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Live Gig Video: New Order reveal live performance of ‘Temptation’ from Bestival 2012, related to new charity album

By on Wednesday, 10th July 2013 at 4:00 pm

Similar to this album that the Cure released in 2011, the current incarnation of New Order have released ‘Live at Bestival 2012’, a charity CD to support the Isle Of Wight Youth Trust. This video just released is of the legendary Manchester band bringing it to the festival last year to perform ‘Temptation’, in all its 9-minutes plus glory. Watch it below.

New Order’s ‘Live at Bestival 2012’ is available now from Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label, with all proceeds go to the Isle of White Youth Trust, a charitable, independent and professional organisation offering counseling, advice, information and support services to young people aged 25 and under who live on the Isle of Wight (the home of Bestival, natch) and, in some cases, their parents or carers.



Live Gig Videos: Fred Perry Subculture featuring the Charlatans, Willy Mason and the Drums

By on Monday, 7th January 2013 at 4:00 pm

2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the Fred Perry brand and the relaunch of the Fred Perry Subculture Web site. The brand had a series of celebrations in honour of the anniversary last year but just because it’s 2013, it doesn’t mean the partying has stopped. They’ve provided us some great live videos from their birthday party in September 2012 at London Garage, starring the Charlatans (performing ‘The Only One I Know’), Willy Mason (playing ‘I Got Gold’ from his new album ‘Carry On’ released in December on Fiction Records) and the Drums (playing the fab ‘Days’ from 2011’s ‘Portamento’). Watch them all below.





Live Gig Video: Coldplay perform ‘Paradise’ at Paris Stade de France

By on Tuesday, 6th November 2012 at 4:00 pm

Since the release of ‘Mylo Xyloto’ in October 2011, Coldplay have been touring the album tirelessly around the world. It’s all culminated in the release of ‘Live 2012’, a live DVD to be released on the 19th of November that will feature video from the band’s live appearances in Paris, Montreal and 2011’s Glasto. Watch below footage from the DVD of the band performing ‘Paradise’ at the Paris Stade de France in September. Enjoy.



Luke’s Alphabet Tour – S: Sun Ra Arkestra at London Barbican – 29th September 2012

By on Tuesday, 23rd October 2012 at 2:00 pm

Jazz isn’t something that appears much on the virtual pages of There Goes The Fear. Its influence can be heard in a lot of the indier records we review but we rarely investigate the history of the genre. Sun Ra and his Arkestra released their first album back in 1956, and over time the band evolved into the Solar Arkestra, Solar Myth Arkestra and Outer Space Arkestra, before settling as the Sun Ra Arkestra which tonight set the stage of the Barbican alight with their unique mindbending jazz fusion.

The theatre’s walls are awash with lava lamp imagery and a spirograph of colourful whirls courtesy of Mystic Lights. The 12 men on stage are met with rapturous applause from a sold out audience of all ages. Eyes are transfixed on the glittering, futuristic musicians led by Marshall Allen (who himself is strutting the stage with a sax), it’s a mesmerising joy to watch and experience. ‘Space is the Place’ kicks it up a notch with Marshal Allen’s gritty vocals wailing over the top of a seemingly uncontrollable mass of trombones, drums, saxophones and trumpets.

The first half of tonight’s performance comes to a close with ‘Angels And Demons’. Everyone is hypnotised and satisfied by the music either written or influenced by the man who travelled to Saturn and back. The second half shows no signs of a mood change as the Arkestra start the party now more drinks have been purchased.

A cover of Charlie Chaplin‘s ‘Smile’ is a brilliant addition for a brief singalong – now a staple of the Arkestra’s setlist. The performance pushes on until it reaches its natural conclusion of saxophonists, trombonists and everyone else on their feet dancing and marching around the stage, off the stage, into the audience, out into the foyer and back into the theatre again while still playing. Everyone is on their feet and boogieing on down to some amazing scenes of the legendary experimental jazz pioneers. Almost two and a half hours of cosmic jazz is enough to melt the mind, but firmly create a smile on everyone’s face.


