th March 2013 – Cambridge Junction
Thursday 7th March 2013 – Bristol Academy
Friday 8th March 2013 – Blackpool Empress Ballroom
Saturday 9th March 2013 – Oxford Academy
Monday 11th March 2013 – Leicester Academy
Tuesday 12th March 2013 – Cardiff University Solus
Thursday 14th March 2013 – Newcastle Academy
Friday 15th March 2013 – Sheffield Academy
Saturday 16th March 2013 – London Brixton Academy



Interview: Steven Ansell of Blood Red Shoes at Reading 2012

By on Friday, 14th September 2012 at 11:00 am

Steven Ansell, one-half of Blood Red Shoes, is about all that TGTF can handle at Reading Festival. The man is a walking, talking dynamo. You can’t keep him still!

Literally, keeping eye contact with the man is task enough! But we nevertheless tied him down on day 2 of the festival and had a brief chat with him backstage.

“Playing the Main Stage with the two of us was just wicked. With just two of us it was a bit daunting, but we went out there and did great I think. It’s great to play at Reading; I mean this is one of those festivals when you start out as a band you think, that is where I want to be playing. On THAT stage.”

Now while Blood Red Shoes are just a two-piece, let’s just say they didn’t seem like it when they absolutely ran the Main Stage earlier that day. Laura-Mary Carter looked ever the rock chick poster girl she is quickly becoming. Sorry Hayley Williams, just not a ginger fan!

“I don’t feel like it is difficult being a two-piece, it’s what we know and we love doing it. The music we play is what we are passionate about, so when we are going onstage, we just kind of, zone out and play away.

“We still get a great reception for older songs like I wish ‘I Was Something Better’. But the new ones are getting a really good reception too, I mean, it’s just great that what we are doing is being appreciated on the scale it is.”

Now while Blood Red Shoes have been around for a while, it has been a slow build up for them. But breaks have popped out in their own way. One such break was in 2010, the band’s song ‘It’s Getting Boring by the Sea ‘was featured in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

“We want to keep on growing as we both just really enjoy what we do together. The plan for the future is to really just hit the road, hammer the promotion of our newest record and just enjoy life!”

Special thanks to Steven for chatting with us and Joe for sorting this interview out for us.


Interview: Alex Rosamilia of the Gaslight Anthem at Reading 2012

By on Thursday, 6th September 2012 at 11:00 am

Say what you want about this band playing with the Boss and everything, but without a doubt the Gaslight Anthem have earned their place on the Reading Main Stage. Their set earlier in the day was a triumph of their own fist-pumping brand of garage rock, which saw soaring singalongs and a raucous reception from the Reading Festival crowd.

After such a high octane, energy filled set TGTF was lucky enough to catch up with co-founder and lead guitarist of the Gaslight Anthem Alex Rosamilia, to ask him how it felt to be back at Reading.

“The set today went really good I think, I’d say it went really well. Yeah, of course it was special playing at Reading and I thought it went really well up there on the big Main Stage.

“It’s special also because Reading was our first-ever festival as a band, we were playing the Lock-Up Stage on the Friday. We were just surprised how many people turned out for it.”

Little did they know that playing to huge crowds was going to become a thing of routine, as the rose through the ranks.

Success in the UK kind of kicked off though when the band played their now-infamous set with Bruce Springsteen. My question then was, what was it like playing with the Boss.

“It was alright.”

Oh, okay. Do you hang out with him a lot?


RIGHT! Was it just that set?

“Yup, pretty much.”

So with that over with, we get down to why on their own merit they really have taken off in the UK. One factor has to be the huge success of single ‘45’, which came out earlier this year and has been a regular on Radio 1 playlists.

“I think it’s done really well so far, it’s awesome that it is a big radio hit now; I mean Ian’s mom called him up one day at like 1 in the afternoon when she was listening to the radio to say she’d heard him!

