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Video of the Moment #2289: Wild Beasts

By on Thursday, 9th February 2017 at 6:00 pm

Wild Beasts released ‘Boy King’, their fifth studio album to date, last summer. The LP was another strong showing from the Kendal band who appear not to be slowing down at all, despite being an indie band who have proven to have quite good longevity and staying power. ‘Alpha Female’ is their latest video from the release last year. Naturally, as the title of the song suggests, the band turned to ‘the fairer sex’, following ladies in Bangalore, India on…wait for it…their skateboards. India has become more progressive over the years of course, but seeing young ladies in colourful saris on wheels and at night at skateparks can’t be what comes to mind when you envision girls in India. I know I don’t. Yet these are such powerful images of strength and enpowerment. Watch the music video for ‘Alpha Female’ below. You can read Steven’s review of ‘Boy King’ through here; for more on TGTF on Wild Beasts, come through here.



Album Review: Wild Beasts – Boy King

By on Friday, 19th August 2016 at 12:00 pm

Wild Beasts Boy King album coverYou might remember our review of Wild Beasts’ first single from ‘Boy King’, ‘Get My Bang’, which was described as sleazy, but in the best way possible. Well, it appears that they have carried this through to the entire record, and it’s a perfect execution. From the outset, they have no problem with getting the atmosphere to a point where you want wherever you are to always be dark, lowly lit and to contain some form of your desire. They’ve previously described this move as avoiding “being comforting” and see it as a way to keep the entire Wild Beasts idea fresh, away from stagnation.

‘Big Cat’ shows the album’s style early on with a slowly pulsating drum rhythm, enveloped by electronica and more generic instrumentation. The lyrics are always alluding to some form of predatory action, most obviously with the title and references to it, leading man Hayden Thorpe being top of the food chain. The overall formula doesn’t change throughout the LP, which is a good thing. It’s almost conceptual in its idea and execution. With it being a look into the more animalistic stylisation of human nature and the way we sometimes just want to get down to the most primal of instincts within our coding, it’s filled with grand and sometimes obvious statements.


Another fine example of this is ‘Tough Guy’, with the words “now I’m all fucked up and I can’t stand up, so I better suck it up like a tough guy would”. It succeeds in breaking down the barriers of supposed niceties and what is expected of gentlemen, yet we all let go sometimes and occasionally it works out for us. The chorus also has a rather obnoxious synth line that cuts across everything and mildly similar in sound to Ace of Base’s leading riff in ‘All That She Wants’. Maybe it’s coincidental, or maybe it’s a genius method of subtle referencing to the state of mind of the song’s main protagonist?

Of course, Wild Beasts aren’t ones to forget the fairer sex. ‘Alpha Female’ pays tribute to the fact that woman truly do control us men, and how we have no problem setting our steps behind you. ‘Get My Bang’ still has enough sleazes and sultriness to more than support the rest of the album. As mentioned previously, the instrumental makeup of the record really doesn’t differ too much. And it’s just a delightful walk through the more intense senses. ‘Celestial Creatures’ attests to this, with its ethereal and focused description of humanity at its most organic.


‘2BU’ uses Tom Fleming’s baritone is used to take the album’s voice down in ‘2BU’, which is interesting in that the rest of the track describes nothing but wanting to overtake someone’s life and be them because they have everything you want. ‘He The Colossus’ lives up to its name, with a powerfully sounding chorus that challenges the vocals for space in the mix, bringing though a colossally memorable sound. Taking the sound found throughout and warping it slightly, ‘Ponytail’ uses some more of Fleming’s baritone and an opposing instrumentation that collide together.

The two final tracks of the album bring the affair to a climax, with a truly egotistic look at the mind of the modern man in ‘Eat Your Heart Out Adonis’ and a more vulnerable truth within ‘Dreamliner’, where man’s overall vulnerability is hidden by the bravado that is often used to front this in the real world. The former is the last of the power and focus, a gruelling bass line with haunting sounds swirling in the background, with the vocals laying down the law of the animal kingdom, where the stronger thrive. The latter is a much more withdrawn affair, being a mostly acoustic affair. With the strings being audibly plucked, it’s as the atmosphere behind it swells that the track gains its momentum. The momentum drops away occasionally, which brings out the vulnerability, before the grandeur makes its slow way back in.

‘Boy King’ is perhaps one of the greatest documents of modern man and his true return to the natural state. Wanting to be the powerful Adonis, he who rules the kingdom and has his queen. Wild Beasts have managed to create this world, while giving it a sound that will not only transverse generations, but also one that will also prove a strength in their discography.


