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MP3 of the Day #107: Richard Walters

By on Friday, 2nd October 2009 at 10:00 am

Richard Walters‘ gorgeous second single, Weather Song is released on 28th October, and to celebrate we have been given the go-ahead to let you download the B-side, ‘Needless Advice’, completely free of charge. Download it, and then be sure to get your copy of his single on 28th October.

MP3: Richard Walters – Needless Advice


In the Post #17: Richard Walters – The Animal

By on Friday, 14th August 2009 at 12:00 pm

Richard Walters (side)When I interviewed Richard Walters a couple of weeks ago, I thought that he was a great talent. However, I had a niggling feeling in the back of my head that his debut full length would be a letdown, a mish-mash of cliché’s that are half-hashed to make an album that’s perfectly acceptable but not brilliant.

I was wrong.

“The Animal” is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an animal – vulnerable, has its good spots and its bad spots, but you love it nonetheless. He has managed to produce ten tracks that perfectly channel his “heartbroken choirboy” sound.

It’s simple, sparse, many of the songs featuring Walters on the piano or guitar with little backing. It’s how it should be – treading the path many (Tom McRae, Jeff Buckley etc) have trodden, and doing it well. The title track is a personal highlight, building slowly, helpless and aching and beautiful. Perfect for that scene in the movie when she leaves him, it’s raining, thunderstorms, and the guy breaks down sobbing slowly. Haunting, yet still quite beautiful.

The downside? It is certainly not a “happy” album in any sense of the word – not an upbeat album to play on the way to work. Oh, and at times Walters is prone to over-do the wailing / “oh”‘s / “ooooh”‘s (see “Weather Song” and “We Have Your Head”), but I only noticed after a few listens.

Other than that, it’s a promising debut – he’s managed to create a consistently good album that is not going to set the world on fire with its innovation but definitely one to treasure – and not tell your friends about, in case your little golden find does a James Blunt on us.

Richard Walters’ debut album, “The Animal” is released on 21st September 2009.


Videos of the Day #93: Richard Walters (and Tegan and Sara)

By on Wednesday, 5th August 2009 at 6:00 pm


Richard Walters -True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover)

Now, I know this is a slightly morose tune, but I really quite love the bauty and introspectiveness of this new Richard Walters track. Some of you may want to slit your wrists, but I personally love it.

To go with this, I’ve not been able to stop watching this great video for Tegan and Sara’s “Call it Off”. I only discovered it a few days ago, but love the simplicity and Tegan’s facial expressions as she’s sining it.



Interview: Richard Walters

By on Friday, 3rd July 2009 at 12:00 pm

Richard Walters (side)I first featured Richard Walters on Monday with a free MP3 for you to enjoy. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Richard earlier this week…

Hello Richard. What are you up to today?

We’re painting our bedroom and some furniture, and generally melting in the heat.

For the uninitiated amongst our readers, what do you reckon you sound like?

A heartbroken choirboy. A really well weathered, 27 year old choirboy.

How are you finding Paris in comparison to Oxford? Anything you really miss from the UK?

Paris really reminds me of Oxford in many ways, especially in the summer. I think it’s the museumy feel of both places – lots of grand buildings and hidden green corners. I love being over here, I like getting lost, and being new enough here to still be able to get completely lost… It’s a bit of a maze. There are so many things I miss, all small though… All very English… Decent tea, Marks and Spencer’s overpriced food, eavesdropping on the train…

Oxford’s about a 30 minute drove for me (I’m in Southern Oxfordshire)… where were / are your favourite places in the city?

I used to live in Jericho, so ended up spending far too much time on the Jericho Tavern, the Victoria, G & D’s… I spent a lot of time in East Oxford too, Cowley Road, South Park, the Star…so many amazing places.

I love that you’re writing about topics other than the usual love stories. Was this intentional, or just something that happened naturally?

Thank you very much. I think it happened over time; I tried to find twists and different angles to move away from the straight ballad that it’s so easy to fall into writing when you’re younger. It’s a good starting block for a lyric, but love songs more often than not end up sounding hideously contrived and like a complete lie… It has to be soul-baringly honest to carry any real weight, or you have to mess with the delivery of the words and sentiment.

On songwriting – how does it start for you? Lyrical concept? A riff? Turn of phrase? Or a drug fuelled orgy that results in a great song?

Hahaha, I tend to avoid group sex song writing. I’ve always found that a song just happens… If I sit down with the intention of writing a song, most of the time it’s not going to achieve an awful lot, or not anything that I’m willing to air… I tend to write when I least expect it, and it’s always words and melody together… Just singing lines that jump out, revising it, cutting and changing melodies and structure, building it then knocking it down again and again. It’s probably not the most efficient route but anything else feels like cheating to me.

Before going on stage, do you have any rituals?

I cross my fingers on both hands 2 times. I have no idea why, I’ve just always done it, a secret superstitionist… or maybe I’m stretching my fingers.

Finally, what’s one thing we wouldn’t normally know about you?

I was a bit metal when I was younger, I listened to a lot of Machine Head, Pantera, Monster Magnet… Until I was about 16, my life’s ambition was to appear in Kerrang. I don’t see that happening now.


MP3 of the Day #83: Richard Walters

By on Monday, 29th June 2009 at 10:00 am

Richard Walters isn’t a name that I’ve come across before, but when I took a listen to this lovely track you can’t help but melt a little bit inside.

His single, ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’, comes out on July 20th, through Kartel. The track, his plaintive cover of the classic Daniel Johnston song, will precede the release of his debut album ‘The Animal’ on 21 September.

Perfect for a Monday morning. Download, listen, and enjoy.

MP3: Richard Walters – Flooded Valley


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