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Live Gig Video: The Twilight Sad unveil live performance of ‘It Was Never the Same’ from upcoming Oran Mor live album

By on Monday, 10th August 2015 at 4:00 pm

The Twilight Sad will be releasing a new live album in October. ‘The Oran Mor Sessions’ are exactly as they sound: the trio went home to Glasgow to record new, more reined in versions of tracks off their autumn 2014 album ‘Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave’. To promote the upcoming release, they’ve unveiled this sombre black and white video filmed during the recording sessions for the live LP of ‘It Was Never the Same’. Watch it below.

‘The Oran Mor Sessions’, a new live album from the Twilight Sad, will be released on the 16th of October on FatCat Records. TGTF’s extensive coverage of the band is this way.



SXSW 2015: Thursday afternoon at the BBC barbecue, British Music at SXSW showcase and the historic Driskill Hotel – 19th March 2015

By on Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at 12:00 pm

After the delightful Lost in Austin brunch on Thursday morning, I made my way back across the Colorado River and into downtown Austin. I had just enough time to grab a cup of coffee and jot down my thoughts before I received a text message from editor Mary, who wanted me to stop in and join her at the Old School Bar and Grill for the BBC barbecue. Mary has already covered the event in full, but I was lucky enough during my brief stop to catch a set by Laura Marling, including songs from her newest album release ‘Short Movie’, which TGTF previewed back in December.

While Marling did her preliminary soundcheck on the Old School Bar and Grill stage, I took the opportunity to scout out the room for good photo angles. I was testing the settings on my camera when another photographer made a comment to me about how beautiful Marling’s guitar collection was. I agreed, and thus found myself in an informative conversation with SXSW 2015 staff photographer Ziv Kruger about shooting effective photos at SXSW shows. Kruger took a quick look at my camera and gave me a few useful tips, which I immediately put to use in photographing Marling and her band. (If you’re interested in seeing more of my photos of the set, check them out on my Flickr.)

Laura Marling at BBC BBQ 19 March 2015

Laura Marling at BBC BBQ 19 March 2015

After Marling played, the BBC barbecue started to wind down, and I headed over to the British Music Embassy at Latitude 30 to catch The Twilight Sad, with whom I’d had a nice chat earlier in the week. I arrived at Latitude 30 in time to hear the end of a set by fellow Scottish band Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire, whose six-piece band set up was a tight fit for the British Music Embassy stage.

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire 19 March 2015

Despite the close quarters, Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire impressed me with the size of their anthemic rock melodies, and I made a mental note to listen to them again after returning home from my trip to Austin. Their single ‘Bright Light Fever’ earned the band a week-long residency on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show in America early last year, and it was a hit at the British Music Embassy in Austin as well.


The Twilight Sad were the final act on the afternoon’s British Music at SXSW showcase, and as frontman James Graham had promised in our earlier interview, their set was heavy on tracks from the band’s latest LP ‘Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave’. They opened with two tracks featured previously here on TGTF, ‘There’s a Girl in the Corner’ and ‘Last January’ before touching on ‘I Became a Prostitute’ from 2009 album ‘Forget the Night Ahead’ and closing their set with the epic sound of ‘And She Would Darken the Memory’ from their 2007 debut ‘Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters’. Though their set here was effective, it did feel quite short and left me wishing for more. Fans of The Twilight Sad will no doubt relish the opportunity to hear longer and more expansive set lists on the band’s upcoming UK tour; find those live dates here.

The Twilight Sad at British Music Embassy 19 March 2015

The British Music Embassy cleared out after The Twilight Sad finished playing, and I had enough time between engagements to meet Mary for a quick dinner before I headed to the historic Driskill Hotel to see singer/songwriter Josh Savage. Mary had recommended Savage to me after seeing him herself at a Sofar Sounds show in Manchester last year, and I’d had his latest EP ‘Spaces’ on repeat in my car during the long road trip to Austin, so I was especially excited to see his only official SXSW showcase on this night.