Interview: Lisa Hannigan

By on Thursday, 11th October 2012 at 1:00 pm

On first meeting, Lisa Hannigan comes across exactly as you’d expect from one of the acoustic music scenes young darlings. She’s gorgeous, down to earth and charismatic to boot. The Irish songstress is probably best known for her Mercury Prize-nominated album ‘Sea Sew’ in 2009, but when I met her she was getting into the flow of things with tour supporting the legendary Richard Hawley at the Engine Shed. “My impressions of Lincoln are really good so far, as I’ve got to see the lovely Cathedral!

“The tour has been going really, really well with Richard and it’s great to be able to listen to his music every night. I mean I knew some of his records from before but the new songs I think it’s been really great to hear them over and over again. I’m really getting into it and Richard, well, he’s just such a brilliant songwriter and the band are all brilliant, and it’s kind of all been a bit of a dream tour.

“I only found out a month before that I was doing a tour and I was really excited, as I’ve been around the UK a lot, and it’s just nice to do a support tour now as they don’t know you, and that’s a nice feeling. Often as a support band, you’re fighting a battle. But there’s something satisfying about trying to win an audience over, and Richard’s audiences are great for that. He’s not a just hyped up and everyone is here to hear one song, no, he’s a career artist, so people listen and are far more receptive.”

Lisa’s set at the Engine Shed proved that she could win over any audience. She strolled onstage somewhat nervously it seemed. But once she had an instrument in her hand there was no stopping the girl as she bounced boisterously around the stage. But while here songs are beautiful and lightly strung, Lisa does admit to a wilder side.

“I am a bit of a rock chick, all the moshing if there’s any goes on in my gig. I’ve crowd surfed before. My crowd surfing was sort of combined with stage diving, in that I kind of climbed up on a barrier and jumped back, but I suppose I haven’t technically stage dived from the stage. It was awesome, but I think for a lady it’s a rather perilous experience, or it can be, I think it was all right when I did it, I don’t remember any grope-y feelings! In fairness to people, they might even be groping you, but they are just trying to hold you up!”

‘Passenger’, Lisa’s newest record, has been out for over a year now and took her a while to write. “I was writing while I was on tour and it did take some time, however we did manage to record it in only a week, so quick to make but long to prepare.”

And here is where my research fell down…as you see Lisa’s Wikipedia page said that “Her blog posts are noted for containing recipes for baking cakes.” This is a statement that Lisa told me was completely incorrect! “I tried to change the page but Wikipedia won’t let me!

“I hate Wikipedia, they’re awful! My Wikipedia I would say is 50% absolute shite.”

Many thanks to Rob for setting this interview up for us.


Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club with Guards and Friends, 9:30 Club, Washington DC – 2nd October 2012

By on Friday, 5th October 2012 at 2:00 pm

Technically, until this week, Two Door Cinema Club have not played in Washington DC proper in nearly 2 years. (And at that time in January 2010, they only sold out 9:30 Club with the help of Tokyo Police Club fans, who I learned don’t really overlap with Two Door fans.) That all changed when they played back to back shows at our most famous club venue. This time, the first show announced sold out quickly because of Two Door’s name, and to make it all the more sweeter, the DC market was the first one to sell out (requiring a second date to satisfy hungry fans), the first market in this North American tour to do so. These facts were not lost on Two Door, who thanked the fans later in the show Tuesday night for having supported them through the very beginning.

Historically speaking, DC was one of the first places they ever gigged in America, in spring 2010, supporting the then-massive Phoenix.) Tuesday night, the first of the two sold out shows, was a far cry from those early beginnings as an unknown Irish band. Girls in the queue with me, having never seen the band perform before, squealed with the prospect of finally seeing the boys live. Once inside, I made new friends. Once it was time for them to go on, the venue was rammed of course, but everyone respected each other. I even was able to step into the pit to take photos and come back to the spot down the front that I had secured when doors open. That never happens. Maybe I was just lucky, but I felt the vibe was entirely different than the show we’d seen in Baltimore in June.