‘It’s really cool, to be able to show the parents. SEE, I HAVEN’T BEEN WASTING MY LIFE! My Mom is proud now that’s for sure!”

Acceptance from your parents, that’s what we all strive for isn’t it?

So The good ship Gaslight seems like it is well on the right course at the moment and with the backing of the British public shored up they’re off to America to play some hometown(ish) shows.

“Touring America, no there isn’t really anywhere special, America is America really! Nothing much else to say! I mean there are cities I like but, I wouldn’t say there is like one spot which is really special to me.’

‘The plans are pretty much touring, we’ll be playing with Rise Against and Hot Water Music at the end of this year which will be cool. Then we come back over here with Blood Red Shoes, I like those guys a lot, so that will be a lot of fun.”

Many thanks to Alex for the interview and Kat for sorting this out for us.


Reading 2012: Day 3 Roundup

By on Wednesday, 5th September 2012 at 2:00 pm

The last day of a festival is always a difficult affair. The joints are stiff, the hangovers are ringing ever louder in your head and the thought of your clean bed, a shower and the comforts of home are fresh in your mind and ever so tempting.

But onwards I say! The bands at Reading 2012 continue, the festival continues to its climax and the acts that played the Sunday were enough to get anyone (including myself) off their arses.

One band sure to shake the life back into you after a heavy night are Leeds based hardcore outfit Pulled Apart by Horses, who shredded through a fast and furious set, filling in just half an hour but tearing though nine songs from their back catalogue. Opening track ‘Back to the Fuck Yeah,’ was ferocious and it was obvious the crowd arrayed in front of the band hadn’t had their Weetabix, for the fact that they just stood zombified in front of the Main Stage.

The highlight of their set, though, came next as the crowd came to life in a furious mêlée of headbanging and moshing to track from their new album ‘Tough Love’. The middle of the set seemed to see a lull from the crowd but the cheeky guitar twangs of ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ injected the enthusiasm straight back into the waiting audience, reigniting the mosh. (8/10) If you weren’t awake after that, you may as well have gone home then.

After a relatively mainstream hardcore opening, it was time to go into the deep, dark depths of the Lock Up Stage where heavy as hell hardcore outfit Mongol Horde were playing. Fronted by everyone’s favourite punk folk troubadour Frank Turner, with backing from Matthew Nasir who plays with Turner’s backing band The Sleeping Souls and ex-Million Dead member Ben Dawson, pretty much everyone was in for a surprise at what was to come from the set.

The crowd was simply insane for a band who has released just one song. But the appearance of a screaming shirtless Turner was enough for most people. A screaming seething mass of heavy riffs, ear-splitting screams and everything in-between followed and the crowd bloody loved it. The mix in the audience was eclectic, as you had your old Million Dead fans back for some good ole-fashioned nostalgia and fans of Turner’s more mainstream solo work mixed in the crowd.

Starting with the aptly named ‘Make Way for Mongol Horde’, the set went from chaotic to downright absurd, with Turner throwing himself round the stage and into the hordes in front of him like a man possessed. Single ‘Casual Threats from Weekend Hardmen’ provoked easily the best reaction of Mongol Horde’s own material, with crowd surfers and rock revellers galore getting involved.

Next came the climax to the set which included a bizarrely brilliant cover of the Streets’ ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’, which would have made Streets frontman Mike Skinner scratch his head. Another cover in the form of Nirvana’s ‘Territorial Pissings’ closed the set and was performed with such venom, such ferocity that the crowd just genuinely looked stunned. Mr. Turner and co. had smashed Reading. AGAIN. (9/10)

After a short wait and the odd bit of recuperation, courtesy of a greasy bacon butty, I made my way to the Main Stage for the Gaslight Anthem. These New-Jersey cool kids are used to the big-time though. They played with The Boss, yadda yadda yadda.