Josh Savage at the Driskill Hotel 19 March 2015

The Victorian Room at the Driskill was a perfect venue to showcase Savage’s elegant and refined songwriting. While the space might have been intended for standing room only, we in the audience chose to seat ourselves either in the few available chairs or on the floor in front of the stage. The room was very comfortable with good viewpoints all around, and Savage took advantage of the intimate space by telling a few sentimental stories to go along with his tunes and even stepping down off the stage to be closer to his audience.

He further drew us under his spell by asking for our harmonic participation in the chorus of his enchanting ballad ‘Lost in Paris’, and by the end of the set I found myself completely smitten by his graceful songcraft. I was able to sit down with Savage for a brief interview outside the Victorian Room after his show; you can listen to his soft-spoken commentary right here.

Josh Savage at Driskill Hotel 19 March 2015

I had to cut my conversation with Savage shorter than I would have liked so that I could rush back to Latitude 30 to follow up on Dry the River, with whom I had become become acquainted earlier in the week. Stay tuned to TGTF for more coverage of my Thursday night adventures, including Dry the River’s showcase at the British Music Embassy.


SXSW 2015 Interview: The Twilight Sad

By on Friday, 3rd April 2015 at 11:00 am

Early in the SXSW 2015 week, I had a chance to meet up with two members of The Twilight Sad, frontman James Graham and guitarist Andy MacFarlane, as we all bustled between our afternoon engagements and the first official evening showcases of the festival. The timing of the interview seemed a little bit random, as I didn’t get to hear the band play until a couple of days later, but the interview streaming below was a nice preview of what to expect from their Thursday afternoon set at the British Music Embassy, as well as catching me up on the flurry of activity surrounding The Twilight Sad’s current album ‘Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave’, released back in October 2014 on FatCat Records.

One of the recurring themes in my conversations with bands and artists at SXSW was that successful bands are often very busy bands; in the music industry hard work begets more hard work. Such is the case for The Twilight Sad, who came to Austin for SXSW at the end of their recent headline tour of America. I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to James and Andy describe the tour (in their charming Scottish accents, of course!) as an overwhelmingly positive experience for the band. After 9 years together, four album releases, and a staggering 15 tours, The Twilight Sad are beginning to reap the rewards of their hard work, both with the album and increased demand for live shows.

Immediately following their brief stop in Austin, The Twilight Sad headed back across the pond for live dates in Scandinavia and continental Europe. Their upcoming tour plans include more live dates in the UK later this month, festivals in the UK and Europe over the summer, and more North American dates on the horizon for this autumn.

Special thanks to Chris for helping us arrange this interview.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Quickfire Questions #90: James Graham of The Twilight Sad

By on Wednesday, 11th March 2015 at 1:00 pm

Header photo of James Graham by Mary Chang, Discovering Scotland showcase at Latitude 30, SXSW 2012

Just a week off now and it’s time for the music portion of SXSW 2015! But just as we did for SXSW 2014 last year, we’ll be running a special version of the TGTF Quickfire Questions, served up SXSW style with an extra couple of questions to get inside bands’ and artists’ heads so they’ll tell us what they really think of the event.

Today’s installment is the 11th, and this time we chat with James Graham of The Twilight Sad, who are SXSW veterans, having represented Scotland swimmingly in quite a few showcases in the past. You might be surprised just how keen James is with football, in addition to which ’90s boyband stirs up some deep feelings and just which legendary Swedish band gets his toes tapping. Get stuck into James’ thoughtful answers below.

What are you most looking forward to doing while you’re in Austin?
We’ve got a lot of friends in Austin so I’m looking forward to hanging out with them. The food in Austin is pretty phenomenal so I’m looking forward to some BBQ and some top quality Mexican food. SXSW is at the end of our North American tour and a lot of Scottish friends come over to Austin for the Scottish Showcase at so it’ll be good to see some friends from back home as well. The last time we were in town on tour we organised a game of football with some friends of our tour manager Chris who lives in Austin. I am hoping we can do that again.

What I’m looking forward to the most is the gigs though. It’s hectic at SXSW and you don’t get a proper soundcheck at most gigs. Part of me kind of likes that, you turn up you play and do your best to make an impression on people for that short amount of time you have on stage.

