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(Exclusive!) Video of the Moment (and more!) #1124: Santiago Street Machine

By on Wednesday, 13th February 2013 at 6:00 pm

Santiago Street Machine are gearing up to release a new single, ‘Holes’, on the 10th of March. They’ve got the exclusive play of their new promo video for the single, which is yet another huge track from the Manchester trio. And that’s not all! You can also listen to and download the remixes of ‘Holes’, done by Chopper and Redsparrow, in the widget below, alongside the full and radio edit versions of the track.



Single Review: Santiago Street Machine – Sinking Stone

By on Friday, 28th September 2012 at 1:00 pm

It has not been a great couple of months for drum and bass fans. Pendulum split, calling it quits in June. Then there was an egregious lack of a single album even touching on dance in the 2012 Mercury Prize nominations. What’s a dance fan to do? Manchester’s Santiago Street Machine new single, entitled ‘Sinking Stone’, may be part of the answer. This single follows ‘Face Your Fear’, which was released in May. (You can download a remix of that song in this previous MP3 of the Day post.)

Santiago’s vocalist Andy Chandler has the huskiness to match Rob Swire’s, but sounds a bit more familiar (and therefore more comfortable) than an Aussie accent. ‘Sinking Stone’ is nowhere near in your face, assaulting you in ‘Noisemaker’ fashion. Instead, the song starts out slowly, building speed and power. About 45 seconds in, everything comes together and in organised chaos fashion, the song takes flight. “Are you looking for a better life these days?” Chandler asks in the chorus, which made me think it was a response to our name sake, Doves’ ‘There Goes the Fear’, which is all about taking chances. Dance music has never been the bastion of amazing lyrics like the singer/songwriter genre has always been, so to have a song with such a compelling sound and thinking man’s lyrics is a definite plus.

Pendulum fans, take note: you don’t have to be sad anymore. Embrace Santiago Street Machine, and you can have a new band to cheer on at gigs. The thing that gets me about people complaining about dance music is that it’s too slick, “overproduced” and over synthesised. I know some others don’t feel the same, but when I hear a track like ‘Sinking Stone’, I can feel the music course through my veins, and it’s the beats that make me feel alive. I used to say that if dance music didn’t have the power to move a person, then that person must be a stone. But now I’ve sort of backed off that premise, because I think it does take a special ear to appreciate dance music and most people, if they aren’t bothered, won’t even have a listen. But to miss out on something like ‘Sinking Stone’ would be a terrible loss.


‘Sinking Stone’, the new single from Santiago Street Machine, is out Sunday (the 30th of September) on the band’s own Hijacker Records. Watch the official video below.



MP3 of the Day #523: Santiago Street Machine

By on Wednesday, 18th April 2012 at 10:00 am

And now for something completely different. Sometimes you just want a song to melt your face off. Santiago Street Machine‘s new single ‘Face Your Fear’, self-described as a “foray into instrumental dance”, is an epic headbanging tune…for those of us who like to groove to dance music and yes, there are occasions when you bring out the headbanging. (And you know who you are. Stop pretending you don’t do it!)

Listen to and download the song below.


MP3 of the Day #502: Santiago Street Machine

By on Monday, 5th March 2012 at 10:00 am

Santiago Street Machine have a new remix out for their song ‘Shut This Down’, and it’s a monster. Listen to it to your heart’s content and download it for free below.


Single Review: Santiago Street Machine – Noisemaker

By on Wednesday, 16th November 2011 at 11:00 am

When there’s word on the street of a new dance act from Manchester, I listen. (Hey, Steve Lamacq did not call me “the sucker for the synth” on 6music 3 years ago for nothing.) Dance rock trio Santiago Street Machine first came to my attention when fellow Mancunians Heavyfeet remixed their track ‘Breaking Bones’ as part of their Manchester : Remixed project this past summer (read more about that here; listenable and downloadable MP3 at the bottom of this post). So when I heard they were getting around to releasing their debut single, my ears perked up.

It’s called ‘Noisemaker’ and the first thing I thought of when I queued this track up for the first was the Prodigy. There is something inherently dangerous in this sound: not dangerous in the sense of “oh my god, I’m going to die”, dangerous in the sense of intrigue. I want more of this. It reminds me of everything my parents warned me against when I was younger; don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd, don’t cut class, don’t do drugs. (Er, I’ve read some things online that say this band was born out of a Manchester greenhouse? Um…) I’m not expecting these memories of mine to connect with any of you readers directly, but maybe you can remember the time you heard something for the first time and you knew it was against everything you believed in. I’m getting that feeling with this tight 3-minute track.

The beginning sounds otherworldly, and somehow you get the sense that the analogue synths were programmed specifically to sound sci-fi. The driving beats have been with singer/keyboardist Andy Chandler’s emphatic vocals in such a way that this track is bigger than the label ‘dance’ – it’s also jittery bits of pop, and it’s also rock in the way the vocal is delivered. There are parts of this single that will speak to fans from very different walks of life and therefore has the potential to be massive. Pendulum, anyone?

This is no “sleeping dragon” – this is a dragon that has just been awakened and is ready to breathe fire. Look for this Manchester band to “show their teeth” in the coming months.


‘Noisemaker’, the debut single from Santiago Street Machine, will be released on 20 November.


In the Post #74: Manchester : Remixed

By on Wednesday, 6th July 2011 at 12:00 pm

As briefly alluded to in this MP3 of the Day post 2 weeks ago, Manchester DJ / production duo Heavyfeet will be working on a special remix project during the entire month of July. At the time, we here at TGTF didn’t know which Manchester-based bands were participating in the project. But now we can announce them:

The Whip (whose album sampler I just reviewed)
I Am a Camera
Dutch Uncles (whose debut album ‘Cadenza’ I reviewed in April)
Santiago St. Machine
Kirsty Almeida
The Jessie Rose Trip

The idea for the project came about from a conversation with a local landlord and music lover who had been there for the notorious days of Madchester in the late ’80s and early ’90s. And Heavyfeet’s thought was, why not build on the strengths of the strong Manchester music scene and merge their production talents with the gifts of their fellow Mancunian songwriters? So was born the “Manchester : Remixed” project, which will see Mike and James of Heavyfeet be hard at work all July on remixing a track from each of the above-named artists.

Want to keep up with their progress? Check back on the blog on their official Web site. On Sunday the 7th of August, an exclusive BBC Manchester / BBC Introducing programme featuring all eight of these remixes will be broadcast. After this broadcast, the remixes will be available for free download from Heavyfeet’s Web site and other great music blogs, including TGTF.

To get people excited about this project, Heavyfeet is giving away a brand new remix of the Delphic tune ‘Doubt’. It’s a high-energy, bouncier reinterpretation of a song that we’re all familiar with. Can you believe ‘Acolyte’ came out 17 months ago? Now, I’ve heard a lot of Delphic remixes, but this is really a refreshing version, with a great build-up to the vocal and a wicked summery groove that should get you up on your feet. Listen and download it below.


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