This was well and truly their set though and they made the most of the mid-afternoon slot they had, kicking of at just after 2:30. They opened with a sing your heart out boys-kind of rendition of ‘Great Expectations’ which provoked mass bouts of festival karaoke. But the crowd after the release of ‘Handwritten’ last month only wanted one thing and that was a rip roaring rendition of ’45’, a track that has already gone down as a classic Gaslight anthem.

Frontman Brian Fallon, rarely had anything less than a grin on his face throughout the bands set and as he closed with fan favourites ‘The ’59 Sound’ and ‘The Backseat.’ By the end they could safely assume, that they are established, as a modern Reading Festival institution. (8/10)

With a brief interlude after the chest-pounding goodness of the Gaslight Anthem’s set it was time to go old school and rock out with Britain’s biggest metal band at the moment, Bullet for My Valentine.

Now scoff you may at these guys, “they sing about crying, blah blah blah”, as they burst onto the stage to the absolutely huge drum intro of ‘Fever’ album opener ‘Your Betrayal.’ The crowd were worked into a frenzy and lead singer Matt Tuck absolutely shredded through the set, with enough guitar solos to satisfy the stingiest of mettalers.

Crowd favourite ‘Scream, Aim, Fire’ had one of the moments of the festival so far, as the band got each half of the crowd to jump in unison. An epic site if there ever was one which I wish I could have seen from above and taken part in. Perhaps a dual John Fernandez at the next festival I go to will work. Their huge rendition of ‘Waking the Demon’ closed the set and it was obvious, the sense of nostalgia that was brought back to all these teenagers souls, had them all yearning for more. (9/10)

The Black Keys’ ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ had already seemingly become the song of the festival, after it was chosen as the BBC coverage’s trail. So when the Black Keys did emerge it was to be greeted by possibly one of the biggest crowds of the weekend. And rightly so, as with a brilliant record like ‘El Camino’ the band deserve the success they have seen in the USA to be translated to the UK audiences.

Dan Auerbach bossed the stage from start to finish, delivering pinpoint vocals combined with some brilliant guitar work, while Patrick Carney on drums kept the set chugging along like a train through the Old West. Final track ‘Lonely Boy’ provoked a singalong, which this band deserves and shows that their success in the UK is to continue.

And so the final act of the weekend approaches.

The Foo Fighters. With Dave Grohl returning to headline Reading 20 years after Nirvana headlined their last and most infamous UK show.

It was always going to be emotional, with the awful events of what happened in the months after that gig fresh in everyone’s minds 20 years on. The band’s epic arrival to ‘White Limo’ set the tone. It was a rock show first and foremost, and the cute/emotional stuff would come much later in the mammoth 3-hour set. The audience were on their toes to attention as Grohl, Hawkins, Shifflett, Mendel and Smear raced through hit after hit, running off huge crowd pleasers like ‘All My Life’ and ‘My Hero’ at breakneck speed.

It seemed like a standard Foo set, until Grohl dedicated a song each to his daughters Violet and Harper. Then it got even deeper as he dedicated ‘These Days’ to Krist Novoselic and the late Kurt Cobain. The standard Foo Fighter set recipe then was changed, as Dave ran through songs that hadn’t been aired in years, including one of my personal favourite Foo songs ‘Alone + Easy Target,’ as well as ‘Winnebago’, ‘Exhausted’ and ‘For All The Cows’.

It was obviously an emotional set for Grohl, but coupled with the sheer intensity of the moment, it really made for a Reading Festival defining set. Foo Fighters 2012 at Reading Festival will go down as one of the biggest and most important gigs of the Festival’s history and I was there. (10/10)


Interview: King Charles at Reading 2012

By on Wednesday, 5th September 2012 at 11:00 am

King Charles is one of those men at a festival like Reading 2012 that all you have to do is just have to look at him to make out that he’s not just a regular punter, he’s an artist.

“I am king of a new sound, calling on a new generation towards revolution.”