Of the bands who have already been announced, do you have any that are must-sees on your schedule? If yes, who are they and why?
I’d like to see Tom Brousseau, he released some albums on FatCat Records and we played a few gigs with him. He’s a really nice guy and his music is great so it would be good to catch up with him. I’d also like to see Mew as I’ve not seen them live in a long time so that would be cool. Andy (MacFarlane, the Twilight Sad’s guitarist) recommended Girl Band to me so I’m going to try and see them. Apart from that I’m going to drunkenly wander about the streets of Austin and see what I can find.

Name something you’re packing in your suitcase that we might find unusual. (You are welcome to elaborate.)
Football boots and shin guards. So I can play when I’m away. Apart from that its a pretty normal suitcase to be honest, Clothes and comics to read when I’m in the van. I always buy some hot sauce at the start of a tour and put it in my case because I try to eat healthily when I’m away and that always improves the blandness of some things I eat, though I treat myself to pizza once or twice a week.

If we happen to run into you in a bar, we’d like to buy you a drink. What is your tipple of choice?
We all drink different things in the band.
Me = Vodka and lemonade or wine
Johnny = Absinthe
Andy = Voddy soda as he calls it (vodka and soda water)
Brendan = gin and tonic
Mark = Pint of Guinness

What advice would you give other bands who have never played at SXSW before?
I’d say enjoy it and take in the city as Austin is a really cool city. Make sure you make the most of the gigs you have as you never know who’s going to be in the crowd. The food and drink in Austin is really good, as I mentioned previously. The main thing to do is to make sure you take it all in but remember why you are there. There are a lot of bands that would love to be given the opportunity to play SXSW so make that 30-40mins you have on stage at each gig count. Try and fit in as much stuff over the four or five days you are there, speak to people because you never know who you could be talking to and how they could help out your band in some way.

Let’s go on now to our usual list of Quickfire Questions…

What song is your earliest musical memory?
My sister listening to ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis in her bedroom and I could hear it through the walls into my room.

What was your favourite song as a child?
‘Everyday’ by Buddy Holly (still is one of my favourite songs).

What song makes you laugh?
Diamond Lights by Chris Waddle & Glen Hoddle.

What song makes you cry?
I don’t cry; I don’t have tear ducts.

What song reminds you of the first time you fell in love? (It’s up to you if you want this to be sweet, naughty, etc.) [Something tells me we’re about the same age…ha! – Ed.]
‘I Want it That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys.

What song makes you think of being upset / angry? (Example: maybe you heard it when you were angry with someone and it’s still with you, and/or something that calms you down when you’re upset, etc.)
‘I Want it That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys.

Which song (any song written in the last century / 100 years or so) do you wish you’d written yourself?
‘The Winner Takes it All’ – Abba.

Who is your favourite writer? (This can be a songwriter or ANY kind of writer.)
Aidan Moffat.

If you hadn’t become a singer/musician/songwriter/etc., what job do you think you’d be doing right now?
I was an apprentice electrical engineer before the band got its record deal.

If God said you were allowed to bring only one album with you to Heaven, which would it be and why? (Sorry, but double albums do not count.)
Abba – ‘Gold’. Because it has ALL the hits.

Many thanks to James for his kind answering of our questions and Ash for sorting this out for us.


(SXSW 2015 flavoured!) Video of the Moment #1742: The Twilight Sad

By on Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 6:00 pm

‘I Could Give You All That You Don’t Want’ is one of the standout cuts from The Twilight Sad‘s latest album, ‘Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave’, out now on FatCat Records. The song now has a bleak, black and white-coloured video that strips back the visual to match the band’s usual sombre sound to the basics. Watch it below.

No doubt will the Twilight Sad be a prominent part of Scotland’s band contingent appearing at this year’s SXSW next month in Austin. All previous TGTF coverage on the band, including their appearance at SXSW 2012, is available through this link.


Video of the Moment #1668: The Twilight Sad

By on Wednesday, 5th November 2014 at 6:00 pm

Scottish gloom and doom rockers (and more recently, electronic sympathists) The Twilight Sad have a new video for ‘Last January’. The song appears on the band’s newest album ‘Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave’, which was just released last week on FatCat Records. Watch the video below.

Following on their last UK tour that concluded in early October, the trio have announced this week a new UK tour for next April; tickets go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday the 5th of November).


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