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Video of the Moment #1256: Smith Westerns

By on Sunday, 14th July 2013 at 10:00 am

I guess the trend in video now is for fuzzy, old-fashioned videos like this one last week by Titus Andronicus. See now Smith Westerns‘ new video for ‘Idol’. Not a lot of terribly exciting things going on here – in fact, the band are sat at a table for the entirety of the song, looking terribly bored – but the song is pleasant enough. Watch it below.



MP3 of the Day #406: Smith Westerns

By on Friday, 23rd September 2011 at 10:00 am

Here’s a remix of Smith Westerns‘ ‘End of the Night’ by fellow Weird World signings Peaking Lights. The original happy feeling is dampened down, and well…have a listen and decide for yourself if it’s for you.


Album Review: Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

By on Wednesday, 27th April 2011 at 2:00 pm

‘Dye it Blonde’, the sophomore album by Smith Westerns, starts as it means to go on. Forget the Bowie comparisons, they’re coming out of their shell here and doing it with a vengeance. My first listen to the album left me confused though: I couldn’t hear the stand-out tracks like in their self-titled effort. And where were the catchy, glittery pop choruses? Turns out this is another album that deserves a little more of your time. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

This time around, it is obvious the record hasn’t been self-produced, it’s a lot more refined for a start. The influence of Chris Coady (who has worked with Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is apparent from start to finish. The production is much improved and while everyone, including, me, enjoyed their first garage rock album, these songs needed sheen over them, the kind that Coady has given them. (Need evidence? Watch the video for ‘Weekend’ below.)


As I mentioned, there really are no stand-out tracks on this album; however, I do have a personal favourite in the shape of floaty acoustic number ‘Smile’. Throughout the album there is a theme of idol worship, like they are in love with and pining after idols David Bowie and John Lennon. So much that they even have a song ‘Imagine pt.3 ’ in tribute to the late Beatles hero.

I could ramble on for hours as to why I love this album so much, but if I did, I would just be stopping you from listening to it for longer. And I don’t think that’s fair at all, in all honesty. So I leave you with this: go out buy it, listen to it, listen again, enjoy again and again. You can thank me later.


Smith Westerns’s second album ‘Dye It Blonde’ will be released on 2 May on Domino Records’ Weird World imprint. The single for ‘Weekend’ is released a week prior, on 25 April. You can read John’s interview with Cullen Omori on this earlier TGTF post.


Interview: Cullen Omori of Smith Westerns

By on Monday, 18th April 2011 at 12:00 pm

It was 1 o’clock on a pretty miserable Monday and I thought to myself, wow, I’m interviewing one of my favourite bands soon. I REALLY HOPE THEY AREN’T ARSEHOLES. These were my musings before I interviewed one of the hottest new things rolling across the UK at the moment, Smith Westerns. Part of me expected them to be like a young Kings of Leon, brash and full of confidence, however when I first heard Cullen Omori’s voice I was set aback. He was polite, he was interesting, he was a gentleman in all senses of the word, and without a doubt, he was loving touring the UK. He was the opposite of what I assumed he would be like, so shame on me for judging before I had even heard him.

Smith Westerns at the moment are touring the UK in support of highly rated UK indie rock outfit the Vaccines. Cullen described the tour as “great fun” and that he added that he found the audiences that “The Vaccines drew to be ‘similar to what they would expect at a Smith Westerns’ gig”.

The tour though is also in support of their new album which is released later this month, ‘Dye it Blonde,’ an album where they worked with producer Chris Coady (who has worked with Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the past), far away from the setting of the garage where they penned, recorded and mastered their first LP. Cullen says, “the influences for this album are quite vast, they span from early Britpop like Oasis and Blur to Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard.” When asked whether he was a fan though of Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher’s new project away from Oasis he answered with, “well, I heard one of their songs and it was immediately followed by an old Oasis song and I couldn’t really tell the difference at all, so I can’t say I am a Beady Eye fan”.

The big question I wanted to ask after that then was whether he was a ‘Team Noel’ or a ‘Team Liam’ to which he responded with: “Look, if either of them was to turn up at one of our shows I would probably shit my pants, so would say I’m on neither”. On the subject of influences though I couldn’t avoid the obvious subject surrounding the song ‘Imagine pt.3’ on ‘Dye It Blonde’, to which Cullen confirmed, “[it] was directly influenced by John Lennon”.

So with ‘Dye it Blonde’ being released soon and critics from Rolling Stone to, well, TGTF eating the album up and singing its praises, I had to ask Cullen where do Smith Westerns go from here. “It’s strange you asked that, I was in my room yesterday and I was trying to write some lyrics,” said Cullen. So it seems that album number 3 is definitely in the pipeline, and for me at least I couldn’t have asked for a better end to an interview.


This week’s Gonzo – Arctic Monkeys chat with Alexa about their new album, and Miles Kane talks about the solo life

By on Friday, 15th April 2011 at 12:30 pm

Like Arctic Monkeys? Then I dare say you will enjoy tonight’s MTV Gonzo – the last show in the current series, in fact. By now you have heard their new tracks ‘Brick by Brick’ and ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair‘, surely? Well, Alexa has a super exclusive chat with the band to discuss their forthcoming album ‘Suck It and See’, coming out this summer. Alex Turner’s former Last of the Shadow Puppets bandmate Miles Kane also makes a return appearance on tonight’s episode to talk about the solo life (we mean professionally, folks!)

Who else is on? Example and Wretch 32 come by the brown couch to talk about their recent collaboration and offer an exclusive performance of ‘Unorthodox’. Acoustically! One of Alexa’s hot new band tips (and for sure, a hot tip in the UK these days, judging from the manic reactions to their shows in the UK this month with the Vaccines), Chicago’s Smith Westerns, take the time to introduce themselves. [Editor’s note: We’ll be bringing you an exclusive Smiths Westerns interview of our own very soon on TGTF.] For Director’s Cut, Wild Beasts talk us through the making of their wonderfully weird new video for ‘Albatross’. Does this all sound amazingly good? Then tune in tonight.

MTV Gonzo airs tonight (Friday) at 7 PM on MTV Music, with a repeat at 8 PM on MTV Rocks.


Video of the Moment #451: Smith Westerns

By on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 at 6:00 pm

Below is the more than 9-minute video opus of Chicago rock trio Smith Westerns‘ song ‘Die With Your Chin Up’. Bits of Americana creep into this otherwise unique and beautifully shot behind the scenes video, directed by Ray Concepcion.


Smith Westerns’ second album, ‘Dye It Blonde’, comes out in the UK on Domino Records’ Weird World imprint on the 2nd of May.


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