When an interview starts like that, well, it’s difficult not to realise that we have something special in our midst. Looking like a trustafarian mix between Bob Marley and Jamie T, he’s an interesting prospect when questioned to say the least and that’s just with a look at his special ‘waxed moustache’…

“There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a waxed moustache, of the advantages are you can groom yourself more efficiently; you can get a good height and shape.”

But with the success of debut single ‘Lady Percy’ and the release of his album ‘Love Blood’, confidence is brimming from the moustachioed monarch. His influences are wide ranging, from Adam Ant to Neil Young, and the genres sampled in his debut album are vast in their diversity.

“My musical influences? Well, it started with Bob Dylan, that’s what made me want to be an artist of any description. But then there was country music as well, people like Dolly Parton, because ‘9 to 5’, well, it’s the bomb isn’t it?

“People like The Rolling Stones as well influenced me, so I would say I gathered different influences and tried to make a sort of sound that I could express as big as possible.”

His music is, as I said, as eclectic as anyone could want. And with bands like Animal Collective, Django Django and alt-J taking plaudits left, right and centre, it seems there is no better time to mash genres together. However, with King Charles’ career still in its infancy, it’s understandable that the festival circuit is rather, well, idealistic in his view.

“This is the first time I have even been to Reading Festival, let alone played at it. It’s felt really good so far, I was trying to describe it earlier, but couldn’t! It’s got such a pleasant atmosphere of dreams and there are like so many 15-year old boys that come here that dream of being rock stars and want the life around that.

“Then you come back here and there are so many people living that dream and I just think it’s wicked.”
So with the King living the rock star dream, the question on fans’ lips is, what is up next for the monarch?

“At the end of the year I’m going to tour a lot and then I expect a long part of that I will be promoting my album ‘Love Blood’ as much as possible. Then I really wanna go do Australia and America next year and then I want to come back and do lots of festivals here and in Europe.”

Many thanks to the King himself for taking the time to do this interview and Paul and Chris for sorting this out for us.


Interview: Dec Hart and Eddy Thrower of Lower Than Atlantis at Reading 2012

By on Tuesday, 4th September 2012 at 11:00 am

Just to confirm it, this band are not gay. They spent half of our interview stressing the fact that while they enjoy a good bit of male company, they are not in any way homosexuals. No, really, they aren’t. But were any of us thinking that?

No, when you saw Lower Than Atlantis in the title, you though that these fellas are one of the rising stars of 2012.

But still, they want me to tell you they’re NOT GAY. Members of the band Eddy Thrower and Dec Hart stressed this, while telling me where there musical influences lie and having a bit of a general bro down together.

Drummer Eddy, whose eloquence shone through, said, “you know that guy Conor Maynard, we get a lot of our influences from him. LOVE THAT GUY.” (Before he bursts into a rendition of ‘Can’t Say No’…) The band are just chilling at Reading when we caught up with them, trying to find their bearings. “I’ve never been here before, so it’s pretty cool just being on the site.”

On the other hand, the band’s bassist Dec Hart is a bit of a Reading vet: “I’ve been here loads of times before, so it’s cool to be on the other side of the fence.”

At Reading, their set goes down an absolute storm. Guitars roar above the seething mass of adolescents arrayed before the band. Eddy and Dec provide the engine room to a juggernaut of a performance. Afterwards, the crowd leave the stage, with only a few words on their tongues. Like “I might download them at home”. (And possibly that they aren’t gay.)

The plans for the future are shaping up well for the band and with as they begin to gain a huge fanbase, one has a feeling that what happens next could make or break this outfit. “The record’s going to come out in a few months, then there’s a headline tour. We’re gonna record a new video, have another tour and get ourselves on Radio 1 and then we’re gonna get loads of chicks not dicks.” (See, they aren’t gay.)

“We appreciate everyone who loves our band and who cares about our band, who buys our CDs, has bought a t-shirt or who’s going to come and see us play live.

“Anyone can do anything, just get a band together and you can play amazing festivals like this.”

Special thanks to Dec and Eddy for their time and Libby for sorting this interview.


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