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Live Review: The Orielles at Manchester Deaf Institute – 26th April 2014

By on Monday, 28th April 2014 at 2:00 pm

It always amazes me when I’m in a venue in a major city in the UK and how many local people turn up for a gig, even if they may not know the band who’s playing that night. Even though when I arrived early in the evening at the Manchester Deaf Institute there were only a few people about, by headline set time, the place was nicely packed for the main attraction, the Orielles. We’ve written about the band a fair bit on TGTF now, them having wowed our Martin at Sound City 2013 last year. This, however, was my first chance to see them up close and personal.

The Halifax band were celebrating the release of their upcoming single ‘Entity’, which I fell in love with upon first listen. If you recall, they used to be called The Oreoh!s and in my interview with them backstage earlier in the evening, I asked them about this changeover. What became almost immediately apparent to me watching them Saturday night is that even though they released their debut EP ‘Sunny Daze and Sleepless Nights’ just last year, they’ve already moved on quickly to another place in terms of sound. (This probably explains why none of the songs from ‘Sunny Daze and Sleepless Nights’ weren’t played?) Not only that, but they sound incredible live.

The songs from the trio’s ‘Hindering Waves’ EP, which was released in February on the band’s own Cacti Recordings, all appeared on the Manchester set list. Henry Wade’s guitar playing shone brightly on EP tracks ‘Old Stuff / New Stuff’ and ‘Karma Trip’; as I play (bass) guitar myself, there’s really nothing better than watching a fellow guitarist wail on his instrument, hair flying all over the place, having the time of his life.

While the video for ‘Entity’ was filmed in Blackpool, you get a much better taste of the seaside watching the band perform live. The surf pop sound that was only gently evident on their debut EP comes through much louder and clearer now, with the band indulging themselves in the live setting with what can only be best described as thoroughly enjoyable, noodley, extended jammy intros and outros, all framed by drummer Sid Hand-Halford’s punchy, driving rhythms. The band were all business Saturday night, with minimal banter between songs by singer and bassist Esme Hand-Halford, whose vocals throughout the night were suitably dreamy to suit the mood. EP cut ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ closed out the night, displaying the band’s bass heavier, funkier side.

When I was interviewing the band backstage earlier in the evening, they asked me not to ask how old each of them were, and I respected their wishes. While they may be young, truth be told (no pun intended), actually knowing how old they are actually would potentially give you the false impression that they’re not good at their craft. Which would be a major mistake. The two most important things about bands that some people seem to forget are talent and how well the members of the band gel as a unit. Having been a band for a while now and having that almost bordering on telepathic understanding and tightness that allows them to write songs quickly (they’ve told me some of them have come about in as short of a time span as 30 minutes), it’s become eminently clear just how talented the Orielles are. Where will they go from here? Nowhere but up.


Interview: The Orielles

By on Monday, 28th April 2014 at 11:00 am

It’s very exciting times in The Orielles‘ camp; the Halifax three-piece just released their second EP ‘Hindering Waves’ in February on their own Cacti Recordings, and their next release is coming up on the 12th of May for single ‘Entity’, which I reviewed here. (The video for the angle was also featured as a previous Video of the Moment on TGTF.)

Saturday night here in Manchester, I had the pleasure to go backstage at the now famous Deaf Institute just off Oxford Street to do this interview right before the band’s single launch party for ‘Entity’. Despite the gravity of the night, the band seemed not anxious but instead very keen on spreading the word about their music. Listen to our chat below.

Reminder: the Orielles appear at the Shipping Forecast this Friday the 2nd of May during Liverpool Sound City and the Packhorse this Saturday the 3rd of May during Live at Leeds.

Many thanks to the Orielles for letting me bother them before their gig. Stay tuned for a full report of the Deaf Institute coming soon on TGTF.


Video of the Moment #1501: The Orielles

By on Monday, 21st April 2014 at 6:00 pm

Last week, I reviewed Halifax band the Orielles‘ forthcoming single ‘Entity’. (Read the review here.) They now have an ace promo video out for the single, filmed in the appropriate chill environs of Blackpool on the North West coast. Sun, waves, wind blowing through three youths’ hair and an awesome pop song: what more could you want? Watch it below.

Catch the Orielles playing at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Saturday the 26th of April (this coming Saturday) at their launch party to celebrate the release of ‘Entity’ on the 12th of May. They will also be playing Liverpool Sound City at the Shipping Forecast on Friday the 2nd of May and Live at Leeds the day after, at the Packhorse on Saturday the 3rd of May.


Single Review: The Orielles – Entity

By on Wednesday, 16th April 2014 at 12:00 pm

We’ve been keeping an eye on young Halifax band the Orielles since Martin caught them at Liverpool Sound City last year in the wee hours of Thursday night into Friday morning and my own serendipitous run-in Saturday afternoon with the Hand-Halford sisters (Esme-Dee on vocals/bass, older sister Sid on drums) at the Brink cafe. Just a few weeks ago, the band released their second EP, their first under their new moniker The Orielles, after having shed their original name The Oreoh!s, ‘Hindering Waves’ (video for title track in this previous Video of the Moment). Definitely ones to strike while the iron is hot, they quickly followed up this release with several high-profile support slots, including two sold-out shows at the London Lexington where they opened for the Primitives the first weekend of April. But now we can focus back and squarely on the band again, for they have a new single out the 12th of May called ‘Entity’.