‘Boy King’, the new album from Wild Beasts, is out now on Domino Records. Catch up on more of Wild Beasts’ coverage on TGTF here.


Single Review: Wild Beasts – Get My Bang

By on Friday, 3rd June 2016 at 1:30 pm

If the term sleazy could ever have a soundtrack that wouldn’t make the average listener cringe upon every listen, then this would be it. ‘Get My Bang’ is the first taste of new material from Kendal band Wild Beasts, and it’s a perfectly constructed take on the culture bred into us to sell ourselves to our desires, both emotionally and physically. It’s filled to the brim with swagger and ludicrously perfect phrasing (for example, “let the players play, it’s the boys’ birthday, if they’re hungry then just let them eat cake”). Absolutely filthy rich in the kind of innocence that almost eludes the song’s clear intended subject.

The instrumentation takes the normal Wild Beasts sound to a whole new level. The most notable here is having a repetitive but alarmingly addictive drum beat that retains the same rhythmic sensation as the dastardly act itself. Around this, there’s a bass line that serves just one purpose, and that is to be an antithesis to the melody created by everything else within the mix. It lies dead centre, mildly overbearing, but at no point is it unwelcome. Intricacy is a valuable asset to this track, with synthesiser and guitar riffs cutting through to add a indelible touch and a sharper dimension.

Vocals are another key player, with Hayden Thorpe performing an absurdly perfect falsetto that marries perfectly with the higher end of the track. It’s the synthesisers that give the song its body, creating an undertone to his vocals, pushing them above everything else ever so slightly. It’s a touch that shows the ability of Wild Beasts and their clear mind in composing damn good pop songs.

The entire sound totals the equivalent of Queens of the Stone Age having an affair with Modest Mouse. In every way, it’s deliciously sexy, dark and most of all, it’s fun. You’ll find yourself listening to it on repeat not even realising you’re moving your body in time with those assertive drums. If the rest of the upcoming album ‘Boy King’ is anything like this then Wild Beasts are going to find themselves in the spotlight extremely fast.


‘Get My Bang’ is out now. Wild Beasts’ forthcoming album ‘Boy King’ is out the 5th of August on Domino Records. For more of Wild Beasts on TGTF, head here.



Live Gig Video: Wild Beasts perform ‘Wanderlust’ on a massive pipe organ at London Royal Festival Hall

By on Monday, 22nd December 2014 at 4:00 pm

Wild Beasts are a band who continually push the boat out when it comes to their music. So it’s not such a surprise that their latest live video was done with an instrument of epic proportions: the venerated organ at London Royal Festival Hall comprising a whopping 7,866 pipes. The organ hasn’t seen any live action since 2005, so welcome its return to active duty with this performance of single ‘Wanderlust’ with Hayden Thorpe on the (organ) controls below. The single appears on the band’s fourth album ‘Present Tense’, released in February 2014.

Tom Fleming of the band recently lent his vocal talents to Emmy the Great’s ‘Swimming Pool’, whose promo we featured in November in this previous Video of the Moment post. Coverage on Wild Beasts on TGTF is here.



The BBC at Glastonbury 2014 (Friday): Wild Beasts play ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’ at the John Peel Stage

By on Saturday, 28th June 2014 at 5:00 pm

Wherever you will be hanging your hat this weekend, whether you’re joining the sheep at Worthy Farm or you’ve got your feet up in front of the telly, us here at TGTF will have you covered when it comes to Glastonbury 2014. The dedicated people they are, the folks at the BBC will be working all hours during the festival and feeding us live coverage as it becomes available. What does this mean for you? We’ll be passing along all the best bits to you, our faithful readers.

Kendal band Wild Beasts have always been known to be inventive. The falsetto vocals of Hayden Thorpe and the timeless sounds of ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’, appearing on this year’s ‘Present Tense’ LP from the group, shone as brightly as the backdrop they were afforded at the John Peel Stage Friday at Glasto. Watch video from their set below.

For more of the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage online, head this way. Stay tuned for more videos from Glasto 2014 right here on TGTF.



Video of the Moment #1492: Wild Beasts

By on Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at 6:00 pm

Wild Beasts will be releasing their next single, ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’, on the 16th of May on Domino Records. The track appears on the band’s current album ‘Present Tense’. Ahead of that single dropping, they’ve revealed the promo for the single, in which we see the guys dancing on a hill. Yes, you read that right. Watch the video below.

The band from Kendal will be headlining Friday night at this year’s Great Escape; more details on that event here.



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