But first were two supports. Guards, a New York City trio with two touring band members, have a huge sound and great pop/rock melodies. I liked most of their set; when rocking out hard, they resembled Band of Skulls, and when they were pop, they could have matched the Postelles. They even had a song that sounded so California surf pop, in a way that went far beyond Best Coast’s abilities. I Tweeted, that I thought they had better and a hell lot catchier songs than Foster the People. That was until they went proggy on me, with squealing guitars, fog that engulfed not just the stage they were on but the first couple rows of the stalls and outros that seemed to go on forever (and that’s not a compliment). They have an album coming out next February that will be worth to keep an ear out for; time will tell which way (pop/rock or prog) they will go.

The second support was indie darlings Friends, who I skipped at the Great Escape because 1) I didn’t feel like queueing for their show with Niki and the Dove at Horatio’s but 2) I really didn’t feel like trekking down Brighton Pier to get in said queue. I’m glad I didn’t bother. I realise there are quite a few fans of them reading TGTF, but they aren’t my thing at all. I forget where I read it, but someone once said regarding their band’s appearances at UK festivals that Friends live felt like Samantha Urbani’s personal band. That’s exactly how their whole setup felt like (which did no favours for the rest of the band, who on the whole had the bouncy, rhythmic sound that works well to warm up crowds for a headliner). For those of us who remember Madonna in her ‘Like a Virgin’ phase, Urbani was doing her best conjure up that ghost of Madonna’s past. Wearing a very tight and somewhat revealing black dress, she squealed and moaned her way through their set in what I considered a pretty unladylike fashion.

My guess is that the majority of the audience were minors; that’s not the audience you should be asking as a singer to join you in some “heavy breathing”, eh? The oohing she was doing in ‘Mind Control’ sounded like she was having a private sexual moment. There must be something to their production, because her voice was much more pointed than I remembered from record. The instrumentation was great, but I thought that they were going to be much better (for one, there was this strange muddled buzzing sound, which I guessed was a bass issue), since they have been hyped since their early plays on 6music. My conclusion: they’re overrated. And apparently no-one in the audience had any idea who they were, because it looked like I was the only person who knew the words to ‘I’m His Girl’ (er, thanks Lammo). Tom liked their album ‘Manifest!’, but live, they weren’t for me.

After a tortuous half-hour waiting, the house lights went down again, and a couple dance tracks were played to pump up the crowd as the early stages of lighting began. The band then bounded onstage to thunderous applause, launching into current single ‘Sleep Alone’. This was the first time I’d witnessed ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’ not being the opening track, and this is just as good, if not a better choice to begin with. The set went from one strength to another, traversing both ‘Tourist History’ and recently released ‘Beacon’ to great effect. While ‘I Can Talk’ and other stalwarts from the debut album garnered expected massive responses from the fans, new songs ‘Settle’, showing off these specially made lit boxes onstage, and ‘Someday’, with its funky bass line and frenetic guitar parts, went down brilliantly. You’d never have known ‘Costume Party’ was a non-album track, as it practically blew the roof off the place.

I got a huge lump in my throat when it came time for ‘Next Year’. I wasn’t sure if they’d play it, but I am so glad they did, even if I did feel like crying. For me, that’s the song that whenever I hear it reminds me that these boys that were new to the world I met 2 years ago fully understand the gravity of their situation, their success. It is a song about choices you make when you become a full time musician; they miss their family and friends and can’t guarantee where they are going to be for special occasions, because a musician’s life is hard with all the touring. Knowing that I have seen them five times now means that they have given up five different nights of their lives to make five different nights in my life amazing. I have followed them around, having seen them play in a small club in Philadelphia that wasn’t filled at all to this, two sold out nights at the 9:30. All that hard worked paid off for them. And I couldn’t be happier.

Cheers Two Door Cinema Club. My friends, you made it a night to remember. You know that you will always be welcome here. DC will always have your back.

After the cut: Two Door Cinema Club’s set list.

Two Door Cinema Club Set List:

Sleep Alone
Undercover Martyn
Do You Want It All?
This is the Life
Wake Up
You’re Not Stubborn
I Can Talk
Costume Party
Next Year
Something Good Can Work
Eat That Up, It’s Good for You
Come Back Home
What You Know


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