At first glance, ‘Entity’ seems a quite weighty title for a trio of young people still too young for university and sounds like it could have been a b-side on Delphic‘s debut ‘Acolyte’ alongside other one-word standouts ‘Halcyon’ and ‘Submission’. Beginning with a uniquely smooth bass line that sounds somewhere in between the Breeders’ ‘Cannonball’ and Presidents of the United States’ ‘Peaches’, the words then begin, and in my view, they’re pretty snarky: “you are so dead but still in my mind / a voice in my head so hard to define”. Whoever Esme-Dee Hand-Halford is singing about, the person is either physically dead or not real. See what we were saying about them being wise beyond their years? Mind. Blown.

But what’s holding this all together is the second verse: “File your face like you file a letter, at the back like a winter sweater / I like you, it’s pure and plain to see / I like you, but you’re an entity”. The title ‘Entity’ seems to suggest this person, the object of her affection, isn’t a person at all, or lacking things that make a person human, such as proper emotions, or at least manners and consideration. If you’re looking at the word ‘entity’ itself in plain semantics, an entity is generally inanimate, which I think is what the lyrics are trying to get at, and the very chill vibe of the song reflects this.

The second verse is describing the difficult process of putting someone out of your mind. It must be difficult, because the female protagonist has to describe exactly what she’s doing – filing him away, and far enough in the back where she doesn’t think about him – and if it was easy and came second nature to her, she wouldn’t be describing the process to us, would she now? Esme-Dee Hand-Halford’s vocals are measured, as if she’s trying to hold emotions in, while she and guitarist Henry Wade providing backing vocals repeat in between the verses and at the end, “I don’t see you anymore, I don’t…but I don’t mind, boy, I don’t care at all”. But does she really not care at all? Somehow, I think she’s trying to be strong…

But it’s packaged with such a memorable melody! You won’t forget this one. Any way you slice it, ”Entity’ is a wonderful piece of pop, bright yet cool, and it makes me eager to hear what else these young, brilliant and talented minds come up with next.


The Orielles’ next single, ‘Entity’, will be released by Scruff of the Neck Records on the 12th of May. I’ve been told a promo video for the single will be coming very soon. The band will be having a launch party for the single on Saturday the 26th of April at Manchester Deaf Institute. They will also be appearing at the Shipping Forecast on Friday the 2nd of May during Liverpool Sound City and the Packhorse on Saturday the 3rd of May during Live at Leeds.


Video of the Moment #1423: The Orielles

By on Friday, 10th January 2014 at 6:00 pm

The Orielles from Halifax placed #3 on the TGTF 10 for 2014 poll at the end of last year, and now we’re pleased to bring you their latest video for upcoming single ‘Hindering Waves’, to be released on the 20th of February on Cacti Recordings.

We were struck dumb by their talent at Liverpool Sound City in 2013, and this new one, driven by a bright melody and paired nicely with lead singer / bassist Esme Hand-Halford’s gorgeous vocals, is more evidence on what we knew all along: they might be young but they’ve got more talent in their pinkies than most manufactured bands have in their entire bodies. Watch the psychedelically inspired video below.


10 for 2014: #3 – The Orielles

By on Wednesday, 11th December 2013 at 11:00 am

It seems the theme of my entries in the 10 for 2014 final list revolve around youth; in at #3 on the list are The Orielles, never heard of them? Probably since as of late November, they changed their name from The Oreoh!s – perhaps to avoid confusion with that delectable twisty chocolate biscuit. They are biscuits, right? None of that Jaffa Cake-esque WHAT ARE YOU IDENTITY CRISES?

Enough on a name though, as it’s inconsequential to the bountiful surf-pop bliss that the Orielles have brought forth. And no I don’t mean The Drums, mark 2. Neither are they The Beach Boys reincarnate. We’ve got diminutive sisters Esme and Sid Hand-Halford on bass and drums, respectively, and Henry Wade on guitar. They’re no older than 17, and yet they’ve already had audiences questioning how they got in without ID. It’s also testament to their talent, even at this young age, that they’re being applauded like crazy at festivals like when we discovered them at Liverpool Sound City this year performing at midnight and supporting bands like TGTF favourites The Crookes and The Lovely Eggs.

At such a young age, I was still coming out of my dad-rock phase, where I just listened to whatever my old man had on the car speakers; I’m talking Jamiroquai, Queen and Led Zep, so hardly a bad choice. But The Orielles are showing a maturity of their own and the big wide world has recognised this growing talent, already garnering spins on none other than Steve Lamacq’s show on BBC 6Music.

Barely 17! I mean, Christ, the maturity they are showing with just their instruments is phenomenal: Kaye’s guitar solo on ‘Deduce’ is mystifying, and the songwriting speaks volumes. I mean, how bloody good are these kids going to be when they hit their A-Levels? The introduction to ‘Midnight in Paris’ is testament to their talents, transporting you via accordion to a starry night on the Champs-Élysées, with a twinkling xylophone and majestic harmonies. It’s spectacular.

We told ya first, guys, The Orielles. They’re something special.


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